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My Enchanting System Chapter 22

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Behind the womens bath door lays an undiscovered land, A place where no man has ever managed to set foot before! Sofia and Selena were about to just walk there because they are women!

Unlike Sofia, this was Selenas first time entering so was visibly excited! “A lot of females-nya! Wohaa!” Sofia had to drag her out of the changing room as she was making a lot of noise jumping from one corner to the other!

As she was dragging her out Sofia realized that Selena wasnt resisting her, if she wanted, no one will stop her from playing around!

The bath was divided into 4 sections, the changing rooms, the washing rooms, the hot bath and lastly the massage room! The city was a bit small and the people didnt care about a sauna so the bath didnt have one, also the cost of keeping run was high enough to make an affordable to people! Firewood is a precious resource!

Next was the washroom, It wasnt that large but had a good look! It was devised into many small sections where you could wash alone, there was even a woman selling soap inside of all places!

“Nya!!” Selena was attracting a lot of attention, demi-humans were rare in this part of the country.

“How are you doing there Do you need any help” Sofia asked peeking at Selena.

“Nothing, I was just thinking about when were going to use those razor thingies-nya!”

“Just wash regularly, I will come to show you when that is done.”

It didnt take them long to finish that up, Sofia had discovered one of Selenas weaknesses, her tail was extremely sensitive as did her ears.

On the other hand, Selena was busy laughing at Sofia and saying “I will surely make a better mother than you!” looking at Sofias chest. Sofia just tanked that as there was no chance she could get back at Selena!

Selena had the same problem as Cain did in the bath, her 16 Charisma was making the other women feels a bit weird looking at her. Last time she was approached a lot, some just want to talk and some were getting a bit too familiar. But now it was different, nobody dared to approach Sofia, or rather approach Selena who was beside her.

Selena was exceeding this dangerous aura all the time! Seeing her easily jump from one place to the other even though it was extremely slippery, they could only hear a SCREE! sound as she jumped, it was her claws scratching on the ground.

She was honestly scaring everyone, a woman managed to see Selena licking her claws as a cat does, she ran out immediately.

Extending the claws of one of her hands and then licking each claw until its clean, This might seemed unhealthy to humans, but to a cat it was normal!

“What is her deal-nya” Selena questioned as the woman ran out, “Whos fault is I wonder!” Sofia was getting tired of dealing with her.

After finishing her hands, Selena was intending to clean her feets claws as well. “Stop right there!” Sofia stopped her immediately, the situation was getting a bit weird and she couldnt handle the stares they were getting.


“Use a brush, dont start licking your claws in front of people like this!”

“I understand-nya…” Sofia was relaxed to hear that answer, she was scared that Selena might start licking her whole body as cats do.

Being quite worried to leave Selena alone, Sofia helped her clean her claws. “Give me your right foot, you do the left so we can finish quickly!”

Sofia was surprised, unlike the hands claws who only had a bit of blood and dust on them. Her feet were different, filled with blood, dirt, and stains!

“You were wearing shoes right We bought them just this morning!” Sofia asked, wanting to know how could that even happen

“My claws penetrated them as I was running-nya!”

Selena didnt seem to care that much but Sofia did! This had meant that Selena cant use normal shoes and armor, they have to order special ones for her!

“Nya!” Selena seemed to notice something, “Cain is here-nya!” she tried to walk out without thinking!

“Nya! shaa! Shaaa!!” Sofia caught her from the tail, dragging her back, “No you cant just get out! We have to finish!”

Selenas tail is extremely sensitive, Sofia knew that and used it to drag her in! Since she cant just drag her with their strength difference!

Finally, they were beside the hot water! Sofia who was hiding her slender body with a towel slowly dipped her toes into the water,The temperature was nice She slowly lowered her whole body in, gently taking the towel off and putting it on her head.

“It feels nice!” She said relaxing! Feeling the hot water engulf her whole body.

“NYA!” Selena threw her towel on the ground, jumping flat in the water with her limbs spread. Belly flop! Splash!

The women who were just passing by the water got splashed in the face, Sofia who was too relaxed just took it silently.

The bath tube was pretty deep! It had steps at the start where a person could sit but in the middle, it was as deep as 6 feet! You could call it a hot poll instead of a tub and you wont be wrong!

“I thought cats didnt like water” Sofia asked.

“Im not a cat-nya! We Jaguars like water!” She replied as she poked her head out of the water.

“The water there is too hot, be careful to not get burned!!” A woman screamed warning them, it was then she noticed, even though the tub was large, it was weirdly empty!

‘Is it that hot Sofia didnt feel like that was the case, the water seemed to be just a bit above warm! Selena was diving in so it must be normal!

There was a thing that Sofia didnt count, she shouldnt compare herself to Selena!

Selena had a 16 in the constitution which made her several time more resistant than normal people! Sofia on the other hand had a 10 and she didnt feel the heat!

After diving in the water for a bit, Selena rested beside Sofia, finally relaxing for a bit!

“You know…Sorry-nya! About today!” Selena apologized out of nowhere.

“He About what” Sofia was confused, she didnt remember Selena doing anything bad to her.

“In the fight, I did bite your leg! If not for that woman in white clothing you would probably have to live with horrible scars-nya!”

She was talking about when she saved Sofia from the snake, as she didnt have time to stop, Selena just bite Sofia in the leg and dragged her out of the attack! The woman in white clothes was Miko, as her healing magic cleaned even the scars that were left after using the potion!

“I dont remember, I was unconscious at the time! Even so…” Sofia stopped for a moment, “Even if I was left with scars, even if I lost my leg, you will still be the person who saved my life!” Sofia was genuinely thankful, slightly bowing her head to Selena.

“No, no! you needed thank me-nya! In the end, it was Cain who finished that snake-nya!” Selena was blushing, stuttering, she didnt know how to handle gratitude!

Selena didnt seem to differentiate between Cobras and snakes, to her they were the same with different sizes! The Crimson Cobra was a big snake in her head!

“If not for him, we both would have been killed-nya!!” Selena added, remembering how Cain took down that Snake!

“Yeah, youre right!” Sofia warped her arm around Selenas shoulder, hugging her from the side, “Lets thank him a lot tonight!”


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