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My Enchanting System Chapter 18

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“Come on! Stand and spread your arms-nya!” Selena yelled at Sofia.

“WaWa, What are you saying” Sofia stuttered, being too embarrassed to speak, her face was bright red.

It seemed like the two of them will start another match, Cain wasnt going to deal with that again.

“Can you both calm down” Cain asked of them, “Im not going to say no, just speak!”

“I want to become your mate-nya!” Selena said energetically with no hesitation in her voice.

“I too, want to be…” Sofias voice was so quiet, Cain didnt even hear the last part.

“She said that she wants to be your wife, what does that mean-nya” Selena seems to have heard her and repeated what she said.

Sofia started hitting Selena on the back, doing zero damage.

Seeing them like that, Cain gave the both of them a hug, “Its already daytime, you two should wait until the night!” Hearing that, they both calmed down, staring at him with an empty look.

“Lets go register Selena first, we havent decided on a party name either!” Cain said standing up, helping them stand by holding their hands.

“I will go first, follow me when youre finished!” Since the two of them still hadnt breakfast yet!

After that, Cain headed to the adventurer guild first to collect the Toads payment. Selena and Sofia stayed to eat.

Even though they only had 4 copper coins left from yesterday, Cain had an astounding 13 silver coins and 3 copper coins that he collected from the bandits yesterday! That was over a gold coin!

That money came into use quickly as Selena seemed to prefer eating meat, not just love it, she was a carnivore! Her breakfast cost was 8 copper coins compared to Sofias 2 copper coins.

Sofia seemed to enjoy Mabels magnificent bread, eggs, and some milk!

They chased after Cain as soon as they finished, Selena wanted to run but Sofia stopped her. “You will attract attention running on all four!”

The streets were busy as if it was a single long market.

Just as they almost reached the guild they spotted Cain walking toward them, or to say Selena spotted him.

“Its Cain-nya!”

Sofia saw when Selena pointed him out, they rushed out.

“Did you finish this quickly” Sofia asked.

“Yeah, they have already prepared the reward beforehand and its a whole 8 gold coins and 7 silver coins!” Cain declared, showing the gold coins in his hand.

After gaining that amount of money, Cain wanted to better equip themselves! He did need a new sword and a good set of armor.

Selena would be better with some light armor and a weapon to camouflage her using her claws as a weapon.

Sofia also didnt need a new staff as she already has one, she isnt using it anyway! But she needed a new robe, he cant have her fight in casual clothes!

Speaking of casual clothes, the two girls are now using what Mabel has given to Sofia. They needed to buy new ones!

“Before registering Selena, lets go shopping for a while!” He suggested, the two girls were thrilled at the idea.

“But is this okay Wont you need that money for something else” Sofia asked, feeling bad about sucking even more money from Cain.

Honestly, if it werent for them he would have spent the money on potions and headed straight for Jacks head. But now he is investing in the two of them, Jack has already lost his entire bandit group and will be harmless for a while!

“Being honest, there are indeed other things I need the money for! But right now, you two are the most important on my list!”

What he said had thrown Sofia aback, she stood silent for a moment before speaking again.

“Can I ask for something selfish” Sofia said, hardly able to get her words out.

“What is it Just say!” Cain replied, puzzled at Sofias request.

“Can I have two silver coins for personal use please dont ask where I will use them!” Sofia hardly spoke, fearful of what Cain might say.

“Thats all You can have more!” Cain replied.

“No, Two is enough!”

Hearing that, Cain told her to keep the money from the morning. That was a total of 12 silver coins and 7 coppers!

Firstly, Cain guided them to Dolrigs shop. Getting Selena who will take the front armored was the top priority.

This time it was well past dawn, the shop doors were wide open!

Bang! Clank! Bang! Clank! They could hear Dolrig hammering inside, “Old man, Im back!”Cain yelled, Trying to get Dolrigs attention.

“You seem to have survived, young one!” Dolrig stopped hammering and stood to greet him, A smile of relief filled his face as he saw Cain still alive.

Dolrig gazes shifted to the two girls beside Cain, He could identify Sofia as a mage and guess Selena was a warrior due to her ripped arms.

“Who are those bi…Ahem… ladies behind you Your party” Dolrig asked, seemingly trying his hardest to not swear.

Cain started laughing, It was the first time he saw Dolrig resist his urge to swear.

“Yeah, I came back for the sword, I also want a dagger for her.” Pointing at Sofia, “And a full set for her!” Pointing at Selena.

A full set meant that she has no weapon and armor, he wanted to buy everything she could need. A weapon, backup weapon, and armor!

Sofia wasnt sure if she could handle a dagger, fighting up close was a nightmare for her. She was only good with kitchen knives when the thing is already dead!

Cain insured her that a dagger was her reserve weapon, something she will hopefully never be in a situation where she has to use it!

Selena on the other hand was digging through the weapons, looking at each sword and mace then saying. “Cumbersome-nya!”

Leaving the two girls searching for a usable weapon, Cain was talking with Dolrig about his sword.

“I already have one made, It might be to your liking!” Dolrig shows Cain a certain sword that he was keeping inside.

The sword looked like a regular longsword except for the shining silver color it has. The blade was thin but sturdy, It gave anyone who looked at it a weird feeling as if it wasnt made for fighting.

Cain had a hunch about the sword so he asked, “With what did you make this”

Dolrig told him that he recycled the material from an old sword! A wandering elf sold it to Dolrig for less than a silver coin saying it was already useless to him!

Due to the sword Color and the feeling it gives, no one wanted to buy it. So Dolrig thought he might be able to sell it to Cain for cheap.

“If you dont want it you can pick any other sword you want!” Dolrig didnt want to force Cain to buy it.

Cain had a big smile on his face, The elf was right, the sword was useless! As a sword that is!

“I will pick another sword, but can you do me a favor” Cain asked.

Dolrig expected that Cain wouldnt take the sword, he will at least hear what he had to say.

“This sword, can you turn it into jewelry Rings and a necklace!” Cains request shocked Dolrig.

“I can but, what are you going to do with it” Dolrig asked, adventurer had no use for jewelry, and this sword is made of neither silver nor gold.

“For her!” Cain looked at Sofia who was comparing daggers.

Dolrig nodded as if he understood something, “Wont the other one get angry” he had a smug grin on his face.

“It wont suit her, I will get her another thing!” Cain replied as he stood up.

Sofia seems to have decided on a dagger, The one she chose was curvy and short.

“Cain, Cain! What is his-nya!” Selena brought Cain two pieces of metal, “They were deep in the weapon barrel-nya!”

Cain knows what weapon that was, knuckle duster! It didnt take him long to show her how to use it.

Slide your finger here, close your fist then punch!

After a few swings, Selena decided to take it. With it, she could use her claws freely!

Surprisingly, the armor was the easier part as Dolrig had a lot of them laying around.

Selena took a regular leather armor that fitted her, Cain on the other hand only managed to find one that was made for scouts, aka rogues! The armor was black with a lot of pockets and weapon slots.

It cost them a total of 6 gold coins, Cain gladly paid for that as it will help them survive.

After leaving Dolrigs workshop, they headed toward the marked street. Their next target was clothes for the girls.

It didnt take them to find a shop that sells womens clothes. Cain pushed the door open, greeting the clerk that was standing inside.

“Can you get the two of them fitted, let them choose something they like!” Cain told the woman and sat on a chair that was close to the door. It felt weird as all the shop staff was women and he was the only man there.

Cain waited, and waited and waited, they were taking too long!

‘Are they making them Cain was getting impatient, why did they take so long.

“Cain, Cain-nya!” Selena came rushing to him, holding what seemed like a pair of panties in her hand.

“They dont have holes-nya! my tail is going to get twisted-nya!”

“You can just poke a hole in them later, or ask the staff to do it!” Cain replied.

“I understand-nya!” Selena rushed inside just as fast as she got out.

‘If they took any longer I will drag them out myself!

Luckily they got out quickly, the total cost they bought was 1 gold coin! Since this was a small city and they had limited money, clothes were expensive, they didnt get anything flashy.

With that, they had 1G (Gold coin) and 7S(Silver Coin)

Not having any other thing to buy, the three of them headed toward the guild.

Registering Selena and taking a quest so Sofia can get closer to leveling up.

They have reached the guild, and what awaited them there, was Edward wanting to get Cain to join his party.

“I was waiting for you, What have you decided” Edward asked straight up.

“Sorry but I have to refuse, Im creating my party!” Cain replied as it was obvious by now.

“Well, its a shame then…” Edward said with a regretful face.

Hemp! Out of the blue and without a warning, Edward swung his sword down at Cain.

It was a feint, Edward wasnt intending to hit Cain, he was probably trying to show Cain the difference in the strength between them. Hoping it might change his mind.

Cain knows it was a feint, so he didnt bother dodging. Sofia on the other hand wasnt able to react in time.

There was only one who took the attack seriously, someone with enough reflex to act.

“Gaw!!” Blood splashed everywhere, all the high-ranked adventurer drew their weapons at the sight.


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