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My Enchanting System Chapter 17

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“We talk about that when Cain wakes up, now go watch over him while I prepare the goose!” Sofia Sofia took the goose from Selena and put it on the table,I guess they all look the same Sofia compared the goose with chickens in how she should prepare them.

“Than Im going-nya!” Selena leaped from the window, running up the stairs on all four.

Mabel who was watching had a question on her mind, “What is pride She doesnt mean pride like being prideful, right”

“Who knows I never heard of that term being used like that, Cain might have an answer!” Sofia also didnt seem to know, considering how the world developed it was expected that niche knowledge like that didnt make it that far!

The two of them settled after chitchat that Selena probably meant adventuring party, Its the only thing that has both Cain and Sofia in it after all!

Even though she ran up the stairs on all four, she did walk after that on just two legs.

Slowly opening the door, Selena entered looking at Cain. “Still asleep, gotta wait-nya!”

She sat on the ground, using the chair seemed alien to her. Selena who lived her whole life in a tribe in the forest, their normal sitting position was Cross-legged on the ground.

Quickly she started getting restless, unable to sit still. Selena walked up to Cain sniffing him, “Still asleep, he isnt bleeding, good-nya!” and she sat back down.

Just a few moments later, she got restless again and started sniffing him again. Putting her palm on his chest for a moment then took it back, and again and again. “Nya! What Im doing Gotta let him rest-nya!”

She again got restless, this time she didnt go for Cain but instead for Sofias closet! Selena started sniffing everything inside, they all smelled of Sofia. This was Sofias room after all, “She smells weird-nya!” Selena decided and sat back down.

After a while, Cain finally woke up after regenerating some MP. He was greeted by the sharp pain all over his body and the feeling of something heavy and vibrating on his legs.

Looking down, Selena was curled on top of his legs sleeping while purring.

turning his eyes around, he noticed that this room was Sofias,So she brought me back here

[Second-tier Magic: [Healing] have been added to the system] As he didnt need to worry about his MP here, he used higher-tier magic to close his wounds.

The moment she sensed the Mana flow around, Selenas instinct woke her up immediately.

“Nya!” She started licking his face in excitement, Cain tried to push her back but he wasnt strong enough.

“Selena, let me for a moment!” Cain said, struggling to talk.

“You know my name We are made for each other-nya!” This had made her more eager.

There was only one way for Cain out of this, he started rubbing her belly, it didnt take her long to roll over and start purring.

Cats rarely like belly rubs, but Selena seems to be one of those few.

“Where is Sofia” Cain asked

“MOrE-Nya!!” Selena said with a trembling voice, making weird noises.

Cain quickly pulled his hand, “Can you stop acting like a cat I know you can do that!” Cain said.

“Youre no fun, I guess we let that to the night-nya!” Selena sat beside Cain, still clinging to him.

The door slowly opened, Sofia entered carrying the food. “I heard her meowing from downstairs so I knew you were awake!”

Her eyes instantly turned cold when she saw Selena clinging to Cain with her big chest.

Sofia slowly put the food in front of Cain, “Please enjoy this, for now, we can leave the explanation to later, in the meantime I will take care of that thing beside you!” Saying that Sofia kicked Selena in the face trying to push her away.

‘What Sofia noticed, Selena wasnt even budging, as if she was trying to push a wall.

“You want to play-nya” Speaking while Sofias foot was pressing on her face, “Nyaa!” Selena caught Sofia from her thigh dragging her to the bed.

Sofia who only had a strength of 8 couldnt even compare to Selenas 19 strength.

To explain it better, 19 stat isnt double 8, To raise two digits you have to be twice as capable! So in reality, 10 strength is double 8! This means that Selena is at least 32 times stronger physically than Sofia! and at least 8 times more agile and durable!

Sofia ended up being dominated as whatever she did, Selena just powered right through.

While those two were having a wrestling match in the bed, Cain was just enjoying the food and appreciating how well Sofia Can cook!

‘Thanks for the food As he turned around, the two girls were still squeezing each other, Sofias face was red with veins popping on her forehead. Selena on the other hand had a playful face as she shrugged all of Sofias attempts.

‘How do I stop those two Cain thought for a moment before coming to a quick solution, Tickling!

He jumped in and started tickling them at the same time, Selena got submissive quickly as he started rubbing her belly, and Sofia started to laugh as she curled into a ball!

“I thought you wanted an explanation”

Cains simple explanation was that he had known beforehand of the bandits existence from a trusted source. It wasnt uncommon to dispatch adventurers to take care of large bandits encampment.

Cain was dispatched from another authority besides the guild, It was weird in the first place for him to know about witches so Sofia just accepted it with a deep feeling that Cain was lying!

The reason he didnt tell Sofia was simple, and she didnt need to hear it to understand.

The conversation quickly turned toward Selena, why was she following Cain now

“I want to join the pride-Nya!” She said with confidence, pumping her already big chest out!

Cain understood what she meant, he has already guessed as much from how she was acting, even so… I dont think Jaguars form prides, thats a lion thing!

Turned out that Selena mostly interacted with lion demi-humans besides the other Jaguars, and hearing about the humans kings having multiple wives, she just assumed that humans also formed pride!

“I can understand where youre coming from, but are even registered as an adventurer” Sofia asked, completely unaware of what Selena was talking about.

Selena was thrown out of the conversation quickly, as soon as she heard the adventurer guild she asked, “Do humans need to be adventures to mate Thats rough-nya!”

As both Sofia and Selena looked at each other in confusion, Cain had to interfere to resolve the misunderstanding.

“Would you two listen for a moment” Cain asked, buying time for himself to think of a way to explain it.

Selena quickly turned to face him, her tail weaving left and right in excitement. On the other hand, Sofia turned slowly and asked, “What is it”

“So I will try and make this as simple as I can. In the case of what Selena is talking about, pride is the group of female lions that follows a single male!” Cain stopped for a moment, “When Selena said she wanted to join the pride, she is meaning to be my wife alongside you! Albeit we two arent married, to begin with!”

“So its a misunderstanding.” Cain looked at Selena, “I and Sofia arent mates so you can understand!”

Selena was thinking about what Cain just said, racking her brain. If they arent mates so why was her smell on him

Sofia on the other hand had her head burning red, she was thinking about something else.Marrying Cain…!

“So she isnt your mate-nya” Selena was the first one to speak.

“No, she isnt!” Cain replied.

“Do you have a mate” Selenas eyes were starting to sparkle.

“Not yet.”

“Can I be your mate then” Selena asked directly, her tail is weaving like crazy.

Cain processed it slowly in his head, counting what can he get. Selena was strong, he will eventually start fighting as a mage so having her in the front will be a great help.

On the side, Sofia was still drowning in her fantasies.

“Would you mind standing up and spreading your arms Then start turning around slowly!” Cain asked with a serious face.

He had two goals in mind. If he was going to face the Catastrophe, he needs her to be obedient to the weirdest of orders! He cant just sayIm going to kill the citys lord son! and expect a sane person to say help him.

Second, he noticed she had a decent build. He wanted to make sure she isnt built a brawny man, that might put him off.

“I understand-nya!” Selena did just that, without hesitation.

Sofia finally broke from her dreams to see Selena spinning around while Cain was assessing her.

“What are you two doing” She asked, honestly confused at what Selena was doing.

“Im assessing her potential as a wife, want to join” He said with a straight face, this might have seemed weird for a regular person but to Cain it was normal!

In his past life, It was true that he had a rough start. Surviving the catastrophe, being enslaved by a witch, used as a genie pig by a dragon king, and even being tortured for years by the elves who wanted to get information about that dragon king!

But after that, he managed to convince the Elvish lords daughter to take him as her slave. She was a sadist who enjoyed torturing people for her pleasure, but Cain used her to get knowledge about the Elvish high magic! mixing everything he had learned from the witch, the dragon, and the elves. He did the impossible.

Pulling a reverse move and enslaving her instead, he then used her as a front to start a revolution in the elvish kingdom, eventually becoming the king.

After that, he only rose to power, getting strong and stronger, building more influence on the world. At that point, the number of women proposing to him was unending.

One of his long-term goals was to reach that princess again as she was unique, she had something that others dont! Or to be more precise, she should have it! The slave contract he engraved on her soul!

Hearing Cains weird question, Sofia immediately understood what he meant. This wasnt a decision she should make in a hurry, even so, she was already thinking about it too much.

“I think, I acc…” Before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Selena!

“No! She has to be tested as well-nya!” Selena was upset that she was tested while Sofia was about to get an easy pass.


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