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My Enchanting System Chapter 14

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‘Do I free her With how much bloodlust she is unleashing she might kill me on the spot!

‘I dont even have the keys, breaking the chains will cause enough noise to alert the entire cave!

After having another glance at her almost dead eyes he changed his mind,I cant just let her sit there!


[Second-tier Magic: [Shatter] have been added to the system]

[Shatter]: Causes violent vibration in an object.

Using a combination of [Shatter] and the dagger he got earlier as a pole, Cain started breaking the locks. One after the other, with each lock broken he could feel the womans bloodlust fading.

Clang! Just before he could finish opening all locks she broke free. At that moment Cain braced himself as he thought he was going to get attacked, to his surprise, he wasnt!

She instead went for the animal carcasses stored behind him.

“Heh” He looked behind him,She was starving after all

“The exit is to the back, leave as fast as you could!” Cain pointed toward the exit, quickly leaving the woman and venturing deeper into the cave.

Cain had wasted enough time, he has to pick up the pace. The longer he takes, the more chance that someone will discover him alert the others.

It didnt take him long to reach the next room, fairly bigger than the others and housing multiple beds where the bandits were sleeping.

Cain could count over twenty people inside. This must be where the majority of their forces are!

[Soundless] As they were already asleep, Cain took the chance to make sure they never woke up, one after one he sliced their throats.

With each kill, he felt himself becoming more like his past self as if his existence as a human was slipping away.

‘No, those bandits, being probably less than a hundred person! Will cause the death of thousands if not taken care of right now! Cain told himself.Authority cant fight them, not when the bandits leader is a part of said Authority!

Even with his internal conflict about having to kill them all, this wasnt the first time he did it! And he sure didnt forget his old habit of collecting every copper coin they had!

As the place was reeking with blood, Cain continued even deeper.

The cave seemed as if it had no end but Cain knew better, there should be another large room where the bandits do their work, counting what they stole and the like.

It didnt take him long before reaching there.

The room was large, even larger than the one before! Divided into two sections, the ground section where Cain was and the higher section that looked like one big shelf spreading on each wall.

For light, the room was lit by torches and candles all around so it was quite bright. It gave Cain a creepy vibe.

“You there!” A man screamed from the corner, “We have an intruder!!!” The shout was sudden, Cain didnt even notice him until he screamed.

[Short invisibility] Cain instantly disappeared, It was about to get messy.

“Where did that bastard go” The bandit looked around surprised, he drew his swords and was ready to strike.

Slash! Cain appeared again as he slashed the bandits throat! Blood splashed everywhere.

Swoosh! Two crossbow bolts zapped beside Cain, they missed his as he was moving but it was clear. 1, 2, 5, 8, 13, He was outnumbered!

The bandits didnt give Cain any time, swarming at him all at once.

A sword in his right and a dagger in his left. Cain got ready for a long fight.

A bandit rushed at him with an axe, while others carried swords, daggers, and even broken glass bottles.

Dodging left and right, he had more skill than them.

With his first attack, he slashed the axe-guys hand in one swift move as he dodged, following with a wide sword slash decapitating him!

Two bandits who had swords slashed at Cain at the same time.

[Short invisibility] Cain disappeared confusing them, the next thing they knew, one of them had a sword in his heart and the other a dagger to the neck.

Cains sword got stuck in the bandits chest so he left it there and turned his attention to the one carrying a glass bottle.

The man seemed to be a bit drunk so Cain found it easy to grab his hand and threw him to the ground. Finishing him with a stomp to the throat.

As Cains space cleared a bit, the archer started shooting at him screaming, “He is skillful, be wary!”

“We already lost four people!” Another one shouted.

[Firelance] Cain threw a fire spear at the archers impaling two of them and setting them ablaze!

“He can use magic” They started screaming and Cain disappeared again.

“Please stop, I was forced to be here!” one of the bandits screamed as Cain appeared in front of him.

Cains attack stopped at the last second, he hesitated to kill him. That pause, that fraction of a second was enough.

Swoosh! Cain felt the sharp pain in his left thigh, an arrow was stuck there.

The bandit who was just screaming stabbed Cain in the side with a knife.

‘Shit!” gritting his teeth throughout the pain, Cain disemboweled him at the spot.

[Second-tier Magic: [Lesser healing] have been added to the system]

but sadly it was only enough to stop the bleeding and not close the wounds.

His blood started pumping as his life was put on the line, Cains fighting spirit screamed as he resolved himself to kill them all.

“Scumbags!” He said as stood firmly.

[Second-tier Magic: [Misty step] have been added to the system], briefly surrounded by silvery mist, Cain disappeared and instantly he was behind one of the archers.

It took Cain a single stab to drop him dead.

The fight continued for about a minute, Cain was getting exhausted as he was running out of SP then it happened, the third hit he took! It was a stab on his shoulder, Cain tried to kill the one who stabbed him but was grappled by another bandit and was thrown on the ground.

“Take off his face Cover!” One of the bandits shouted, “Doesnt matter if he is dead!” The bandit jumped on top of Cain swinging his sword down. “DIE!” He yelled.

Thud! thud! thud! Crunch! Something leaped from the darkness biting the Bandit at the back of his neck!

At that shocking moment, The bandits only saw their friends body being dragged to the higher section of the room with blood splattering everywhere!

“What was that” They screamed, seeing the two glowing eyes in the dark.

Grrrrrr! They could hear the growl of the beast, the golden eyes disappeared from the higher section.

“Be wary, that bi…” before he could finish, he was dragged as well, they didnt even see where he was hit.

ROOOOOAR! The rumbling roar shook the entire cave, The bandits started trembling.

“Who released that monster!!” One of them screamed!


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