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My Enchanting System Chapter 13

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Sofia was sweating, panting, tearing up as Cain finished inscribing the buff rune on her finger.

She hurriedly looked at her finger expecting it to be torn apart, It had the rune engraved on her nail!

“You didnt tell me it was going to hurt like this, Idiot!” She cried.

“Youre the one who didnt want to know! Its all over now!” Cain helped her sit on the bed.

The rune on her nail didnt take long to disappear which scared her. She thought that the process failed and they have to redo it! Cain assured her that it was normal, the rune disappeared so it wont be a mark that identifies her as a witch!

“Remember to never cast magic without holding a staff, especially in front of people!” She had to pretend to be a mage, simply to not be prosecuted!

“I know!” She replied as if she was already thinking about that.

The first lesson was simple, Cain attempted to teach her the [Firebolt] spell. The spell wasnt that complex and she should be able to pick it up in just one night.

Cain didnt have that much experience teaching low-tier magic, he was much comfortable with formally teaching high magic!

Sofia on the other hand had her entire concentration on him, taking it as seriously as she could.

“Now try it!” Cain asked her to test what she learned.

Closing her eye and opening her palm in front of her face. Sofia could feel the Mana crackling through her fingers and igniting the flames at her palm.

She slowly opened her eyes, smiling in awe. She finally managed to cast magic! Thrilled at the sight she screamed, “I did it!!” Cain told her to calm down as they were in an inn!

“What do I call you from now teacher” Sofia meant it. Now that she was able to use first-tier magic all her concerns have faded! She could devote her all to learning magic.

“It will be weird for a mage to call a swordsman his teacher, just keep it Cain!” he brushed it off, “I will teach you other spells from now, so prepare yourself!”

Hearing that, Sofia remembered the magic book prices. Even a first-tier spell like the [Firebolt] costs 10 gold coins. That without the teaching and explanation, when you buy a book you have to decipher it by yourself!

She looked at her fingers, remembered the buff he gave her, that thing must have cost hundreds of gold coins.

“I will definitely repay this debt! If you had anything on mind just tell me, I will do anything you want!” Sofia bowed her head to him, showing the utmost respect.

“Saying you will do anything is a bit dangerous for a girl you know” Cain said patting her on the head.

Sofias face turned red as she thought about what she just said, instantly resolving herself.

“I know, I dont mind as long as it meant I could learn from you!” She replied with a shaking voice.

Hearing that, Cain slightly lifted her face from her chin. “Now then!” He said slowly.

Sofias heart started racing,Its happening now!” she thought closing her eyes.

“Its already late, go rest for today!” Cain dismissed her instantly.


She looked at him in surprise, that wasnt what she expected.

“I Want to Sleep, We have a long day tomorrow!” Cain had other things on his mind, Sofia could tell he was worried but couldnt bring herself to ask directly!

Cain weirdly ended the night there and closed his room door.

‘Now that she is gone, Its time to play! Cain opened his status menu, All those toads werent killed just for money.

‘I hope youre prepared, Jack!”




[Lesser Empowerment]

[Lesser Swiftness]


Now that he can access second-tier magic, his main goal was to take Jack down.

The job wont be that easy, he cant just walk in and kill Jack in the lord mansion. The reason was if he did that, the bandits will just find another leader and keep causing troubles.

‘Its better if I took them one by one, I might get some good loot and Exp on the way! Fully knowing that what the bandits have is stolen, he didnt care! Cain wasnt the person who will go through the trouble of trying to return them.

He quickly changed his clothes and put his sword down, It was better to not get recognized.

As he searched for something to cover his face, his eyes fell on the piece of clothes he just gave to Sofia to bite on.

‘That will do! He covered his hair and face, only leaving small holes for his eyes to see. He also made sure the clothe wont fall in a fight so he tightened it up!

Jacks bandit camp is in a cave outside the City, the cave is located deep inside the forest! The man himself should be staying at lord mansion, I will clean the camp first!

Cain jumped from the window, swiftly running thought the dark alleyways. The crescent moon faintly illuminating his way, he headed toward the city gate.

The gate was open and illuminated with torches, guarded by tow guards on each side. Sneaking thought seemed impossible, and scaling the wall was out of the question for Cain.

[ Second-tier Magic: [Soundless] and [Short invisibility] have been added to the system]

Cain remembered the magic from his past life, as he was now a level 3 he could use them safely.

[Short invisibility] as the name suggest make the user invisible for a short period of time, just about 10 seconds. The magic will get dispelled if he touched anything with a magic density higher than Air, Aka any living being.

[Soundless] on the other hands muffled the sound he make for about 15 seconds.

The combination of those two spell was the perfect for sneaking.

Cain successfully passed by the guards without being detected.

[Swiftness] Cain started running directly toward the cave. A big smile on his face, it was finally the time!

It didnt take him long to reach the cave, he couldnt help but feel a bit nervous!

Cain was hiding in the bushes a few meters away from the cave entrance that was being guarded by two men.

The men looked like any regular people he could see in the city, they didnt look especially strong nor proficient.

Cain observed them for a few minutes waiting for his chance to strike.

“Hold for a second, I have business to take care off!” One of them said as he walked toward the forest, finding a nice tree to go behind.

As he was about to empty himself, ZAAAAP! he only felt the pain for a few seconds before passing out, not even able to scream.

‘I just electrocuted him so he isnt still dead! Cain thought as he looted the man, taking his sword, dagger and all the money he had.

Slash! Cain finished him with his own dagger,Those people kill, rob, abuse and violate others! He didnt feel anything but relief finishing him.

[Short invisibility].

“What is that” The other bandit who was guarding entrance said as he heard foot steps approaching, “Probably just my…”

Before he could finish, he felt a hand closing his mouth while the sharp pain of multiple stabs burned thought his back.

‘Another one down! Cain peaked inside the cave, Of course it was pitch black!

[Second-tier Magic: [Darkvision] have been add to the system]

As he walked carefully looking for traps he reached the first room, sitting around a table lit by a single candle, three people were playing cards.

2 Sitting side by side and the last one facing them.

[Soundless] Cain cast his magic directly into the middle of the table, encasing the three bandits in spell range.

‘Isnt it awfully quite The one who was sitting alone said but his voice didnt come out, at that moment he saw his two friends throats get sliced by a black-hooded man.

‘We have an intruder! The man tried to scream but his voice didnt come out.

Before he could draw his sword, Cain lunged and sliced his neck.

The spell only lasted for 15 second so Cain made sure to the three bandits were dead.

The next room was a storage room, where the bandits stored their food, weapons and the like but nothing to valuable.

The moment Cain set foot inside the room, he could feel immense bloodlust coming from the rooms darkest corner.

As he looked, Two glowing golden eyes were staring him back.

Clank!Clank! The sound of metals clashing echoed thought the room sending shivers down Cains spine.

Cain got a bit closer, with his dark vision he could make out what was there.

Completely chained and restrained from head to toes. Inside a cage that wasnt larger than 3 feet in diameter. It was a woman that looked to be in her early twenties. She was forced into a sitting position were the seat was on her feet, her legs were chained in that position around her thighs.

Her Arms were clocked together behind her back with multiple hand cuffs and chains. Even hear head was locked in place with a cage-like steel helmet that kept her mouth close.

Her cuffs had visible bends on them from her struggling to break free.

Who ever chained her, they did a good job so she wont be even able to move a finger.

She was wearing what looked like common clothes so they must have chained her directly after capturing her.

The woman had short coal-black hair, cat like ears on her head and two golden eyes.

A black tail can be seen tied to the cage behind her.

From her arms and legs, Cain could tell she was well built, but there was a slight problem. She was looking pale, her breathes were shallow, dry skin, the signs of starvation!

‘They probably didnt feed her anything since they captured her! Cain thought as he had recognized the womans race, and he could see her status as well.




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