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After she rested for a bit, Sofia finished her quest, it didnt take her that long as she has done most of it that morning!

It took quite a bit of time for Cain to get exhausted, Its almost dusk!

When the adventurers hunt a big monster that they cant carry, the guild will send a team to collect it! All they had to do is just report the location.

By the end of the day, Sofia had managed to finish her quest and Cain has hunted an ample number of toads.

It was already night when they got back to the guild, Mary wasnt there as her shift has already ended.

“Call the healer!!!” someone screamed as they saw Cain enters the guild, he was covered in blood from head to toes. Sofia was walking behind him in silence, a worried look on her face.

“No you dont need to worry, Its just monsters blood!” Cain said, calming the person who screamed, It seems to be one of the guild staff.

“We completed the quest, we just like to report that!” Sofia said from behind Cain.

“No, no, no! Youre Cain right, the one who got promoted this morning! There isnt a single monster in F nor C rank who has that much blood!” The staff pointed out, It was true that most of the monsters you fight in those ranks are small-sized.

“Well, the Toad repellent quest! We had to face a Toad or two and this blood is from them!” Cain saw with a smile that didnt match his bloodied face!

“I will go check the kills! Where is the location” A voice came straight from behind Cain. The voice owner was a tall man, wearing a black leather coat and covering his face. He had appeared out of nowhere!

“He, you monster! Seems like I lost the bet!” The man said instantly.

When everyone looked closely, Cain had already drawn his sword! He held in a reverse grip behind his back, pointing the tip toward the mans neck!

“Daraku, The dragons fang partys rogue. Nice to meet ya!” The man greeted them.

“Whats the meaning of this I almost sliced your throat!” Cain said as he put his sword back.

“Our mage has taken an interest in you! I will be the one to confirm your kills, Its already night!”

Since it was already night, sending regular people to collect and confirm the kills might be dangerous so the guild usually just wait until the morning.

The dragon fang partys mage is interested in the situation she asked her party if they can help and they agreed.

The rogue will confirm the kills while the warrior will help collect them.

“What do you mean by got interested in Cain” Sofia asked while giving Daraku a suspicious look.

“Dont worry young miss, Yamauba is only interested in Takeshi, our partys warrior!” The rogue replied. He then disappeared into the shadows.

“Who are they anyway Dragons fang” Sofia asked the guild staff.

The dragons fang originated from the far east! They decided to settle here after traveling for a long time. The guild didnt seem to have much information on them except for their skills and a vague Idea about why they are staying here.

Hearing that Cain asked what that reason was and he got an answer that felt like cold water!

“Their priestess had a prophecy about this town, they are staying here for that reason!”

Just as they finished that conversation, Daraku has returned after confirming the kills.

He had a pale face as if has seen a ghost.

“How much did you find 1 maybe 2” The guild staff asked, not noticing the look on Darakus face.

“How did you do that” Daraku asked, looking directly at Cain.

“What do you mean I just killed them!” Cain replied, “Did you find something wrong” Cain pretended to not know what Daraku is talking about.

“There were 13 of them! 13!” Daraku screamed, “Without counting the two I found scorched to cinder!!”

The guild staff got baffled at what she just heard, 13 For real

“I just sliced their tongue and left them to bleed to death, easy enough!” Cain replied as if it was a matter of fact.

Daraku wasnt buying that, he was confident that Cain doesnt have what it take to achieve that!

“And then what about the scorched ones” Daraku shouted again.

“She did it!” Cain pushed Sofia in front of him.

“He” She turned toward him with a confused face, “ME”

“She was just scared of monsters, the moment she calmed down everything went smoothly!” Cain said, with his usual face. That caused Daraku to get even angrier, he was confident Cain was lying about what happened.

Cain walked out without saying any other word, Daraku tried to chase after him but was stopped by their partys priestess.

“Miko, let me go, that man is hiding something and I dont like it!” Daraku screamed, his instinct are screaming that Cain was dangerous.

“If he was an enemy, Remember Amaterasus prophecy!” The priestess said, holding Daraku in place.

“An unchained man, followed by a purgatory witch, a raging beast, and a merciful devil. When the gates of hell open, and the sun turns black. The unholy creations of the underworld are going to ravage the land. Those four you must lead, so the sun may shine again!” Daraku repeated what the prophecy given by Amaterasu said.

They are going to be paid for the toads tomorrow, as it will take time to disassemble them.

“Its my treat this time, we should wash before we go back!” Sofia suggested they take another bath, It seemed less of a suggestion and more like order as she was already dragging Cain toward the bath.

That was because Cain was covered in blood, he could wash it with just a bucket and a towel in the inn but Sofia insisted.

“Its your whole pay for that quest, is thats okay” As soon as Cain asked he was punched in his side, “Were going!” her pissed smile was something that Cain didnt want to mess with.

As soon as they entered the door, the old lady looked at the bloodied Cain for a moment before opening her mouth.

“First time gone wrong”

Sofia swung her staff directly at the old lady, with full force, she intended to finish her on the spot. Luckily Cain interfered and caught Sofias staff.

“What are you doing Attacking out of nowhere!”

“Young lady, I was just worried about you two!” The old woman replied, with a smug smile on her face.

“Let me go, Cain! I will knock what is left of that shameless hags teeth!”

“Yeah, It was our first time hunting monsters together, It was successful though!” Cain replied to the old womans first question.

“Heh” Sofia gasped as she heard Cains reply, her face went red and she rushed to the changing room.

“You shouldnt tease her like that, you almost got hurt!”

The bath didnt take them that long this time and of course, Sofia paid this time! They also picked up the clothes that they left that noon.

On their way, they stopped by where Sofia have been staying. The place was an abandoned alleyway to the south of the city, she had built a small shed with wooden blanks and leather. The place looked as if it was built by a kid in a hurry, Cain could swear that thing cant even handle weak rain!

Sofia picked what was only necessary, as most of the things there she considered to be junk.

The night was calm and peaceful. As soon as they reached the inn, Evan had prepared them a warm meal.

“Cain, There werent that many rooms empty but I managed to reserve a nice one for the lady!” Evan said as he watched the two of them eat.

“Truly thank you, where is the room” Cain asked, they need to know so Sofia could drop her belonging there. At the moment she was gorging herself on the food as if she hadnt eaten in a month!

“Right beside yours, a nice one isnt it!” Evan laughed, Cains room and the one beside it were the two biggest ones in the inn. Cain knew that when he first chose his room and now Evan managed to keep the other for Sofia. Even if we said it was the biggest, we meant it was just a foot or two wider!

“Cain, After we finish leave me your clothes from the evening, I will give them a wash!” Sofia suggested with a smile.

“You dont have to do that, I can wash them myself!” Cain replied.

“No, you have taken care of me today and youre even going to teach me, let me at least repay you with that!” Sofia replied that she was insisting. Cain had no intention of prolonging the conversation so he gladly accepted.


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