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My Enchanting System Chapter 10

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“This changes everything! Lets take care of the Toads first, I will explain everything when we return to the inn!” Cain said as he turned toward the toad.

“Or you know Just watch!” He said as he opened his palm in front of his face.

[First tier magic: Firebolt] Add to the system!

Cain now was a Level 2, this meant he could use first-tier magic without backlash! As long as he remembers the spell from his past life, it will be added back to his list as he thinks about it!


A small flash of light appeared in his open palm followed by a spark. The fire created by [Firebolt] resembled that of a torch, floating above his palm.

“You can use magic!!” Sofia screamed, her mind wasnt ready for this. The man who she thought was a talented swordsman, now is using magic

Countless emotions flowed in her, awe, fear, respect, and most importantly, frustration!

“First-tier magic, Firebolt! This is the one you shouldve learned first!” Cain flicked his fingers and the bolt raced toward the toad hitting it directly in the eye!

Croaaaaaaaaak! The toad screamed, turning its attention toward Cain, the distance was fairly large so it started jumping at top speed.

“Its weak but effective! Most mages use it as their regular attack!” Cain said as was about to unleash another spell.

‘I cant use second-tier magic as Im just level 2 without having a backlash. Cain already had another way of showing it, albeit it costs more MP.

[Firebolt], [Enchanting]. Of course, he didnt say anything out loud.

The same flames as before appeared in Cains palm, which made Sofia a bit confused, she even tried to look closer at the flames…Then.

BANG! The flames exploded in Cains hand as they swelled into a bigger form. Sofia who was trying to have a better look jumped back in fear. The explosion surprised her, she thought Cains hand was blown for a second!

The flames took the shape of a long spear, Cain glanced back at the shaking Sofia for a moment.

“Second-tier magic, Firelance. It has a longer range than Firebolt but takes a bit longer to activate!” Cain grabbed the Lance with his hand and lunched it toward the Toad. The lance accelerated itself even further with its flames, making it look like a small missile!

The spear struck the Toad mid-jump, pushing it backward.

Shatter! The toad was crushed on the ground, it didnt even have enough strength to croak!

“Now for what you were trying to cast!” Cain said, not even giving Sofia enough time to comprehend the mess in front of her!

[Firebolt], [Enchanting], [Enchanting]

The same thing happened this time as well, the small flame appeared in Cains palm, and it then exploded to become bigger! BANG! It was followed by another explosion, but this time instead of the fire getting even bigger, the color changed!

From red and yellow to Crimson! It was hot, Sofia did back down a little to escape from the heat!

“Fireball, The most famous and Infamous spell of all time! Being just a third-tier spell makes it available for any competent mage! Wide AOE as well decent damage!” Cain said out loud.

‘Well this is just an imitation, otherwise, it wont be this hot before exploding! Cain thought, acknowledging how defective the spell he is using was! It was unstable, dangerous to the caster, as well consumed more MP!

‘At least they look the same so its good for demonstration!

With a flick of his hand, the fireball flew directly into the Toads shaking figure, exploding into a rose of flame! BAAAAAAAANG!

The Giant toads body was incinerated to the point it was unsalable!

“Whoa, we should find more of them!” As if it was a matter of fact, Cain who was supposed to be an F-rank has taken down a C-rank monster!

“Would you, would you please teach me magic!” Sofia screamed, more like she was pleading.

She could feel it, the man standing in front of her wasnt normal, by all means, he was abnormal!

This wasnt a chance she should miss, his single motivation is the mastery of magic, to avenge what she has lost!

“Well, its not like you have a choice anyway!” Cain said with a smile, washing all of Sofias thoughts down the drain.

“What do you” She gasped

“Its either you work for me or you wont return alive! Cant let you go after seeing me use magic, hehe!” Cain was serious, even though he was making a stupid face he was dead serious!

‘What should I do Sofias mind was going out of control,What does he intend to do with me The thoughts in her mind went wild for a moment before she cleared them off.

‘That would be nic…No, someone like would care less for those things! she did make a weird face for a moment, she stood to face him.

“I refuse!” She screamed, her voice was sharp.

“What do you mean Wanna die” Cain asked with a casual face.

“I dont wanna die!” She screamed again, seeing that Cain patted her on the head.

“Nice, nice, I like you even more…but, you know, youre not a mage!” Cain said his tone turned mid-sentence.

“You said before that I was a sorceress and not a mage, what did you mean” Her attitude started to slowly change.

“Sorceress or in other words a Witch! Unlike mages who are normal beings studying magic, you were born with magic, it flows in your blood!” Cain said keeping it short.

“I dont understand, explain more!” She said with an annoyed face.

“You cant learn magic the normal way! You have to seek another Witch to teach you!” Cain said, as she understood what he was talking about her face tensed up.

Witches didnt have that good of a reputation, on the contrary, they were hated, and for good reasons!

Spreading diseases, misfortune, and curses! Wildfire and drought, are all witches spells.

“Then whom you prefer Being used by me or a witch” Cain asked, he did know that those rumors about witches arent all correct. On the contrary, in his past life witches were some of the most caring people he knew!

But Sofia didnt know, all she could think of was her being burnt on a stick for working with a witch!

She looked toward Cain about to ask more but he interrupted her.

“Hehehe, Your free trial ends here!” He said…

Ruffling her head, Sofia finally made a decision, “OK, OK! I accept!” she said dropping her hands.

“Then tonight is going to be your first lesson! But first, we have to earn some money!” Cain quickly changed gears to hunting the toads, leaving Sofia with a very big question mark on her head.

‘Tonight just as her head was about to start flying, she noticed Cain has already left her as he was searching for the Toads.

“Wait for me!” She yelled, chasing after him.

It didnt take them long to find one, Sofia was already bent over, panting, “I…Told you…To wait!” She managed to utter some words.

“We werent running that fast, if it was a monster chasing us you would have been dead!” Cain told her. She was a spell caster, a sorceress. Even if she wasnt expected to have great physical abilities, she should at least be able to run for her life!

This time Cain pulled his sword, “Im going to show you now, how do Swordsmen hunt Toads!”

Hearing that, Sofia sat on the ground to watch, she was exhausted after all!

“Dont sit down! Stand and be on alert!” Cain shouted, “Were running again in just a moment!”

Cain then shifted his attention toward the giant Toad, this was a bit smaller than the last one.

Cain approached it slowly, walking casually.

When he got close enough he stood in place and started shaking his body.

Being a bit irritated, She looked at him with judging eyes, “What is he doing This isnt time for weird dances!” Just as she said that. The toad attacked Cain.

The attack was the most Common move that frogs and toads used, Their tongue attack! It happened in a split second, She didnt manage to see it all.

Cain dodged to the side and sliced the tongue, blood gushed out like an endless stream.

“Run! Now we run until it bleeds to death!” This was Cains strategy.

And as Cain intended, The toad didnt last long before passing out.

Sofia was on her knees, hardly able to catch her breath.

“Are you OK We only have one Toad to sell and youre giving up” Cain asked her.

“Im not a monster like you, Idiot! let me rest a bit!” she almost cried, her legs cant carry her anymore.

“What Im going to do with you” With a small sigh, Cain carried her to the nearest tree and sat her under it.

“Im going to kill some more, if anything attacked you just yell!” Sofia nodded and Cain left.

“Honestly…What kind of man did I tie myself into” She said as she looked at him running toward the Toads.


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