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My Enchanting System Chapter 1

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The moment he returned to his senses, Cain was standing in front of the guild reception desk!

The guild looked the same as he remember, full of adventurers. The guildhall was large, containing multiple tables with adventurers sitting on them. Some were standing in front of the quest wall trying to choose their next adventure.

‘Did I die! Cain looked around him in shock,Did I get reincarnated He wondered as he glared at his own hands.

“Cain Lisworth…Cain Lisworth do you hear me” He heard the gentle voice of a woman calling him, slowly lifting his head he saw her worried face.

“Yeah, I can hear you!” Unable to make much sense of what was in front of him, he looked at her face in terror. With each glance, he remembered her unavoidable demise.

“You dont seem well, you could take a rest in the guest room, I will call a healer for you!” She suggested, worried for his well-being as if he was her son.

“No, you dont have to worry about me, Mary!” Cain replied with a painful smile, he knew that Marys kindness was what guided her to the afterlife. “Just a bit nervous, Its my first day after all! Im a bit afraid of facing monsters!” That was a lie, he didnt feel fear or tension. The only thing he felt now was a sense of urgency to deal with the catastrophe approaching.

“Here you go then, its best to start with a group who guides you! Ask around and you might find a party that will accept you!” Mary handed him a copper guild card with his name and rank. Rank F adventurer Cain Lisworth.

Cain looked at the card with hope, he has indeed returned in time. He now had the chance to make everything right!

‘I still have about three months until that dungeon breaks Cain thought as he walked away toward the quest wall.

Cain thought, trying to see if he still had his power from his prime.

A menu appeared in front of him, he was the only one able to see it.

Adventurers usually have to use appraisal orbs to check their status. But in his prime Cain was sick of that, having to always carry one or rely on the guild was a pain! With that, he developed the system and integrated it into his soul.


It was the same as his stats when he started but with two big differences, his MP was just 9 the first time, and now he seems to have a 144! MP was stored in the soul, as he has enchanted his soul with the system, his MP poll was larger. he didnt feel the difference in his prime.

The other big thing was the [Enchanting] Magic! When he first started adventuring, he had no magic as he couldnt afford to learn it, It cost a lot to buy magic spells.

[Enchanting] was the magic he used to create the system and it seems to have stayed even after his reincarnation as it was integrated into his soul directly!

Cain looked at himself,Ah! The old memories. He was wearing tattered leather armor and carrying a sword on his waist.I did start as a swordsman didnt I Cain thought, his hands were full of blisters from training.

He called it training, but he was only swinging blindly as he couldnt afford to have official training.

To make it short, he was penniless, without a single copper coin in his pocket.

This was a golden chance, with enough effort and a bit of luck, he might be able to change the future! The first step to that was money, without it he will find it hard to act.

Checking his pocket, it was empty. Luckily he was in the perfect place to make money with strength, the adventurers guild!

He looked through the quest wall, his goal was easy money.I can think about my reincarnation later, firstly I gotta gather enough money to stay at an inn tonight he thought.

If he remembered correctly, a single night at an inn costs 1 Silver coin, an extra 2 copper coins for dinner. This was a total of 12 Copper coins!

The quests were divided into ranks, from F to S, with Cain being an F-rank adventurer he was only allowed to accept F-rank quests, and E-rank if he was in an F-rank party with at least 4 members.

With how high his MP is and the [Enchanting] magic, he could probably clear E quests alone, but sadly he isnt allowed to take them.

As he looked at the F-rank quests they were all very simple. Most jobs were inside the city wall for safety. The few quests that were outside are simple gathering quests for herbs. He wasnt interested in any of them, they take a lot of time and only pay about 4~6 copper coins.

‘I need at least 10, preferably 12 copper coins before nightfall! He kept looking around until he found a quest that he was interested in.

[Slime trimming: Hunt Slimes outside the wall! Reward: 1 Copper coin per 5 kills]

‘Those little menaces! Cain thought as he remembered his old fights against them.

Slimes are small-sized monsters that pose no direct harm to humans, instead, they harm plants and crops by eating them. They are like cricket, so allowing them to form a swarm can lead to a disaster.

For that reason, the adventurer guild keeps permanent quests on them, Allowing the guild to keep them under control!

What interested Cain is that there is a trick to hunting them, a Trick that will allow him to gain even more money!

He didnt need to take the quest to the reception desk, all he needed was to bring proof of the kill and he will be paid.

Cain walked out confident in his ability to sleep in a bed that night, he was going to hunt!


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