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006 Collapse of the facade

The farce in the hall continued.

The head mistress of the Tan family, who was also Tan Rous foster mother, Chen Yi, ran over anxiously and shouted, “Where are the security guards Why are we still keeping you guys on the payroll !”

Only after Chen Yis outcry did a team of security guards appear. They panted heavily as if they had ran a long distance.

Zhou Zheng was quickly pulled away and pinned to the ground.

In actual fact, he was extremely afraid deep down inside. After all, the Tan family was thriving. No one in the right mind would dare to jinx themselves on such an occasion. However, lady luck really wasnt on his side tonight. He originally thought that he would be able to land a big score tonight. Instead, he was first beaten up by that woman and ended up fainting in the back garden. He was then beaten and awoken by a group of people whose faces he could not see clearly. They then threatened him to come clean about his plans in the hall if not death awaited him.

If he did not make a scene, he would be beaten to death for sure. He could only take his chances by creating a scene. Zhou Zheng couldnt care much anymore.

However, there is no way that he would go down alone. Tan Jing, that b*tch was the one who bribed him with money. How can he be the only one who was unlucky

Zhou Zheng continued to shout, “B*tch! You secretly brought me in through the back door. You told me to drug Tan Rou, rape her and then wait for you to catch us in bed. In the end, you fooled me! I have evidence in my hands. I will never let you off!”

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Tan Jing could not bear to listen any longer. She dare not imagine what everyone would have to say about her. She hid in Chen Yis arms and cried, “Sob, sob, sob. Mommy, I didnt, I really didnt...”

Seeing her daughter, Chen Yi was heartbroken and she hugged her daughter while shouting at the security guards, “A bunch of good-for-nothings! Hurry up and drag him away! Call the police! Call the police immediately!”

Zhou Zheng was dragged off while he cursed away. The buzz in the hall continued.

“This little girl usually looks well behaved and demure. How could someone like her come up with such an idea”

“I dont think its a baseless claim. Which one of us didnt come in with an invitation How could that hooligan have sneaked into the ball without any inside help”

“Thats right. Didnt you hear the commotion just now She even brought a crowd with her to catch them on the bed. In the end, not only did she not catch anyone in bed, she got beaten up so badly by the hooligan. Aiyo, what the hell Is this!”

“Well, she was raised in a poor family after all. She must have gotten the cunning little tricks from them. Look at her trying to hide her true self...”

Tan Jing hid in Chen Yis arms. She gritted her teeth so hard that they were about to shatter. No! How could they say that about her! She is the real heiress of the Tan family, not a poor girl from the streets!

Chen Yi looked at her daughter who was crying so hard and she could not hold it in anymore. However, she is still the head mistress of the family after all. Her sharp eyes swept across the few women who were still whispering, she picked out Tan Rou from the crowd. “Tell me, was this all your doing”

Tan Rou looked at Chen Yi who was glaring at her angrily. She could not help but want to laugh. Look at this pair of biological mother and daughter, she just returned not long ago and already they are full of love.

“Auntie Chen, I should call you that, right Even if you feel sorry for your daughter, you cant just accuse someone without any evidence, right”

Tan Rou pouted her lips at the accusation. “Everyone heard him just now. He made it clear that it was Tan Jing who tried to set me up. How would I know why they turned against each other You should ask your own daughter about this. Im the victim here.”

Chen Yi was eager to protect Tan Jings image, so she didnt care how Tan Rou defended herself.

“You unfilial daughter, you are not a child of my Tan family! You have always caused me trouble and disobeyed me. I even tried my best and exhausted all means to send you to study abroad but you ended up getting expelled. Is there anything despicable that you cant do You still want to accuse Jing Jing!”

Hearing Chen Yi mentioning the past, Tan Rous smile gradually turned cold. “Auntie Chen, I dont need to remind you, right It was you who said that my presence made you upset and hence you sent me to school thousands of miles away just so that you would never have to see me again. You said you tried your best Indeed, you really did put in a lot of effort.”

When Tan Rou thought of how she treated herself, the more she didnt want to show any mercy. “As for being expelled from school, have you ever bothered to find out why Havent you heard of the sayingIt is the parents responsibility to educate their child Are you blaming Uncle Tan You have never fulfilled your responsibility as a mother. You deemed me as a failure the moment I returned to the country. Did you even give me a chance to explain myself Dont worry, I dont want to be the daughter of the Tan family anyway.”

Chen Yi was rendered speechless by the questioning. She really did not know what had happened to Tan Rou abroad because she has never cared about her.

Tan Rou was angry and she could not allow Chen Yi to slander her again. Since she accused her of being expelled from school in front of the guests, she had to retaliate by pointing out that Chen Yi, her adoptive mother, had failed in her duties. Hadnt she always cultivated the image of a loving mother



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