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004 Budding brilliance

The door was opened and four or five people walked in with Tan Jing like how stars surrounded the moon. They were trying to prove the “evidence” that they had seen.

Tan Rou knew that Tan Jing had curated a flawless plan. Besides, what was the point of coming alone Of course, she had arranged an opportunity to let more people find out about it and attracted a crowd over.

Tan Jing opened the door and she was stunned. How could it be The chaotic scene she had hoped for did not happen. Tan Rou was even sitting on the bed with her clothes on. Where is Zhou Zheng

The good show fell through. Tan Jings face gradually showed a trace of distortion.

Tan Rou quietly admired their faces for a while. After enjoying the spoils, she taunted, “Why Is there something you need me for”

“Tan Rou! You! Did you secretly bring a man up here!” The crowd made their first move.

Some of them even started to walk around the room, trying to find him. “Yes, weve all heard about it. Where did you hide him Come out at once!”

Tan Rou smiled, “Are you all drunk What man Tan Jing, if I remember correctly you were the one who personally helped me up. Shouldnt you know”

Tan Jing immediately panicked, she squeezed out a smile. “Thats right, Xiao Rou. So youre not drunk after all. I was worried about you so I helped you up the stairs. Why didnt you say so earlier I thought you werent feeling well, I even put in a lot of effort to carry you up. My hands are still sore.”

Sore She was lying through her teeth. She didnt even let herself touch her.

Tan Rou wasnt in a hurry to expose her because her real goal wasnt to dispel Tan Jings petty lies. Getting into the nitty-gritty details would be to fall straight into Tan Jings playbook.

Tan Rou questioned directly, “So youre saying that I pretended to be drunk, but took the opportunity to hook up with a man here Lets not bother if that is true or not first. Tan Jing, upon hearing it your first reaction is to bring so many people up with you. Were you deliberately trying to embarrass me”

Tan jing quickly denied, “How could I I was worried about you. After all, it was Zhou Zheng who came to your room. A bastard like him... Where is he”

Tan Rou sneered, “You also know that he is a bastard. Then, how can you be so sure that he will be in my room”

Tan Jing knew that she couldnt win the argument, she quickly pretended to compromise, “Xiao Rou, dont be angry. We were all worried that you might be taken advantage of. Since you are not, thats great. You can say whatever you want about me. I wont hold it against you.”

The crowd tried to defend their claims. “Tan Rou, someone clearly saw Zhou Zheng enter your room with their own eyes. How dare you still deny it”

Tan Rou was not angry, she still replied indifferently, “Thats right. Today is the Tan familys ball. The guest list was carefully curated. I dont know what kind of situation would allow someone like Zhou Zheng to sneak in. And even after being spotted, he was allowed to just enter my room If that were the case, then wouldnt it make a fool out of the Tan familys security guards and all the people downstairs”

Tan Jing gritted her teeth secretly. Her exquisite nails were about to break. Damn it. She had clearly planned it so thoroughly. This Tan Rou had always had a pigs brain. How did she dodge such a well-thought-out plan and how did she suddenly become so eloquent today.

Tan Rou took the opportunity to continue, “Dont you all know how important reputation is to a girl Today, you guys actually believed in a rumor and even followed Tan Jing here. Were all of you trying to catch me in bed”

Tan Jing was done. If this situation continued, it would be of no benefit to her and she was in a hurry to end it, “Xiao Rou, Im sorry. Well go down at once. You can continue to rest and no one will mention a word about it. I was careless and it almost ruined your reputation.”

After saying that, she called everyone out.

Tan Rou smiled gently and did not ask them to stay any longer. This war is going to be a prolonged one. It is pointless to be harp on what happened today.

After everyone left, Tan Jing pretended to wipe her tears and instructed Wei Ling in a raised tone so that everyone could hear her. “Ling Ling, Im still worried. Zhou Zheng might still be hiding in the house. What if Xiao Rou was really duped by him and did something stupid Help me. If you see or hear anything, we have to come and save Xiao Rou.”

The crowds hearts ache in sympathy for Tan Jing. Just now, Tan Rou pretended to be calm and suggested that it was Tan Jing who deliberately lured them to expose her. However, a righteous person is not afraid of slander. After what had happened, Tan Jing is still thinking for her, how could such a kind person have such sinister intentions

Tan Jing smiled miserably. “Xiao Rou... She still doesnt like me very much. But maybe in the future, she will understand me.”



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