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028 Warm little cardigan

After returning home, Tao Zheng calmed down a little, but he still felt a little uneasy. In the past, Tan Rou was a spendthrift. When she had just returned from the Tan family, she still retained her old spending habits, she quickly squandered whatever money she had left from before.

Without money, she still had to go out and socialize with those scoundrels. She even helped them pay the bill. Often, when she returned home, she would throw a tantrum and force her parents to fork out money for her.

The Tao familys life had always been plain and simple. However, Tan Rou was heartless as she tried a plethora of ways to trick her parents into raising money for her.

Tao Zheng thought that Tan Rou had relapsed into her old habits, so he was both angry and anxious.

On one hand, Tao Zheng had witnessed Tan Rous change over the past few days. He had gradually let go of his prejudice and wanted to accept her again. He felt that she had matured and would not be unreasonable anymore.

On the other hand, Tao Zheng loved his sister very much. When he thought of Tan Rous high quality of life in the past, it was difficult for her to go from extravagance to frugality. As long as she did not waste money, it was understandable. He might have to give her more time.

He could only blame himself for not having the ability to improve his familys standard of living.

Tao Zheng sighed, after thinking for a while, he said, “Although I did not treat you well in the past, I have seen the changes in you over the past few days. Since you called me brother and we are now a family, I have to take care of you. Where did you get the money to buy these things You asked for money from mom and dad again”

Mother Tao heard the noise outside and pushed the door open. “Whats wrong Ah Zheng, dont quarrel with your sister!”

Tao Zheng frowned helplessly. “Mom, we didnt quarrel. I feel that since were a family, you cant continue to pamper her without restraint! Did you give her money again”

Mother Tao frowned in confusion, “No. Rou Rou didnt ask me for money.”

Mother Tao saw the item in Tan Rous hand and understood what had happened. “Xiao Rou, where did you get the money Did you... Ask your adoptive mother again If you need money, I have it. Tell me.”

Mother Tao felt a little sad. She knew that Tan Rou had already been disappointed in her adoptive family. If her daughter had gone to Chen Yi because she didnt have the money, she would feel especially bad.

Tan Rou was touched when she heard Tao Zhengs words. Sometimes, the sternness of a family member was better proof of their love than them pampering her.

Only family members would be genuinely worried that they had taken the wrong path. They would not be like Chen Yi in the past, who would just transfer her money occasionally as if she was completing a mission and couldnt be bothered about her life.

Hearing that Mother Tao had misunderstood, she quickly explained, “Mom! Thats not it. Didnt I make some herbs and medicinal pills for you a few days ago Didnt you also say that you feel much better after using them”

Mother Tao nodded. “Yes, I really feel that my body has been exceptionally comfortable recently. I also sleep very soundly at night.”

Tan Rou smiled. “So I made use of the rest of the ingredients and sold the finished product to the clinic. Look at this transaction history. This is money I earned myself.”

Mother Tao and Tao Zheng looked at the 200,000 yuan transfer on their phones in surprise. It really came from a clinic called He Shou Tang.

Tao Zhengs mouth was agape, “That thing of yours can fetch such a high price”

Tan Rou nodded, “Weve already agreed on a partnership. I can bring my finished products and sell them there in the future.”

Tan Rou stepped forward and held Mother Taos hand. “Mom, brother, you guys dont have to worry. Since Ive left them, I will definitely never ask for money from them again.”

Mother Tao was extremely gratified, “Xiao Rou, I always knew that you were a good child.”

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Tan Rou smiled obediently. “Mother, I wont spend money recklessly anymore. Since we are a family, we are on the same boat through thick and thin. Dont worry, your daughter can also earn money. I will be there in the future!”

Mother Tao was so touched that she started to tear. Everyone said that having a daughter was like wearing a warm little cardigan. Her worries and disappointment from before had been completely wiped away by Tan Rous words. She has reunited with such an obedient and caring daughter. What more could she ask for

Tao Zheng was also feeling guilty and sad at the side. His sister was really sensible. “Brother didnt know better. I was wrong to suspect you just now. Just you wait. I will earn money too. When the time comes, I will spend it all on you.”

Tan Rou smiled slyly. “Brother, how do you plan to earn money”

Tao Zheng stammered. He really did not have much abilities. Even Tan Rou started making money while he still had to rely on his family. Thinking of this, he realized that he simply did not have the right to lecture Tan Rou anymore.



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