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023 Stop with the act

Tan Rou took out her phone calmly, “What a touching scene. I must record it and send it to my friends in the past and show them that the daughter of the Tan family actually thinks that way. She sacrificed herself to return to the Tan family just to get money to support the family. Shouldnt someone give you a top ten filial child award for sacrificing yourself”

Tan Rou deliberately paused for a moment. “I just dont know if Auntie Chen will still think that youre filial if this video is sent to her.”

Tan Jing quickly covered her face, “Tan Rou, what are you doing ! Stop it! Youre deliberately trying to get me in trouble!”

Tan Rou smiled. “Tan Jing, dont be too greedy. I advise you to obediently return to the Tan family and be the heiress of the Tan family. Dont come looking for trouble again. Otherwise, I have plenty of ways to deal with you.”

Tan Jing glared at Tan Rou fiercely, “You finally admit that you deliberately harmed me”

Tan Rou shook her head. “I never once took the initiative to provoke you and you dont have to pretend to be my good friend anymore. Havent you harmed me enough behind my back I only have one thing to say. If you still have any tricks up your sleeve then just come at me, I have a clear conscience.”

Tan Jing did not dare to let Chen Yi find out that she had contacted the Tao family behind her back, she had to leave. “Mom, brother, you have to believe me. Tan Rou has evil intentions. I will never harm you guys!” With that said, she walked out reluctantly.

The moment she left, Tao Zheng took out the gift she had brought and threw it at the door. He said, “Dont be such a hypocrite.” With that, he slammed the door shut.

Tan Jing gritted her teeth and left in a sorry state with the gifts in her hand, leaving the Tao family behind. They were originally in a good mood, but after Tan Jings disturbance, there was an air of unsavoriness.

However, Tan Jings action did remind Tan Rou that she had been home for some time and had not given any gifts to her family.

It was time to make some preparations.

Now that she has left the Tan family, Tan Rou had to think of ways to earn money on her own so that her family could live a better life.

With this thought in mind, Tan Rou greeted Mother Tao and the rest before returning to her room.

She bought a whole plethora of herbs the last time when she was shopping for Mother Tao.After giving some to Mother Tao, there was still a lot left. She had to hurry up and make more spice pills.

When she thought about how she could display her skills and rely on her own abilities to help her family, Tan Rou smiled happily. This sense of steadiness and self-reliance made her all the more eager to give it a try.

On the other hand, Zhuang Liu had been paying attention to Tan Rous movements and was ready to protect her at any time.

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Zhuang Liu asked, “Have you found out about the fiasco in the police station”

His assistant, Xiao Mo, nodded. “Miss Tan Rou has already returned home safely. There werent any injuries on Zhou Wu, but I secretly contacted the people from the casino.”

Zhuang Liu tilted his head. “Oh What did they say”

Xiao Mo said, “The thugs present said that Miss Tan Rou really did give them a beating. They couldnt even retaliate. Zhou Wu was indeed beaten up badly.”

Then, he suddenly recalled something and smiled faintly. He continued, “They are now hiding from the police themselves. However, they also said that if they managed to escape, they would definitely not let Zhou Wu off.”

Zhuang Liu revealed a faint smile, “I know. She has always been so smart. She would not let herself be in danger.”

Xiao Mo watched from the side and could not help but sigh. Third Young Masters health has always been poor. He had been sick for many years and had suffered a lot. Because of this, he was always cold and aloof. However, Miss Tan Rou seemed to be an exception, every time he mentioned her, Third Young Masters mood always seem to improve. He had to pay more attention to her.

Immediately after, Xiao Mo recalled another matter, “I dont know how Zhou Wu managed to contact the Tan familys newly returned daughter, Tan Jing, while he was in the police station. Tan Jing transferred a sum of money to him, but there was no follow-up.”

Zhuang Liu thought for a while and said, “Shes a daughter who just got reunited. She must have some money now but she wont be able to stir up any big waves for the time being. As for Zhou Wu, you keep an eye on him personally. Dont let him escape so easily.”

Xiao Mo nodded. He understood this. The third Young Master cared so much about Miss Tan Rou. If Zhou Wu wanted to harm her, Third Young Master would definitely not let him off easily.

Zhuang Liu reminded, “Arent the people from the casino looking for him When necessary, give them some hope. Use them to take care of Zhou Wu first. Afterward, you can give them up to the police and clean up their lair.”

Zhuang Liu naturally wouldnt let Zhou Wu off easily. Even if he went to jail, he would be out within a couple of days. It would be better to let the people from the casino have their revenge on him. They would surely have many ways to deal with him.

As for the casino, they had no idea who they were dealing with. Since they troubled Tan Rou, he might as well be a concerned citizen and help the police out for once.

Xiao Mo held back his laughter. Third Young Master was still as scheming as ever. He nodded and left to carry out Zhuang Lius instructions.



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