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018 Injury report

Tan Jing did not expect the Tao family to treat her like this. She did not expect Tan Rou to wise up in just a few days and turn the tables on her.

Tan Jing thought to herself not only did the drugging incident not turn out well. Furthermore, she was sold out by that damn hooligan Zhou Zheng. It was a complete disgrace. She did not dare to go out these few days for fear of hearing the gossip outside.

Now, the Tao family has also found out what she did. Indeed, she had done it too hastily. She had no way to explain herself, so she could only divert their attention and wait for things to blow over.

Tan Jing squeezed her tears. “Xiao Rou, no matter what you say about me and how you accuse me, I will not argue with you. But you cant hurt yourself. I know that dad and mom dont like me anymore, but I still hope that they can be happy.”

Tan Jing couldnt wait to reiterate the fight that she got into, “Ive long heard that you always hung out with gangsters and caused trouble every few days, and this time you even landed yourself into the police station.”

After she said that, she quickly looked at the police officer, “Officer, who was beaten up Is it serious Xiao Rou wont end up in jail, right”

The police officer was confused. However, it was their familys matter, and he did not want to get involved.

He was still a little confused after hearing Tan Jings question. The police had not even arrived at a conclusion yet. The young lady, on the other hand, had already put the other young lady in the position of the perpetrator, “The results of the medical examination will be out soon. So far, nothing conclusive has been found. The person concerned is still fine inside.”

Tan Jing was a little disappointed. She thought that the matter would blow up, but since a medical examination was conducted, she could always find something to use against Tan Rou. “Xiao Rou, what should we do Youre still a student. If you end up with a criminal record, what can you do in the future”

Tan Rou sneered, “You dont have to worry about that. You, on the other hand, cant wait to become a judge and hand me a sentence. The policeman hasnt even said anything yet. Why are you in such a hurry”

Mother Tao held Tan Rous hand tightly and looked at Tan Jing. “If you dont know anything, then dont sprout nonsense here. Hurry up and go back home.”

After saying that, Mother Tao turned around to comfort Tan Rou, “Dont be afraid, daughter. I believe in you.”

Tan Rou nodded. She knew that no matter how much Tan Jing said, it was just an ugly person causing trouble. She would have to eat her own words in just a while. When she beat up those people, she used a little trick. She focused on hitting the flesh. With the delicate use of force, there wouldnt be any serious injuries like fractures, and the beat marks wouldnt show up so quickly either.

Sure enough, the police had just received the medical report from the hospital. They signaled everyone to enter the room and showed the medical report in front of Zhou Wu and the others.

When Tan Jing saw Zhou Wu, she understood. She had met him through Tan Rou before, but they never had much interaction. However, this persons lackey had contacted her two days ago, asking her for money.

Tan Jing had another plan in mind. In the past, this Zhou Wu and Tan Rou had been together, so he must have had a lot of dirt on Tan Rou. Now that things had turned out this way, he must hate her to death. So why not rope him over and use him to her advantage Even if it did not yield anything, she would be content as long as she could snatch something from Tan Rou.

Thus, Tan Jing wanted to reveal her identity without making it too obvious, “How are your injuries Xiao Rou, dont be afraid. Although you have left the Tan family, I will help you. I can ask mom to get the Tan family to hire the best lawyer for you. But, is this your friend I think I have met him before. Why did you beat him up”

Zhou Wu also saw Tan Jing. At that moment, he immediately understood what was going on. A few days ago, that brat Wang Tian had just found out about a big news and wanted to introduce him to someone. However, his focus was dead set on the casino, he had already gambled until his eyes turned red. If only he had known that the new heiress of the Tan family was this little girl, then in the future, wouldnt he have found another money bucket to leech on

The two of them looked at each other, each with their own ulterior motives and they hit off instantly.

The police officer shook his head. “The injury report is out. There are no obvious injuries, so its impossible to determine the severity of the injury.”

“What! Thats impossible!” Zhou Wu was still immersed in the fantasy of finding a new money bucket to leech on when he heard the news that made him break down.

He continued to shout, “I refuse to accept it! How could I not know if I was beaten or not! I felt like my bones were about to break. Did you guys tamper with the results to protect this b*tch I want to redo the examination!”



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