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017 Competing for favor

Everyone turned around and saw that it was Tan Jing who had found her way here.

“Dad, mom, brother, youre all here. Xiao Rou, whats going on Did you really hit someone” Tan Jing pretended to be particularly surprised as she walked over.

“How did you know” Tao Zheng asked in an unfriendly tone. Ever since Tan Jing found out that she was the biological daughter of the Tan family, she ignored the love that her family had for her for more than ten years and left without any hesitation. She broke the familys heart and never came back ever since.

“I missed you guys and wanted to go home. I didnt expect to hear that Rou Rou had fought and come to the police station. I was so scared that I rushed over to look for you guys... Rou Rou, how can you be so immature Mom and dad must have been so worried for you. Why are you still fighting and causing trouble like before”

Tan Rou sighed helplessly. This white lotus was really commendable. This kind of enthusiasm to smear her name was too zealous, and she could be insulting her while still putting up a pitiful persona every time.

“What a coincidence Its been so long since you last came back, right Which wind blew you back today Could it be that someone tipped you off”

Tan Rou didnt make a move, but it didnt mean that she didnt know what was going on. Two days ago, she had noticed that one of Tan Jings lackeys, Li Jia, always appeared near her home, but Tan Rou didnt expose her.

Sometimes, by presenting herself as prey, it would be easier to lure out the enemy. And as expected, someone took the bait.

Tan Jings thoughts were very easy to guess. She wanted to take advantage of Tan Rous mistake and further smear her in front of their parents, causing them to be completely disappointed in Tan Rou and further reminiscence the days with Tan Jing.

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Tan Rou shook her head. Tan Jing was celebrating her victory a little too early. She wanted to make use of her parents feelings. This was something she couldnt tolerate.Competing for affection Things wont go her way.

“Mom, I dont want to see her.” Tan Rou held Mother Taos hand and said aggrievedly.

Tan Jing did not expect that Tan Rou had become so close to her family. She was a little flustered and quickly said, “Rou Rou, do you really hate me that much But I miss mom too. I came here because I was worried about you guys.”

Mother Tao held Tan Rous hand tightly and turned to look at Tan Jing coldly, “I havent forgotten what you said the day you left home. Youve already returned to the Tan family, so you dont have to call me mom anymore.”

Tan Jing cried as soon as she said it. “Mom, dont you want me anymore Dad, are you angry with me too”

After all, she was the child they had taken care of for so many years. Even though Father Tao and Mother Tao were disappointed in her actions, they could not bear to see her cry like this.

Tan Rou didnt want to see her continue using her parents feelings. “Mom, didnt you keep asking me what kind of grievances I suffered at the Tan familys house that day That day, it was Tan Jing. She tried to get a hooligan to drug me and rape me. She even brought people to catch us in bed and ruin my reputation. That hooligan admitted it himself. Instead of standing up for me, Auntie Chen even retorted that I framed Tan Jing. I really dont want to see them again.”

“What” Mother Tao looked at Tan Jing in shock. Their daughter had always been a little manipulative and materialistic. However, she did not expect that she would become so vicious. She is still so young yet she came up with such a dirty trick to harm Rou Rou.

Father Taos face turned red with anger. “Tan Jing, Im completely disappointed in you. Youre already a member of the Tan family. Dont come looking for us again!”

After listening to her, Tao Zheng finally understood Tan Rous abnormal behavior over the past few days. The little girl might have really come to her senses after experiencing such a traumatic thing.

Her previous foster mother had sided with Tan Jing and hurt her heart. That was why she had made up her mind to return to this family.

Thinking about this, Tao Zheng gradually forgave his sister.

As for Tan Jing, Tao Zheng roughly knew of her thoughts. Ever since she had said those harsh words and returned to the Tan family without looking back, he never took her for his sister anymore.

Tan Jing did not expect the Tao family to trust Tan Rou so much. After listening to Tan Rous side of the story, they did not even bother to listen to her explanation and their attitude towards her had completely deteriorated. She was angry and anxious, and she cried even harder.

She did not know that everyone had seen the changes in Tan Rou over the past few days. They did not suspect that she would lie to the family at all. They were only filled with heartache. No wonder the child had changed so much.

Tao Zheng frowned impatiently, “Go back to your home and cry. Theres nothing wrong with our family. You dont have to worry.”



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