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Chapter 8: Chapter 8 : Mourning in another life

Ella was generally a very sad and troubled child. When she was a baby, she would cry all the time and only ceased when she was asleep. Her parents were convinced she was sick and took her to several herbalists and doctors but it was no use.

They had no idea that their little girl was mourning the deaths of her parents and the man she loved in her previous life. Even though just an infant, Ella still had all the memories of her past life, all Guineveres memories.

Ella Morrell was the only daughter of the lord of Greenhill, a small province in the country of Meria. She had four older brothers, two of which were knights in the royal guard, one a lord of the land of Guria and the other, William, who was the youngest of the brothers was living at home with his parents, training to be a knight.

Ella being the only girl and the youngest sibling, was adored by both her parents and her brothers, and was constantly showered with gifts and attention.

In addition to her being the only girl, Ella Morrell was very beautiful, she was the only girl in Greenhill who had ocean blue eyes and orangish-reddish hair. Many nobles would travel to see the unique beauty, bringing gifts and trying to get her betrothed to one of their sons.

But Lord John Morrell, Ellas father had very high expectations of his beautiful daughter, he wanted her to be the wife of the future king of Meria, prince Nathan Aldos, youngest son of king Bradley Aldos, King of Meria.

Unlike his older brothers who either had no interest in the throne, or were too playful to be deemed worthy rulers, Nathan was the ideal son. He was intelligent, focused and took keen interest in the affairs of their country.


John Morrell, was determined to make Ella Nathans wife, and he knew exactly how.

It had been sixteen years since Ellas birth and she had grown into a very beautiful and elegant young woman. Ella was very smart and excelled in all her classes, her etiquette was excellent and she was a quiet reserved girl who mostly kept to herself.

The Country of Meria was preparing for a big party that was coming up. The crowned prince, Nathan Aldos would be turning eighteen, and would officially become a man.

Royals and commoners alike were all very excited about the party. Commoners wanted the chance to view the beautiful festivities, and royals wanted the chance to show off their daughters to the prince, in hopes of him choosing one to be his bride.

Lord Morrell was not too worried about anything, he knew how beautiful his daughter was, the prince would not be able to resist her.

“Arent you excited honey.” Emma Morrell cooed as she brushed her daughters long ginger locks. “I hear the prince is a very handsome young man, rumor has it that just the sight of him is enough to make any womans heart flatter.”

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“Youre going to be so lucky being the wife of such a handsome man.” The woman continued. “Youll have beautiful princesses and princes in no time.”

“How are you so sure hell want me” Ella questioned her mother. “There are many eligible young women out there for him to chose from.”

Emma rose from her chair and cupped the girls face in her palms. “There are many young women true, but none like you.”

“My lady, the royal tailor has brought the dresses.” A maid spoke as she walked into Ellas chambers

“Wonderful, tell her to come up immediately, we wouldnt want to be tardy.”

The maid left the room and returned with an elderly looking lady with tired eyes and slicked back and grey hair. She carried with her a big bag filled with material, measuring tape and other tailoring tools.

“Welcome Mrs Fletcher.” Emma greeted the woman and introduced her to Ella. “I trust youll do a wonderful job.”

Emma turned to her daughter, inspected her and gave her a proud smile. “Youll be the star of the entire festival, Your father and I will be waiting for you downstairs.”


The royal ball was filled with royals from all over the country, different prestigious families graced the hall with their fancy attires and snobby chit chats.

The royal palace had been decorated from roof to floor with fine silk and expensive cutlery. A band played some upbeat music at the far end of the hall near the high table, and smaller tables reserved for particular families surrounded the open dance floor.

“The Morrells of Greenhill!” The herald announced.

Lord and lady Morrell entered the hall first hand in hand, followed by William Morrell and Ella Morrell walking side by side.

The family walked up to the high table and stood before the royal family. William and his father bowed, while Ella and her mother curtsied.

“Forgive me your grace.” Lord Morrell began to speak. “My three sons could not make it for the royal ball as they are attending to national duties.”

“No need to apologize old friend, Im just glad you could make it.”

King Bradley Aldos was a tall well built man in his fifties but he looked very young for his age, his wife was a plain timid woman who mostly sat quietly and only spoke when spoken to.

“Im sure youve already met my beautiful wife.” John continued.

“Your grace.” Emma spoke with a curtsy.

“This is my youngest son William Morrell, he is the same age as the prince and training to be a knight.”

“Your grace.” William spoke with a bow.

“And this..” lord Morrell pointed at the beautiful redhead who stood next to her mother, a blank look on her face. “Is my beautiful darling daughter, Ella Morrell.”

“Your grace.” Ella spoke with a curtsy.

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The boy who was sitting on the Kings right hand side looked up at Ella and for a moment their eyes met. Prince Nathan Aldos was a tall slender young man with honey brown eyes and long silver hair that was tied back in a ponytail, and just like his father, he was very handsome.

“Ah shes quite the beauty isnt she” King Bradley commented as he patted his son on the back.

“Indeed.” Nathan responded with a smirk.

[argh kill me now]

The Morrells made their way to their table and settled down as the rest of the royal families flocked into the ballroom. Ella was trying hard to ignore the eyes that were practically stabbing her in the back.

This was the reason why she was always indoors, her blue eyes and the unique color of her hair always drew unnecessary attention towards her.

Among the eyes staring at Ella, were Prince Nathans, he was looking at the beautiful girl intently. From the moment hed heard her voice, he felt a strange connection with her, almost like he was drawn to her.

Sitting on the Kings left, Juliet Aldos, the kings wife, glanced at the redhead and gasped inwardly. Shed felt this kind of aura before, this unworldly aura that surrounded Ella Morrell was the same aura that surrounded her son. She was immediately convinced that Ella was equally not human.

The ball was going on without a hitch, many girls were sitting near the crowned prince, smiling and giggling trying to get his attention, but the prince payed no mind to them. His focus was on the beautiful redhead.

Ella on the other hand was sitting chatting with William, not wanting to join in on all the ruckus.

“Lady Ella.”

Ella looked up and saw the silver haired boy standing over her. “May I have this dance”

For a brief moment the hall went quiet.

“Oh, Prince Nathan Im sorry-”

“Shed love to!” Ellas mother interrupted. She gave her daughter a glare warning her not to decline the offer.

Ella sighed and stood up from her seat, she curtsied and looked up at Prince Nathan. “It would be my pleasure your grace.”

Nathan took the girls hand and led her to the dance floor, he wrapped his arm around the girls waist and held her hand with the other. After Ella placed one arm on the princes shoulder they began swaying to music.

Oos and aahs filled the ballroom as Ella and the prince waltzed to the music. The two beautiful humans glided gracefully to the music, drawing the jealous eyes of the other girls and the admiring eyes of the boys.

“Look how the men stare at you.” Nathan whispered in Ellas ear. “Your beauty is truly enchanting.”

“Thank you your grace.” Ella responded flatly.

“Imagine how envious theyll be when I make you my woman.” The prince whispered with a smirk.

[over my dead body]

“Oh that wont do, I need you alive and well to be my wife.” Nathan spoke

Ellas heart jumped in her chest, had she spoke her thoughts out loud or had the prince just read her mind!

“You and I are connected lady Ella.” Nathan spoke. “We are destined to be together, cant you tell”

The music stopped and the prince relinquished the girl, he bowed and took Ellas hand, leading her back to her table.

“I hope to spend more time with you my lady.” The prince said before heading back to his own table.

“Ella Are you alright You look like youve seen a ghost.” William questioned his sister.

Ella took a sip of water and cleared her throat. “No Im fine, just a little parched.”

The blue eyed girl glanced at the prince and met his gaze, his eyes felt like they could see inside her soul.

[Who is this guy And why does he give me the creeps]



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