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May Death Do Us Part Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Chapter 6 : Letting your guard down

“Jillian, where are you off to so early in the morning”

The tall dark haired boy turned around and saw his brother walking towards him. All his brothers had married and left the family home long ago, off to start their lives with their wives.

“Christopher, to what do we owe this pleasant surprise”

Christopher Foreman was the fifth son of Greg and Susan foreman, he was twenty one years old and had been married to a beautiful foreign woman for two years now.

“I come baring good news for mother and father.” Christopher responded, he stroked the mane of the horse that Jillian had been saddling up when he arrived. “Magnificent creature, must have cost you a pretty penny.”

“I got it for Guinevere, I was actually going to see her.” Jillian responded. “I think I may have upset her a few days ago.”

“Ah the beautiful and mysterious blue eyed, red headed daughter of Mr Strongbow, shes the only one of her kind you know.” Christopher added on. “They say only a witch or a goddess can be born with red hair, Im hoping my in-law is the latter.”


Jillian chuckled and tied the horse to a post. “Shes definitely a goddess.”

“Im starting to believe shes a little sorceress who cast a spell of love on you little brother.” Christopher joked. “Tell me, when is your wedding”

Jillian nervously scratched the back of his head. “I havent proposed yet.”

“What! You bought her a bloody white horse and you havent proposed Well what are you waiting for.”

“For the perfect moment.” Jillian responded. “Guine, shes not like other girls, I have to be strategic about how I do it.”

Jillian was fully aware that unlike the other girls in their town, Guinevere had never shown romantic interest towards him, it was a miracle shed even accepted the courtship. He wanted to take a bit of time till she fully opened up to him and realize that she had feelings for him too, only then would he ask for her hand.

“I see, better be quick then.” Christopher spoke with a smirk. “I heard Lord Williams son has been eyeing her, and he can get her a whole stable of white horses.”

“I piss on his stable of white horses.” Jillian responded with a chuckle.

“So, what is this good news youve come with” The boy asked his older brother.

“Ah yes.” Christopher responded, he walked over to Jillian and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Tonight we feast little brother, Anastasia is with child! And I hear theyre twins.”

“What!” Jillian hugged his brother and patted him on the back.

Christopher and his wife Anastasia had had problems conceiving in their first year of marriage because Anna had not bled yet. Their parents had told Christopher to wait till she was able to bare him children before marrying her, but he had insisted on it, the man was in love after all. Jillian could understand him, because he too couldnt wait to call Guinevere his wife.

“Congratulations brother thats amazing news!”

“Indeed it is.” Christopher responded proudly, “well, let me go in and break the news to mother and father, you go and see your little sorceress.”

Jillian gave his brother a pat on his shoulder and got onto the horse. As he galloped towards Guineveres house, he pictured how happy he would be when she would be pregnant with their first child, it would be such a wonderful day.


Gezelle walked into the kitchen and tapped Guinevere on the shoulder, the girl had dozed off on the kitchen table after baking the whole night. “Honey, Jillian is here.”

Guinevere shot her head up in a panic. “Hes here As in right now!”

“Yes honey hes waiting for you outside.”

Guinevere had practically been living in the kitchen the past few days, studying her mothers recipes and perfecting them. She had baked and cooked so much food that her father could no longer buckle up his belt.

“Umm okay i- let me just.” The girl run to the oven and pulled out a small cake, she wrapped it up and place it in a small basket alongside some honey, biscuits, and a small pot of tea”

Gezelle walked to her daughter and grabbed her by the arms. “You go and clean up, Ill finish up here.”

Guinevere nodded and run upstairs to get cleaned up and change her food stained clothes.

Meanwhile outside, Richard walked up to Jillian and smiled tauntingly at him. “Jillian, fancy seeing you here after such a long time.”

“Good morning Mr Strongbow, Im here for Guinevere.”

“Ah yes, youre here for my daughter after youre satisfied with frolicking around with the other girls in town”

“Other girls” Jillian was surprised, what was this man talking about

“I hear girls have been baking you cakes and that sort of thing.” Richard added on. “Is that why you havent proposed to Guinevere yet, because of your little cake bakers”

Ah now Jillian understood, so thats what this was all about. This is why Guinevere had stormed off and hadnt made an effort to see him the past few days. Was she jealous Jillian couldnt help but smile. If Guine was jealous, it meant she had feelings for him after all.

“Is there something funny boy”

“Oh no of course not Sir.” Jillian responded nervously. “I assure you Mr Strongbow, there is no woman for me other than Guinevere, I-”

Jillian blushed intensely, he had never uttered these words before, well at least not out loud.

“I love her.”

Richard smiled at the boy standing in front of him, he could see himself in the boys eyes, back when hed first met Gezelle and was hopelessly in love.

“Make her happy son, shes grown quite fond of you.”

Moments later Guinevere walked out of the house with a little basket in hand. The two males looked at her in awe. Rather than her usual clothing, the girl was wearing a soft pink dress with an intricate design, she had tied her hair up exposing her cute peach shaped face and deep blue eyes.

“Father I hope you werent threatening Jillian again!”

Richard laughed nervously and patted the boy on the back. “Of course not honey, I was just having a little heart to heart with my son in law.”

Guinevere walked over to Jillian and smiled nervously at him. “Hello Jillian.”

The boy was at loss for words, Guinevere looked so beautiful it was almost enchanting.

[arent you going to say something! It took me thirty minutes to tie my hair up and this dress was expensive!]

“Guinevere.” The boy stammered. “You look... wow.”

[good enough]

“Its just a dress, dont make such a fuss.” The girl grabbed his hand and began leading him towards the horse.

“Wait.” Jillian halted and turned to Mr Strongbow. “My family is having a a feast tonight, Christophers wife is pregnant. Please do join us.”

“Well be there.” Richard responded, the man waved to the young couple as they galloped away. Oh now Richard couldnt wait till they gave him grandchildren of his own.


The two sat down on some soft grass in a meadow not too far from the stables, it was a cool sunny day, perfect for a picnic.

Jillian reached for the little basket and peeked inside. “So what do we have in here”

Guinevere lightly slapped the boys hand away. “Calm down, the food isnt going to run away.”

The girl took out two small plates and two little cups and arranged them on the grass. She then took out the small cake she had baked and placed a sliced on each plate.

“You really went all out didnt you.” Jillian commented.

Didnt Guinevere hate picnics Why the sudden change of heart

“The tea is a little cold but I hope you like it.” The girl poured some tea in each cup and placed a spoonful of honey in each.

Jillian stirred the tea, broke a piece of cake, put it in his mouth and sipped his tea. Almost instantly his eyes went round.

[Well! What is it!]

“Guinevere did you make this”

The girl pouted and placed the rest of the cake back in the basket. “You hate it dont you I knew it.”

Jillian reached for her hand and chucked. “Guine its delicious, best cake Ive ever had.”

“Dont lie to me!”

“Its the truth.” Jillian replied. “I was just surprised because I didnt know you could bake.”

“Well I didnt know how to, I learnt how to bake so that little tram-, err so you wouldnt have to accept cakes from girls like Helen.”

Jillian grinned at the girl, oh she was absolutely adorable. “And the dress”

“Dont you like poised girls in pretty dresses”

Jillian stood up and sat down behind the girl, placing her between his legs. He then removed the ribbon in her hair and let it fall down her shoulders and back. “I like YOU, not poised girls in dresses.” Jillian whispered.

[you sly bastard]

“Guinevere, I like you for who you are. I love that you can wield a sword and a bow and arrow, and I absolutely love how you dress.” The boy explained. “I would never want you to change.”

The boy pulled Guinevere closer to his chest and reached for the plate in front of her. “Lets finish up this delicious cake shall we”


When evening rolled around, the couple walked over to Jillians house. There were already so many people drinking and dancing at the feast.

Guinevere even spotted her parents chatting and eating with the Foremans.

“Lets find somewhere to sit.” Jillian whispered to the girl.



The two turned around and saw Helen walking up to them excitedly. “Good evening Jillian.”

Helen glanced at Guinevere and then turned her attention back to Jillian, completely ignoring the girl.

[this little tramp!]

“How did you like the cake I made you Jillian Mother says Im the best baker in town.”

“I beg to differ.” Jillian responded. He shoved his hand in his pocket and took out a small piece of Guineveres cake wrapped in some paper. “My lady Guinevere made it, its quite delicious, maybe you can ask her for the recipe.”

Jillian then held Guineveres hand and led her to a table besides their parents, leaving Helen angrily and dumbfounded.

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[His lady]

Guinevere blushed lightly, it seemed that everything in her life was finally falling into place. Maybe all she needed to do was to let her guard down.


The feast had been going on for a few hours and many of the men were already drunk on ale. The women were either sitting in groups sharing gossip or tending to their drunk husbands.

“Would you like to dance”

Guinevere looked up at Jillian and flattered her lashes. “I dont think I know how to.” She replied shyly.

“Dont worry, neither do I.”

The girl chuckled as Jillian led her to the dance floor. He placed his hands on her waist and she placed hers over his shoulders and they both began swaying to the music.

In that moment, Guinevere was absolutely blissful, its like all her problems melted away. In that moment, it was just her and Jillian, and in his arms, she was truly happy.

“I love you!”

Guineveres eyes went round, had she heard him right. “What!”

“I love you Guinevere Strongbow, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you!” The boy shouted over the music.

Guinevere blinked wildly when she saw Jillian close his eyes and lean in for a kiss. Jillian was the first man shed ever allowed herself to love, and he made her truly happy.

The girl equally closed her eyes and leaned towards Jillian. But just before their lips touched, a man came barging into the feast hall.

“Bandits!” The man yelled. “Theyre attacking the town, we need to-”

Before the man could finish his sentence, a sharp blade tore through the flesh of his neck, slicing his head clean off.

Panic broke out in the hall, people started scampering in all directions, screaming for their lives.

About six armed men ran into the hall and started looting the place, killing everyone who stood in their way.

“Guinevere come on!”

Jillian grabbed the girls hand and dragged her to the exit at the back of the hall.

“Jillian wait! My parents are still in there!”

“Ill come back for them, right now I need to make sure youre safe!” The boy responded as they ran towards the stables.

[No please not now, I was just starting to be happy]



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