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27 Chapter 27 : Attached to the wrong person

When Ella and the prince arrived in Meria, Ellas parents were already home waiting for them. When Nathan helped Ella out of the carriage and the girl saw her mother standing by her fathers side at the doorway, she felt relieved.

Ella ran to her mother and gave her a tight hug, “mother! Oh Im so glad youre feeling better.”

Emma Morrell held her daughter tightly in her arms and stroked her long red hair, “oh darling Im fine.”

The woman trailed her hands down to her daughters arms and held them firmly, searching her beautiful face for any signs of lingering weakness, “how are you doing darling Are you feeling better”

“Im alright mother.” Ella responded.

There went Ellas plans of being distant and uncaring, after she had fully recovered from her ordeal with the prince of Gavaria, William and his fiancée Klarysa had come to see her and William had mentioned that their mother had fainted when Ella had lost consciousness at the knighting ceremony. Ella had been worried sick, when she had wanted to see her mother, she was told that her father had already left Gavaria for Meria so that his wife would recover from home.

Nathan walked over to lord and lady Morrell and politely bowed to them, “greetings my lord and lady,” he spoke with a sweet smile, “Im glad to see that lady Morrell is fully recovered.”

Ellas mother pulled Nathan in for a hug, much to everyones surprise, even Nathan himself. In his life he had not experienced a lot of physical affection, even when he was a child, his own mother would shun him away, as if she was afraid of him or something. It was only his father and his nannies who would occasionally carry him around. But after he got older, naturally he could not be touchy with his father or nannies except for the occasional handshakes and back pats. Ella was the first woman hed ever embraced wholeheartedly in this life, and now, Ellas mother was hugging him. It felt nice.

“Thank you for taking care of my daughter Nathaniel, Im truly grateful.” Lady Morrells voice was calm and sweet, it almost made Nathan cry, her affection reminded him of the much needed affection hed not received from his own mother.


Nathan awkwardly hugged the woman back, “it was my pleasure lady Morrell.”

Wow, so this is what a mothers love felt like, it was extraordinary, just a simple hug like that brightened Nathans entire day.

Emma released the prince and smiled broadly at him. “You two must be exhausted, why dont you come in for some food and rest.”

“Thank you so much for the offer, but unfortunately Ill have to pass.”

“And why is that” Lord Morrell who had been standing quietly finally spoke, “You were by our daughters side during a troubling time your grace, allow us to show you a little gratitude.”

“I really appreciate that my lord,” Nathan responded, “but my father will be waiting for me to give my report on the journey to Gavaria. I do however promise to visit tomorrow.”

Nathans smiled and winked at Ella, causing the girl to blush intensely. The little gesture had not escaped lady Morrells eye, was her daughter officially involved with the prince Oh how exciting!

“Im sure the king can-”

“Darling its alright,” Emma interrupted her husband, “the prince said hell visit us tomorrow, now come on lets give the children some privacy so they can say their goodbyes.”

After much protesting, Lady Morrell managed to drag her husband into the castle, leaving Nathan and Ella alone.

Nathan inched closer to the girl and took her hands in his. “Ill see you tomorrow beautiful Ella.”

“Alright,” Ella responded, her heart pounding as the memories of their hot kiss on the carriage flooded her mind.

Nathan smiled at Ella before letting her hands go and began walking towards the carriage.

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“Nathan wait!”

The prince halted in his tracks and turned to Ella, the girl took a deep breath and walked towards him. She wasnt going to make the same mistakes she had made with Jillian, withholding affection until it was too late.

The girl got on her toes so she could reach Nathans face and kissed the tall silver haired prince on the cheek. “Thank you Nathan for everything.”

Nathan had frozen in place before Ellas voice brought him out of his reverie. He did not expect this, Ella had taken the initiative and kissed him Even if it was just on the cheek it was more than what Nathan could ever expect from the reserved blue eyed woman. Sure she had latched onto him back in Gavaria, but she was emotional back then, right now, she was completely sober minded, meaning she had done it intentionally.

Nathan wrapped his arms around Ellas waist and pulled her close to him. That little gesture had sent signals throughout Nathans body, urging him to take her right here and now. Luckily Nathan was strong willed so he refrained from pouncing on her, instead, he captured her lips in his and kissed her tenderly.

When he relinquished the girl, he hugged her one more time, “youre more than welcome Ella.”

Ella watched prince Nathan hop onto the carriage and giving her a wave before riding off to the royal palace. She blushed lightly when she thought of how sweet and caring Nathan was to her, she finally made up her mind to stop resisting and just give into him. It was as clear as crystal that Nathan loved her with all his heart, so she would do her best to do the same.


The queen of Gavaria paced her sons room nervously, this could not be happening. Finally her wishes had come true and her son had finally found a woman he loved, but it turns out that this woman was the wife of another man, and not just any man, this woman was the wife of the crowned prince of Meria.

The two kingdoms had just forged a an alliance with each other a few years ago, and in this time, Adam had never visited the foreign land. So how on earth had he come across this woman

“How do you know her” The queen questioned her son, her feet practically wearing out the floor beneath her with her moving up and down.

“I met her a long time ago.” Adam responded.

“When Youve never traveled to Meria!”

“I didnt meet her in Meria, I met her somewhere else.” Adam made sure to keep his answers as vaguely as possible, he was sure that his mother already thought he was insane for being in love with another mans wife. If he told her that he met her in a past life, she was sure to have him locked up lunatic asylum.

“Where exactly” The queen probed further, “and when”

“During one of our conquests.. mother does it really matter”

“Does it matter” Adams mother stopped in her tracks and looked at her son, worry and confusion whirling around in her eyes, “Adam this is prince Nathaniel Aldos wife! The future queen of Meria!”

Adam rose from his seat and walked towards the open window, “and so”

“And so, your father worked really heard to forge an alliance with the kingdom of Meria Adam! And youre threatening to destroy all of that with petty matters of the heart.” There was desperation in the queens voice, Adam could have chosen any woman, anyone else, even the woman of another man, but why did he have to fall for the wife of the heir to the Merian throne If Adam continued pursuing the princes wife, he would shutter the alliance of the two kingdoms and possibly cause a war. She would not allow that.

“Matters of my heart are not petty mother,” Adam responded curtly, “I know for a fact that what I feel for lady Ella is real, and I will pursue her whether you support me or not! I love Ella and she belongs to me! Not to Nathan and not to anyone else!”

The queen was absolutely dumbfounded, what had gotten over her son Had that red haired girl cast some sort of spell on him Of course, there was no other explanation as to why Adam would suddenly be behaving so irrationally, she had to be a witch. The red hair and those blue eyes were evident enough that she practiced sorcery.

Adam and his mother stared each other down not saying a word, then suddenly there was a knock at Adams door.

“Your grace!”

It was one of their maids. “Lady Boleyn is here to see the prince, shall I let her in!”



Adam looked sternly at his mother, “I do not want her here mother.”

“Julia is a good girl Adam dont be ridiculous,” the queen responded, her voice in a hushed tone but still firm nonetheless. “Shes actually here, she loves you and she isnt married to the crowned prince of our allied kingdom!”

“You cant force me to love her, thats not how it works!” Adam could feel his own blood equally boiling.

“I am opening that door and you are going to spend time with Julia, this is not up for discussion!”

The queen walked to the door and grabbed the door handle. “And this ridiculous talk of you being in love with prince Nathans wife should never leave your lips ever again!”

The queen swung the door open and smiled at Julia, “hello darling,” she led Julia in and gave Adam a cold stare. “Adam has been wanting to spend time with you.”

“He has” Julias lips curved into a smile, she thought Adam didnt like spending time with her.

“You two have fun, and Adam, do make Julia happy.”



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