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Chapter 21: Chapter 21 : Dont hide that beautiful face

Ella flattered her lashes as she watched the soft rays of the morning sun creep into the room, illuminating it and giving it a warm and comfortable feel. The girl had slept very little because the events of the night before were on repeat in her mind, she was still wondering about what had just transpired.

Still deep in her thoughts, the redhead felt Nathans grip on her waist tighten, his breathing calm and his face buried in her back. Her face flashed red when the memory of their kiss invaded her mind, it was like nothing shed expected, just the very thought of Nathans lips on hers was enough to make her body heat up.

Ellas grip on the bed spread tightened as the whole thing played out in her mind. After they had kissed passionately on the table for a full ten minutes, Nathan had asked her to go to bed, claiming it was late and they needed to rest. The girls heart was beating wildly when the prince had helped her off the table and led her towards the bed, he had gently helped her unbuttoned the blouse of her dress and slipped her garments off her body, leaving her in her sheer white chemise.

Ella was barely breathing as Nathans rough yet gentle hands brushed against her skin, she knew what was about to happen and she was trying hard to mentally prepare for it. After helping her undress, Nathan had unbuttoned his shirt and laid it on a chair with Ellas clothes. The girl had shamelessly ogled at the mans strong arms and artistically curved bare chest, how could she have not, he was built like a god, shed have to be insane not to enjoy that view.

After the prince was half naked, hed held Ellas hand and led her towards the bed. She was so close to fainting when Nathan gently lay her down and positioned himself over her, his breathtaking eyes gazing into hers.

With one hand slipped underneath Ellas back, and the other supporting his weight so he was hovering above her, his hot breath heating her neck, Nathan claimed Ellas lips hungrily.

The sensation was too much for Ella to keep her head on straight, she was completely overwhelmed by the heat that was surging through every fiber of her being as Nathans tongue entangled with hers. She wrapped her arms around the mans bare back and completely lost herself in the kiss, all the senses she had left tossed outside the window into the cold.


Nathan was rough yet gentle, his grip was firm yet soothing, Ella could have sworn she had felt like her body had floated off the mattress at some point. The only thing that had somewhat brought her back to her senses was the firm object in Nathans trousers that was pressing hard against her thigh. Was that... oh good lord.

Ellas heart skipped several beats when Nathan pulled away from the kiss and let out a low muffled groan, the firm object flinching in response. She knew it was time, she knew that finally the two of them would finally churn the butter.

The girl braced herself as Nathan slipped off her body, most probably to undress himself completely, but to her surprise, hed wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled his face into her back.

“Good night Ella.” He had spoken and slept.

Ella had been falling in and out of sleep the entire night, partly due to the heat surging through her body that had taken forever to subside, and partly due to her utter confusion. Why hadnt Nathan lain with her Had she not responded properly Was he tired Ella didnt understand why but the suspense was killing her.

Even now as she watched the sun rays brighten the room, she was still battling with her thoughts, wondering why the night had turned out the way it did.

Laying next to her, his arms around Ellas waist and his face buried in her back, lay prince Nathan, he had not slept a wink the previous night.

When he and Ella were kissing, Nathan had gotten so lost in her embrace that hed lost total control of his urges. When he felt his manhood stiffen, he knew he had to stop himself before he pounced on Ella like a wild animal. Thats why hed broken the kiss and slept, well, tried to sleep at least. His body could not let him rest with all the adrenaline coursing through his veins.

The princes heart jumped when he felt Ella turn to look at him, the instant their eyes met both their faces turned red.

“Good morning Ella.”

“Morning..” Ellas voice was low, she had not expected Nathan to be awake. “Youre awake, did you sleep well”

Nathans lips curved up into a smile, “I didnt sleep a wink,” Nathan responded.

“Why not Did I make you uncomfortable”

Ella was about to sit up but Nathan grabbed her and pulled her into his embrace.

“Of course not Ella.” His morning voice was soothing. “I just had a hard time controlling myself.”

Ellas cheeks were burning, her face was leaning against Nathans bare chest and her arm holding his bicep. “Controlling yourself”

Nathan loosened his grip on Ella and looked down at her beautiful face, “I didnt want to scare you, if I hadnt gotten a grip, I would have ripped your garments apart and feasted on you like a starved animal.”

Ellas blue eyes almost popped out of her socket, why did the princes words have such an effect on her Suddenly a thought crossed Ellas mind, why did he have to control himself

“W- why didnt you” Ella asked, her voice was jittery and low.

“Because I promised you that I wouldnt touch you unless you asked me to,” Nathan responded. “Im a man of my word.”

Nathan studied the girl who was looking at him wide eyed, when his honey brown eyes met hers, she averted her gaze and bit down on her lower lip. That expression she made fanned the ambers of the flames of desire that hed tried so hard to put out.

“Do you want me to” Nathan asked, his voice horse and low, making Ella instinctively twitch her legs. “Do you want me to touch to you”

Prince Nathans face inched closer, his gaze never leaving hers and his arms pulling her body close

Just as Ella parted her lips to answer, a series of knocks echoed throughout the room.

“Your grace!” The voice called out. “The ceremony will be starting soon!”

Ella heard Nathan curse under his breath before answering. “Alright Ill be right there!”

The silver haired prince turned back to Ella and smiled slyly, his eyes looking at her beautiful lips. The prince locked her lips with his and devoured them passionately, with an intensity Ella had never experienced before, instantly turning her legs to jelly.

Nathan relinquished her and stroked her hair lovingly, “we should prepare.”

Completely breathless, Ella watched the man hop off the bed and head towards the bathroom, his bare back facing her. Prince Nathaniel Aldos was a dangerous man indeed.


The knighting ceremony was to be held in the grand palace hall, a massive and beautifully decorated place that had been set up with chairs and tables for the guests and knights alike.

At the front of the hall was a long Teakwood table with four chairs, the two middle ones for the two crowned princes of Gavaria and Meria and two smaller ones on the sides for their lovely ladies.

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On the far left of the table, Nathan was standing over Ella, tying her hair in a low ponytail.

“A noble lady should never leave her hair down so carelessly Ella,” Nathan spoke. “It always needs to be tied up nice and neat.”

He cupped her face in his hands and gave her forehead a kiss. “Dont hide that beautiful face behind these locks.”

Behind them, An agitated prince Adam Burchard was walking hand in hand with lady Julia Boleyn, heading to take their seats at the high table.

“You look so handsome your grace.” Julia spoke, practically cuddling up against the prince.

“Thank you Julia, but please refrain from letting your feelings spew out today, were in public.” Adam responded.

Prince Adam and Julia took their seats facing their esteemed guests.

“Well could you refrain from being mean to me just for today,” Julia responded curtly. “Were in public after all.”

Adam took a quick glance at the woman on his left and sighed in displeasure, why had his mother put him up to this Was it because shed heard that the prince of Meria would be coming with his lady Did she want to make it seem like Adam also had a woman by his side This was ridiculous.

Princess Adam snapped back to reality when he noticed someone sit next to him, it was the prince of Meria, prince Nathaniel Aldos. The silver haired prince was very tall and toned, he must have been as tall as Adam, quite the physic indeed.

“Welcome to our kingdom prince Nathan.” Adam whispered.

“Pleasures all mine prince Adam.”

A frail well dressed man stood a few feet away from the table and gestured the two princes and their ladies to stand before introducing them to the crowd.

“We would like to take this opportunity to welcome these royals for gracing the annual knighting ceremony today!” The man announced. “First off, we welcome the crowned prince of Gavaria, Prince Adam Burchard, and his lady, lady Julia Boleyn!”

The crowd gave an applause as the two waved to them.

“Secondly, wed like to welcome the crowned prince of Meria, Prince Nathaniel Aldos, and his lovey lady, lady Ella Morrell!”

Ella and Nathan waved to the applauding crowd.

“And now I declare the commencement of the knighting ceremony!” The man added on. “When your name is called, please step towards the two princes who will give you your esteemed titles!”

Adam glanced towards prince Nathan, he had not noticed that there was someone sitting next to him until the announcement. The silver haired prince was so tall and built that his form completely covered the mystery woman sitting next to him.

“Why dont you knight the first ten men and Ill do the the rest,” prince Nathan suggested. “My lady is a little uneasy, gets a little nervous at big events, Ill need to be by her side a little bit longer till she calms down.”

“Of course,” Adam responded, still trying to peek at this mysterious nervous woman. For some reason, his curiosity was at its peak.

Who was she



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