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May Death Do Us Part Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Chapter 19 : You dont love him, do you

“Shall I help you with your dress my lady”

“No its alright, Ive got it.”

Ella buttoned up her dress and sat down in front of the large mirror.

“Allow me to brush your hair mlady.”

Ellas hand maiden took a small brush and ran it through the womans long beautiful red locks, it was the maidens favorite part of helping her lady dress up. Shed always gaze upon her hair in awe as the brittles of the brush grazed through it so smoothly.

“Its so beautiful my lady..” the lady spoke. “Your hair.”

“Thank you.” Ella responded.


She looked up at the mirror and could only be shocked at how much shed changed over the years.

Her once plump peachy face had been replaced with a sweet almond shaped one, her deep blue eyes had softened, her lips fuller just like her breasts and hips.

Ellas figure had fully set in, with her tiny waist, arched back and supple bum, there was no denying that she had developed into one hell of a beautiful woman.

“Almost done mlady..”

Knock knock!

“Ill be down in a few minutes!” Ella called out.

Since when did she need someone to come up to her room and fetch her for breakfast

Knock knock!

Before Ella could answer, a tall handsome man walked into the room, fully dressed in amor and carrying a helmet used his arm.

“You want to keep your big brother waiting outside the door”


Ella stood and ran towards her brother, embracing him in a tight hug.

“Oh I missed you so much.”

After the alliance with the kingdom of Gavaria was formed, some knights of Meria were chosen to go and train in the foreign land given how good Gavaria battle strategy and skill was. William had been chosen as well to go, that was five years ago.

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Over the years, William would visit as often as he could, but still, Ella missed waking up to his mischievous smiling face everyday at breakfast.

William was twenty four years now and had grown into a real heartthrob. He was engaged to a beautiful lady from Gavaria and had practically settled there with his beloved.

“Look how youve grown.” William spoke as he pat his sister on the head. “Youre even more beautiful than ever, Prince Nathan must be very pleased.”

Ella rolled her eyes at her brothers comment. She and the prince had gotten very close over the years, theyd train together, dine together and were always seen together at royal feasts and balls.

Ella was well aware of Nathans feeling for her, but for some reason she struggled to reciprocate them. She cared about Nathan deeply she really did, but love for him had all but failed to blossom in her heart.

Despite this, Nathan still remained very optimistic about their relationship, he would still buy her jewelry and flowers and even steal little cheek and forehead kisses from her. In fact, he behaved a lot like a boyfriend even though hed never proposed to her, so everyone assumed they were together.

“How is he” William asked. “I thought Id return and find that youve moved in with him at the royal palace.”

“Calm down William.” Ella spoke as she led her brother down the stairs to the dining hall. “You know father would never allow me to live with a man Im not married to, prince or not.”

“Well then why dont you marry him”

Ella halted in her tracks and clenched her jaw. Marry Nathan Clearly her brother didnt realize how much of a big deal that was so she didnt blame him.

Marrying Nathan would mean shed have to be with him till death do them part, but in their situation, death would never do them part. Shed have to spend practically the rest of eternity with him.

“I umm... Im still thinking about it.” Ella responded as she resumed her steps.

William walked up to his sister and peeked at her face. “Ella”

William wasnt dumb, she knew his little sister like the back of his hand.

“You dont love him do you”

Ella halted once again, “William..”

He grabbed her shoulders and turned her to face him. “Ella Im your brother, you can tell me.”

Ella pursed her lips, the truth is she didnt love Nathan, but he was good to her. He was sweet, caring and treated her with respect and to top it all off, he was the only man she could actually be with forever.

William noticed her delay. “Why are you with him”

“Its complicated..”

“Is it because hes the prince” William questioned the blue eyed woman. “Ella, is he forcing you to be with him!”

Sensing the rising anger in Williams voice, Ella shook her head frantically, “no hes not forcing me to do anything, hes actually really good and respectful to me.”

“Then what is it”

Ella pulled away from Williams grasp and looked away. “I told you its complicated.”

William looked at the girl who was hugging herself and furrowed his brows. “Did that bastard get you pregnant”

Ellas eyes went round with shock, never had she thought her brother would come to such an outrageous conclusion, but then again, it got Ella thinking, was she even capable of getting pregnant And if she was, would her child also carry the same rebirth curse as her, how would any of it even work. The thought was very disturbing, shed never stopped to actually analyze it from such a perspective.

William walked closer to his sister and tilted her chin upwards. “Ella Morrell...”

“Im not pregnant William please will you let this go!”

“No Ella! Youre my little sister! If you cant open up to me and allow me to help, how can I stand and call myself a knight!”

“Im with Nathan cause he cant die and leaven me like Jillian did!” Ella yelled, her eyes getting misty.

William looked at his sister and batted his lashes in confusion, “Nathan cant die”

Ella walked passed William and ran down the stairs to the dining room, she had already said too much, how could she have let William bait her like that


It was awfully quiet at the table, even though it had been a long time since William had dined with them, no one seemed to be in a chatty mood.

“How is the training going son” Lord Morrell spoke.

“Its going well father, in fact I will be officially knighted in the next two weeks.” William responded. “I actually came here to personally invite you, my family, to Gavaria for the ceremony.”

“Congratulations darling, were so proud of you.” Lady Morrell responded.

“Ive already sent word to Alexander, Jonathan and Bahram, they said theyd be joining us for the ceremony as well.”

Jonathan, Alexander and Bahram were Williams older brothers. Jonathan and Alexander were twins, twenty eight years of age and both highly respected noble knights of the royal gaurd. Bahram was thirty and the oldest of them all, he was the reigning lord of the land of Guria in the western region of Meria.

“It will be so lovely to see my boys again.” Lady Morrell cooed as she placed a hand on her husband.

“Yes, its been quiet a long time.”

Just then, the butler walked towards the table and bowed. “My lord, the prince is here to see lady Ella.”

“Ah Nathan!” Lord Morrell exclaimed. “Send him in.”

The butler bowed, left and walked back into the hall with the prince in tow.

Prince Nathaniel Aldos had grown into a very fine specimen indeed.

Being twenty four years of age, he had developed a tall, firm and well toned figure. He had cut his silver hair short which gave his face a masculine look and defined his beautiful jawline even more. Sometimes Ella actually questioned herself why she failed to fall in love with such beautiful man.

“Lord Morrell, lady Morrell, good morning.” The prince spoke with a polite bow.

He got up and turned his gaze to William and immediately smiled broadly. “William is that you!”

The two men hugged and pat each other on the back.

“Look at you, you look fantastic!”

William jokingly punched Nathan on the shoulder and chuckled. “Look whose talking, have you taken up modeling”

After the two men exchanged pleasantries, prince Nathans eyes fell on the beautiful Ella who was sitting quietly at the table. He walked up to her and politely took her hand and kissed it.

“Good morning gorgeous.” Nathan spoke, his voice calm and sweet.

“Good morning Nathan.”

“You look beautiful as always.” He spoke as he took a seat next to her.

The prince turned to Ellas parents and spoke, “My lord, my lady.. I will be going to grace the royal knighting ceremony in Gavaria on my fathers behalf, and I wish to ask lady Ella to accompany me if youll allow it.”

“What a coincidence,” lady Morrell responded, “William was just telling us about the ceremony and has invited us to go to Gavaria as well.”

“Excellent!” Nathan exclaimed, still holding on to Ellas hand. “I look forward to traveling with my future father and mother in law.”


Nathan turned and kissed Ella on the cheek and she smiled warmly at him.

William looked at the two and furrowed his brows as he remembered what Ella had said to him earlier.

Im with Nathan cause he cant die and leaven me like Jillian did!

What did she mean by that Did she mean that the prince was immortal



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