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Chapter 91 Part 2: Returning

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Feb 3/6

Everyone said that businessmen valued logic and took separation lightly.

In fact, where could government officials who flaunted themselves as noble and virtuous really go The way in officialdom, such as when someone was no longer in a position of power, others ceased to care about him, was sometimes more sinister and ugly compared to business.

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Human hearts are like this, desire is also like this. 

Ye Ming Xuan looked at her profoundly: “Ah Li actually understands very well.” 

Ye Ming Xuan truly didn’t expect Jiang Li to be transparent to this degree.

The other thing that made her even more unexpected was Jiang Li’s magnanimity.

Jiang Li didn’t conceal anything, which in turn made people more puzzled as to what she actually wanted to do in the end. 

He momentarily had nothing to say.

Right at this time, Ye Shijie suddenly spoke up.

He looked at Jiang Li and asked word by word: “You really want to go to Xiangyang to visit grandmother.” 

“Absolutely.” Jiang Li was somewhat exasperated.

It was originally a very natural thing, yet due to the estrangement between the Ye family and the Jiang family, this kind of request became completely weird and made people suspicious. 

Ye Shijie stared at Jiang Li, a serious expression was shown on the young man’s face, his gaze carried a sense of examination.

After staring at her for a while, he turned his head to face Ye Ming Xuan and said: “Since she wants to go, uncle, just bring her back.” 

Ye Ming Xuan looked at him in astonishment.

But Ye Shijie merely fixed his gaze at Jiang Li, then spoke meaningfully: “It’s rare for younger cousin to have this intention, it’s nothing more than having another pair of chopsticks.

Just let her go back to see grandmother and do her filial piety.”  

Jiang Li smiled slightly at Ye Shijie: “Many thanks, older cousin.”

Ye Shijie still harbored suspicions towards her, but Ye Shijie also finally began to accept her. 

After a long silence, Ye Ming Xuan raised his head and said to Jiang Li: “Then I’ll first discuss this with your father.”

“Okay.” said Jiang Li. 


“You want to take a trip to Xiangyang” Inside Wang Feng Hall, Jiang Yuan Bai, who had just returned from court and had not yet taken off his official hat, frowned at Jiang Li. 

Jiang Li nodded: “Heard from uncle Ming Xuan that maternal grandmother’s health is not very good.

I also haven’t seen maternal grandmother for many years, really longing to meet her.” Jiang Li said: “Besides, I have never gone to Xiangyang, after thinking about it, should go to have a look.” 

Jiang Yuan Bai looked at Ye Ming Xuan who smiled gently and elegantly.

Jiang Yuan Bai did not dislike Ye Ming Xuan.

Although the Ye family was a merchant family, the Ye family’s second master, Ye Ming Xuan, was the only one who least resembled a merchant.

Considered as having read extensively and did not have too much of a merchant’s copper smell1.

Consequently, towards Ye Ming Xuan, Jiang Yuan Bai was willing to say a few more words.

But although willing to come into contacts, there had been so many years without any dealings.

To suddenly have relations was still a bit awkward. 

“Since Ah Li has the intention, might as well bring her to go back to see the place where Zhen Zhen used to live.” Ye Ming Xuan smiled: “Master Jiang doesn’t need to worry, we will take good care of Ah Li.”

“How could that work” Ji Shuran, who was following by Jiang Yuan Bai’s side, opened her mouth, “the whole trip will be travel-worn.

Moreover, Li-er has never been to Xiangyang, how would she get used to the food over there” 

Ye Shijie was a bit worried.

Ji Shuran’s words seemed to imply that the Ye family would not treat Jiang Li well.

The words were unpleasant even without specifically mentioning a difference between government officials.

However, the things that the Ye family used to eat might not differ greatly from the things eaten by the people in the chief assistant’s house.  

“Mother is too anxious,” Jiang Li spoke not saltily nor lightly: “I stayed in the nunnery at Mount Qingcheng for eight years and lived quite well.

For a long time, I have already gotten used to it.

Xiangyang should be more lively  compared to Mount Qingcheng.

Ji Shuran was rendered speechless by Jiang Li.

This should have been a shameful thing in Jiang Li’s life; on the contrary, it now became Jiang Li’s achievement, Jiang Li’s protective talisman and she took it out as a shield at every turn.

The annoying thing was it was quite handy to use; based on Jiang Yuan Bai’s expression, he had immediately toned down towards Jiang Li. 

The smile on Ji Shuran’s hateful face was totally forced.

These days, she had been occupied in comforting the broken-hearted Jiang You Yao.

Also, in order to obtain Jiang Yuan Bai’s affection, she had been careful and prudent, and for a period of time didn’t pay attention to Jiang Li.

She wasn’t aware how Jiang Li and the Ye family managed to establish their relations.

A lone girl without the Ye family to rely on was already able to stir such muddy water, with a Ye family to rely on, it’s undetermined what kind of things Jiang Li could make out.  

“Actually it’s not bad…..” Jiang Yuan Bai muttered.

Ye Ming Xuan looked at Ji Shuran and Jiang Li’s banter, his eyes showing that he was thinking deeply.

It appeared that the relationship between Ji Shuran and Jiang Li was indeed not good.

That year when Jiang Li pushed Ji Shuran and caused her miscarriage, it came as no surprise that the relationship between Ji Shuran and Jiang Li would be cold.

But the thing that was contrary to expectation was Jiang Yuan Bai’s attitude.

Jiang Yuan Bai seemingly was not completely partial towards Ji Shuran. 

This was not something that could be accomplished immediately.

“Since second girl wants to go to Xiangyang, just let her go.” Old madam Jiang, who was sitting on the highest seat, opened her mouth in time.

She said: “If not because my health is not good, I would also like to see her.

It’s been so many years,” she sighed, “second girl has grown up, should let her go and take a look.”



1: copper smell: business-minded 1.


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