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Mai Kitsune Waifu Chapter 8 A Monster

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“Aiyah! Sis Die, wasnt that a bit too many male classmates that you dont know!”

The golden haired super hot body girl chuckled while covering her mouth.

“As expected of our Miss Murong, it seems that our male classmates would once again despair!”

“They can go and despair all they want.”

Murong Die curled her lips. Her delicate tiny nose creased slightly. A sign of the goddess! Her actions have shook the hearts of numerous male passengers.

Sigh. If one could have such a beautiful girl as his girlfriend, then even if he have to lose twenty years off his life its still worth!

“What does their despair have to do with me Also, Lele, can you stop calling me Miss Murong, Ive told you many times, its very awkward!”

“Okay… but sis Die, we left so late today… would we be punished if were late...”

“What are you scared of, its not like we dont know the materials in the morning lectures!”

Murong Die was like a proud little peacock.

“Hehe, as expected of our Miss Murong, so domineering!”

Wang Lele couldnt help herself and started laughing.

“You called me Miss Murong again! Ill punish you!”

Murong Die extended one of her hand and pinched Wang Leles nose.

“Aiyah! Sis Die, you cant pinch me like that!”

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Wang Lele clutch her nose and said with eyes full of sadness. “It was originally pretty, now that you pinched it flat… who would want me now…”

“Dont worry. Even if you have an overturned nose, there will still be men who want you!”

Murong Die cast her eyes at her friends chest area. Although she pretended not to care about it, she still does.

Sigh. We grew up together! What exactly did this Wang Lele eat thats different from me Did she took extra hormones Or did she drank holy powdered milk How come her chest is so much bigger than mine...

“Sis Die is teasing me again…”

Wang Lele got even more depressed. “Overturned nose is very ugly, no one would want me for certain…”

“Your chest is sufficient enough to make up for everything…”

Murong Die suddenly had an evil smile. “Come, let sis check them out. Did they grow again”

“Stop. Stop teasing me…”

Wang Lele quickly covered her chest. The people nearby were drooling. They were thinking in their hearts: No, dont cover them! Its not like youll get pregnant from getting checked!

“Stop playing around…. Sis Die, look at that Liu Yi. How is he running like hes Liu Xiang!”

Said Wang Lele as she pointed toward the outside.

“Who know…. maybe Liu Yi is a student athlete…”

For stuff like these, Murong Die didnt care one bit.

She believed that her life was already a pain in the ass and didnt want other trivial people to bring more trouble into her life.

However, as her sight landed on Liu Yi who was running outside the window, her eyes couldnt help but shine slightly.

This unkempt looking boy… does indeed look a bit familiar.

Is he really my classmate

She saw that this Liu Yi who was overlooked by her was currently running alongside the bus. His breathe was stable, his rhythm was good, he wasnt running too fast nor was he too slow.

This guy was indeed running very fast!

Is this the daily training of student athlete

Murong Die could not help herself but be curious.

As for Liu Yi, he didnt know that the prettiest girl in class was currently looking at him. All that he had in his mind was that he cannot be late.

Hell be **ed if hes late!

Liu Yis mind was muddled with worries. However, the sensation from the running was very pleasurable.

Could this be… the legendary sensation of chasing the wind!

Shit, I became a dilettante!

“Run slower! This ladys immortal energy was almost completely wasted by you!”

Shouts of the little foxs heartache was constantly resounding in Liu Yis ears.

As for Liu Yi, he didnt give a ** if its immortal energy or immortal electricity, the only thing he knew was that if he stopped running, then hell be **ed!

The bus had turned toward a high trestle bridge. Liu Yi about to follow the bus and cross the bridge when all of a sudden he noticed a weeping loli in the little forest underneath the bridge.

That loli looks to be about eleven or twelve. With a double ponytail hairstyle, a yellow bubbles skirt and princess stockings, the loli looked very cute.

She was standing under a tree, crying.

And next to her, on a three thats about four or five meters tall, was a Mickey Mouse balloon.

Liu Yi heart immediately sunken. He turned around and ran down the bridge.

“Hey hey What are you planning to do”

The little fox quickly asked as she noticed that Liu Yi had suddenly stopped chasing after the bus.

“Help out!”

Liu Yi said.

“Are you serious!”

The little fox Lin Tong immediately cried out in a surprise. “Werent you afraid of being late Youre now running off to help out Are you nuts!”

“My grandfather had said that helping others is a mans duty. If I wasnt even willing to lift a finger to help others, then I might as well become a demon.”

“Whats wrong with being a demon!”

The little fox immediately grew unhappy. She shouted “Theres also benevolent demons! Who said demons have to be evil! Who said that!”

Hearing the little fox asking about that all seriously, Liu Yis chest trembled. He had a sense of calamity.

“My… my grandfather said that…”

“How come its your grandfather again What does your grandfather do”

“He... hes a butcher….”


Liu Yi felt that it was certain that he wont be able to win against the little fox so he decided to ignore her mumbling by his ears and go toward the loli. In a couple steps, he had arrived next to the loli. He took a deep breath and forced a kind smile. He then bend down and asked the little loli.

“Little girl, do you need this big brother to help you out”

The little loli sniffled. She lifted up her pinkish face and, upon seeing Liu Yis unkempt appearance, immediately started crying even harder.

“Waaahh…. mama… a monster… came to eat Lil Ying…..”



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