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Mai Kitsune Waifu Chapter 5 New Abilities

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Looking at that couple. The male had dyed blonde hair and earrings. He was wearing leather pants and leather jacket. It was easy to tell that he was a hooligan.

As for the girl that he was currently hugging. She was gorgeously dressed and her makeup was hot like fire. Those eyes were drawn like some panda eyes.

The way she dressed was alsosuper fashionable. Extraordinary taste in style.

She was wearing a black dress. The dress was so short that it was only a bit past her buttocks, exposing her pair of white legs. One of her leg was even being touched by that blondy boyfriend of hers.

To be able to expose her legs in the early autumn weather, shes a warrior!

Liu Yi saw the woman. He felt even more scared than when he met the fox shaped Lin Tong. Instantly, his eye was wide open in shock.

“Dont! Dont go there ah! What are you trying to do!”

Shouted Liu Yi in a panic as he noticed that his legs were rushing toward the couple.

“Stop! Stop! Theres people in front!”

However, the right hand that was under Lin Tongs control wasnt listening to Liu Yi at all. Instead, it brought him directly into the middle of the couple.

The blondy was currently hugging his woman, gnawing at her body.

It was through immense effort that he managed to persuade his girl to come to the park and have a spectacular battle on the fields.

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Alas, he did not expect that although there was a lot of people doing this every year, its particularly a lot this year!

Just when he finally manage to hug his woman and hit the first base while sitting on a park bench. Who wouldve expected that this kid would run out like a madman!

“What are you doing! Dont come over!”

The blondys hand was in his girlfriends clothes.

His girls hand was also in his crotch.

Seeing the incoming Liu Yi, the girl immediately got scared. In fear, she quickly clenched her fist and then pulled it back.

Immediately, the blondy was in a twitching pain.

And Liu Yi have also reached the two. His good for nothing right hand immediately landed on the womans thigh.

This womans thigh felt pretty good.

Had there not been the teeth biting blondy with a murderous eye, then it wouldve been even better.

“Brat, you **ing trying to die! To dare touch my woman….”

With a stomach full of anger, the blondy was planning to punish Liu Yi. Suddenly, his eyes widened.

My **! What kind of situation is this!

The blondy turned around and saw his hot and fiery girlfriend. Her blackened eyes was about to cry with desire. Her hands were constantly stroking his body. Her mouth was also giving off an indistinct seductive voice.

Seeing his girl like this, the blondy was stunned silly!

She had never acted this emotional even when he did that with her!

And now after being touched by this student looking brat, she grew this emotional! Her eyes were even about to cry!

What kind of situation is this!

Liu Yi was also scared silly!

Since when did his hand have this kind of effect!

It was as strong a powerful aphrodisiac!

“Hey hey hey!”

At this moment, Lin Tongs voice once again resounded in Liu Yis ear.

“This miss is in your right hand. Thus, your right hand is now completely different from that of an ordinary person. Your right hand now have a new ability called the Amorous Ripple Hand! Brat, with this, youll be lucky afterward! See, this is the benefits of becoming an immortal cultivator!”


Liu Yi wanted to cry!

Thats because that hot and fiery woman had started rubbing his thigh.

Liu Yi immediately withdrew his hand. The woman woke up and immediately gave off piercing screams repeatedly. She started shouting and cursing and was about to slap Liu Yi.

“Molester! Does it look like Im someone you can touch! Go back home and touch your mother!”

Right when her hand was about to fall on Liu Yis face, Liu Yis sight suddenly changed.

He noticed that it was as if the whole world had slowed down.

The womans hand was stopped near his face, slowly moving toward it.

And the color of the world had also changed. From the original colorful world, it had turned black and white.

Only the woman and the blondy next to her had a faint touch of yellow light.

Feeling that the situation was a mystery within a mystery, Liu Yi took a deep breath of the cold air. Feeling that he was sober and calm, clear and crisp, he moved backwards.


In a blink of an eye, the world had returned to normal.

As the womans slap falls, it landed on the nearby blondy that was also about to beat Liu Yi up.

“Fuck! Why did you hit me!”

The blondy immediately grew furious and returned the woman a slap.

“Wang Erbiao! You **er! You dare hit me! Ill kill you!”

“So what if I hit you! What, you enjoyed being touched by this little bitch huh! I wanted to beat him up but wanted to save him right!”

“Right my ass!”

These two immediately started fighting. Seeing that the situation was to his advantage, Liu Yi immediately started running away.

Right away, Liu Yi discovered that he appeared different from the good for nothing senior high school student that he was before.

His physical strength had increased!

He had ran for so long. Had it been before, he wouldve long grew tired and started panting.

However today, he was still completely fine!

Instead, he felt that running was very easy.

Very strange indeed….

“This is due to this fox immortals immortal strength acting upon your body!”

The fox Lin Tong had once again appeared in front of Liu Yi. She told Liu Yi what had happened with an air of complacency.

As for Liu Yi, upon seeing this little fox, he grew immensely angry.

This girl! She almost brought upon him a great disaster! And she even dared to appear again!

Is this girl really my savior!

Liu Yi now began to think that she appeared more like his messenger of bad luck instead!



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