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Mai Kitsune Waifu Chapter 24 Favorable Impression

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“Liu Yi!”

Liu Yi was delicately practicing. The more he practiced with the red stream of qi, the more comfortable he felt.

It was an addictive feeling.

However, right when he was basked in his comfort, a sweet sounding shout came all of a sudden. This shout woke Liu Yi up.

When a guy call him, he doesnt hear. However, when a girl call, he does.

Perhaps… this had something to do with the technique that he was practicing!

He was only keen toward women.

Could it be… is this... the legendary power of love

Liu Yi opened his eyes. He looked up toward the woman who stood before him.

Seeing Liu Yis frail appearance, Murong Dies heart suddenly grew weak.

She looked at the burger in her hand that she had just taken a bite out of and then placed it on Liu Yis desk.

“Eh… what is this...”

Liu Yi looked at the burger in confusion and asked.

“This burger tasted very nasty. Its a waste to throw it away; you eat it.”

Said Murong Die while looking out the window.

Unexpectedly, Liu Yi only looked at the burger motionlessly.

Murong Die was confused.

“Why arent you eating”

Liu Yi gulped. He has practiced all day. However, practicing doesnt help his hunger.

It seems to be already past noon now. He had not eaten both last night and this morning. His stomach was already growling.

The growling was pretty loud too. Liu Yi was able to hear it clearly and so was Murong Die.

Immediately, Liu Yis face became bright red.

Sigh! This useless stomach!

Liu Yi wanted to whip himself.

Too embarrassing!

“Why arent you eating when youre hungry!”

Asked Murong Die confused. “Its actually pretty good… just not my taste.”


Liu Yi looked at the burger. He still didnt touch it.

This was a burger that Murong Die took a bite out of...

Could it be considered an indirect kiss if I were to eat it...

Indirect kiss… would my red stream of qi increase because of that...

But… I still cant eat this burger.

“What are you oh-ing about. Are you going to eat or not”

Murong Die was starting to lose her patience.

“Im not…”

Liu Yi was already licking his lips. However, he still shook his head and said that he wasnt going to eat the burger.

“Why not Do you dislike me”

Murong Die had a frown.

This Liu Yi! Im kindly giving him my burger, why did he start to climb all over me instead of being grateful!

Indeed, one cannot try to be nice to a man.

“Thank you for giving me food… but my grandfather had said that an honorable man should not eat given food!”

Murong Die was very furious.

Throughout her life, the amount of people trying to get on her good side was so numerous that she cant even count them.

Never had she expected that this Liu Yi was so different!

Murong Die was not used to the way Liu Yi acted. She was also unwilling to accept it.

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What is wrong with him! I tried to be nice and give him a burger yet he instead responded back with 'an honorable man should not eat given food!

“If youre not going to eat, then so be it! Go ahead and starve to death!”

Murong Die was very unhappy. She picked up her burger and threw it away.


And at this moment, Liu Yi suddenly outstretched his hand. He caught the burger that Murong Die had just thrown.

His action was so fast, he was zooming past Murong Die.

“What, what are you doing!”

She saw Liu Yi catching the burger and was startled.

This guy catched the burger so fast….

“Didnt you say youre not going to eat it”

Murong Die asked in surprise as Liu Yi moved the burger closer to his mouth.

“Miss Murong, you are unaware of the preciousness of food! Although my grandfather had said that an honorable man should not eat given food, he had also said that it is disgraceful to waste.”

Liu Yi took a bite off the burger.

It was unknown whether he was consciously doing it or not but he bit the same place where Murong Die had previously bitten.

Murong Dies heart was a little shocked by that.

Her face became hot as if she had a fever.

Oh heaven….

I actually forgot that… that… I had already taken a bite off the burger...

He bit the same place where I had bitten...

Then… could that be considered as…. an indirect kiss

No no, thats impossible, certainly not….

Its just a cheap burger. No way that burger could take this Miss Murongs first kiss! Humph!

Liu Yi noticed that his bodys red stream of qi had slightly increased.

At the same time, Lin Tongs laughing voice was heard in Liu Yis ears.

“Murong Die, favorable impression level increased by one.”


Liu Yi was surprised. Whats the meaning of that

“You...you...you better be careful… Lan He had found Kevin to break one of your leg tonight. Ive told you what I came for, fi-figure out what to do yourself!”

After saying those words, Murong Die ran off as if she was fleeing for her life.

Liu Yi was dumbstruck.

What the heck

Lan He found Kevin to break my leg!


This Lan He was way too worthless!

He's trying to attack me in the shadow!

Didnt we agree to compete in a basketball match!

How did it turn into breaking my leg!

Too detestable!

Liu Yi was very furious. He was so angry that his body was trembling.

“You understand now!”

Lin Tong appeared in front of Liu Yi in her fox appearance. She was laughing with a hee hee sound.

“As the saying goes, its hard to fathom a persons mind. Look, the kind of person others are, you simply cant tell!”

It was unknown whether the little fox spoke for Liu Yi to hear or for herself.

“Ill just think of a way to run away tonight....”

Liu Yi didnt like fighting.

Although he had successfully opened the first star jade, the amount of immortal power inside was still very small.

Furthermore, Liu Yi have never fought before and thus doesnt know how.

“You good for nothing, why are to trying to run! You have already became an immortal cultivator, why are you still afraid of a group of mortals!”

The little fox scolded. “Useless! Youre utterly useless!”

“I didnt cultivate for the purpose of fighting…”

Liu Yi sneered.

“Dumbass, the bullies have came all the way up to your head! The way youre acting doesnt make you kind, it only makes you easy to bully! Understand!”

Lin Tong pointed at Liu Yi and scolded. “I dont know what your grandfather taught you but they are about to break your leg. If it was me, Lin Tong, then I will give an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!”

“You… youre telling me to break his leg!”

Lin Yi was totally surprised.

“Thats right. If you dont give them pain, then they will never learn.”

Lin Tong continued. “Not everyone in the world is…. an idiot like you… there are countless people who will harm you. If you keep on acting foolishly, then one day, you wont even know how you died!”

“I still believe that there are more good people in the world…”

Lin Yi was firm about his belief.

“Dumbass! Youre making me so angry! Why must I be with an idiot like you!”

Furious, Lin Tong crash herself into Liu Yis chest.

However, because she was a spiritual body, she passed through Liu Yis chest.

“Okay okay… we can talk more about these things at night.”

Seeing that people had started to come back into class, Liu Yi lowered his voice and whispered while eating Murong Dies burger.

“You said Murong Die favorable impression level increased by one earlier, what do you mean by that...”

“Heng heng, so you dont know about it, little fool!”

Once they start to talk about things relating to immortal cultivation, the little fox immediately grew real proud of herself.

“The immortal cultivation method that this genius fox immortal had taught you was the secret technique of our fox clan, the Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra! Men who practiced this technique could collect... could win a girls favorable impression to increase his own power!”

Lin Tong almost messed up and say that he could collect yin to mend yang.

Fortunately, she was quick witted. She immediately fixed her words.

“That I know…”

“Mmmhmm. This was the prerequisite. Things like favorable impression wasnt something that one could perceive. Thus, the Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra have a special kind of power. When you opened your star jades, you have a chance of obtaining an assisting ability! Youre very lucky, you obtained anability from the first star jade that your opened. The ability you obtained was theeye of favorable impression.

Lin Tong was telling herself in her heart that the the heavenly fox clan was already a dying clan, as the sole disciple of the clan...it was her duty to revive the clan; she must escape from the seal as soon as possible!

“Eye of favorable impression Heck is that”

Lin Yi was a little surprised.

“This is an ability of your star jade.”

Lin Tong said. “You could gain an ability every time you open a star jade. For example the amorous ripple hand, that was this ladys ability. It has now became yours.”

“You… quickly take back that ability….”

Said Liu Yi.

“Dumbass! This was a great ability! Youll soon find out that the uses of this magical skill is endless!”

“I think its soon going to make my life a lot more troublesome instead…”

Liu Yi looked at his right hand and sighed.

This was an ability that Lin Tong forcefully imposed upon him, he can neither control it nor could he turn it off.

So depressing.

But… this eye of favorable impression… what does it do

“Your current star jade still isnt filled with power, thus you still cannot recognize this ability. Once your star jade is filled with power, youll be able control and use this magical ability.”

Said Lin Tong. “At that time, youll be able to see girls favorable impression toward you. If their favorable impression toward you is very high, then youll be able to obtain from their aura even more… power of love… that youll be able to convert into your own power. Understand”

“Oh oh… I kinda understood… then when would my first star jade be full...”

Asked Liu Yi.

“Its still early…”

Lin Tong gave a side eye. Did you really decided to cultivate or what!

To be able to open a star gate on your first day of cultivate, its already pretty freaking OP, okay!”

Im already super envious!

And you even gained an ability from your first star jade!

Too hateful! I have opened a total of four star jade, only at my third star jade did I obtained the amorous ripple hand! I even lended it this guy for free!

And this guy turned out to not be satisfied with it!

“I wanna see the level of favorable impression right now….”

Liu Yi looked up. He saw the incoming girls and boys.

What level of favorable impression do they have toward me

“So troublesome….”

Lin Tong complained before turning into a white ray of light and entered Liu Yis right eye.

Liu Yis power wasnt sufficient so she ended up using her own spiritual body as a supplement.

In a flash, Liu Yi suddenly noticed that the world became somewhat different.

Thats because atop of everyones head, theres a string of numbers.

A girl sitting in the front row, her favorable impression level toward him was zero.

The girls around her, their level were either one or zero.

Sigh, seems like I really am transparent….

Right at this moment, the fat chick who picks under her toenails had came into the classroom.

Liu Yi couldnt help himself and glanced at her. Immediately, he became petrified.

Favorable impression level, fifty eight!




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