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Mai Kitsune Waifu Chapter 11 You Said What?

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“Yo! And here I thought you were a beggar, isn't this our Liu Yi”

Right when Liu Yi arrived at the first floor of the school, he bumped into three students with gaudy dyed hair.

The leader amongst them was a guy called Kevin. One could say that hes handsome. His head was dyed red with streaks of yellow to show off his distinct individuality.

His school uniform was also torn and tarred. The uniform was also painted with colorful drawings.

Liu Yi knew that although boys his age envy and want to be the gangsters and hooligans, they wanted tattoos but certainly wont dare get them for real.

Perhaps it was because of their fear of pain. Or perhaps they feared to be arrested by the police.

In additional to that, the school required the students to wear school uniforms. Thus, in order to show off their personality, the students took a lot of time to alternate the designs of their uniforms.

This guy standing in front of him was exactly one of those student.

Not only does he love to show off his personality, he also loved to bully Liu Yi for fun.

Hes one of the top delinquent within Liu Yis classroom. The delinquent group he belonged to wasnt small either, about seven or eight.

He usually would take the some bad male students in the class and bring them to the washroom to secretly smoke. He also love to threaten students for money after school.

Liu Yi, with his timid and cowardly personality, was one of his frequent target.

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“Hey Liu Yi, I heard that you got tough.”

Kevin and the two boys he was with blocked the stairs and Liu Yis path.

“You even dared to go after general Yuan Shaojuns chick. Cheh cheh, who wouldve knew. Usually youre just a wussy but now you actually grew balls. Extraordinary! Extraordinary! Perhaps we should start following Boss Liu instead.”

As he was saying, Kevin started being unable to hold himself back and started laughing with his two rascal friends.

A laughter filled with ridicule.

Liu Yis face was reddened with embarrassment. He clenched his fist. His heart was very displeased. However, he didnt dare to say anything.

He is just a mediocre and honest high school student who had never once dared of fighting others in school.

When he sees delinquents like these, what he usually do was to move out of their way.

Usually he would try his best not to bump into Kevin and them but who wouldve expect him to be so unlucky today, getting surrounded by them.

It was supposed to be evening study right now. Seems like these three were planning to skip class!

With students like these skipping classes, even the teachers pretty much didnt care anymore.

As long as they dont make too much trouble, they were pretty much left alone to do as they will.

“Stop...stop joking…. let me pass please… Ill be late…”

Said Liu Yi with a low voice, holding back his anger.

“Aiyah, say what Speak louder! I cant hear you!”

Kevin asked loudly with a sarcastic expression. He even placed one of his hand over his ear.

“Boss Liu, if you have something to reprimand this lowly I, then please say it! This lowly I am waiting.”

“Thats right. Thats right. It seems like our Liu Yi wasnt suited for a being boss and is only suitable for being a wussy! Hahaha! Isnt that right, wussy Liu!”

The three students all walked toward Liu Yi. They pushed Liu Yis head and slap his neck.

“Wussy Liu, with the way that you are, you even dared to like Ma Yixuan! Id say you might as well go home and masturbate, at least youd be happy that way!”

Kevin sneered at Liu Yi repeatedly.

Liu Yi was very angry.

He felt that something within his body was scattering quickly.

It was as if there was thousands of insects crawling around in Liu Yis body, causing him wanting to explode.

Too much! This really was too much!

Its one thing for them to bully me! But to use Ma Yixuan to ridicule me…

Thinking back of that Yuan Shaojuns arrogance when he warned him of Ma Yixuan, Liu Yis inner anger burned even greater.

Why must I be bullied by them!

Why cant I be able to obtain Ma Yixuan!


“Aiyah! Look! Seems like wussy Liu is getting angry!”

“Hahaha! A wussy is always a wussy, as if getting angry would change that!”

“Thats right. Thats right. Us brothers were just about to go to the internet cafe and we have no money.”

Threatened Kevin as he placed his hand on Liu Yis shoulder.

“Wussy Liu, you better get some money for us to spend. Dont let us get angry. Because if we do, then youll be sorry!”

“I got no money…”

Liu Yis voice contained some chilliness and shakiness.

“No money!”

Kevin took out his hand and directly went after Liu Yis pockets. Sure enough, there wasnt even a single cent.

“Fuck! Poor piss **!”

A student cannot help himself and started cursing out loud.

“Fucking poor **! No wonder Ma Yixuan dont like you! Fucking fool, go to your **ing class! Fucking wussy Liu!”

Kevin cannot help himself and started swearing while talking. He even pushed Liu Yi to the wall.

“Im not a wussy.”

Liu Yis back was slammed onto the wall. The pain from that impact resounded through his body.

He felt that at that moment, the whole blood within his body started to accelerate again.

A chilly sensation appeared in his body.

“Say what, little ** Say it again!”

“Did you grew too tired of living!”

The three immediately surrounded Liu Yi. They were rolling up their sleeves and glaring at him like a tiger watching its prey.

“I said…”

Liu Yi lowered his voice for the last couple words.

“You said what”

Inquired Kevin.

“I said...Im going to ** your whole family up!”

[TL: raw says Im going to 日 your whole family. 日 means sun, daytime, date, etc. It could also mean Japan as Japan is called 日本. In WW2, Japan conquered 1/3 or so of China and raped, pillaged , and killed Chinese everywhere they go. So there you go, Liu Yi is saying a major** you to them.]



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