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Mai Kitsune Waifu Chapter 10 My Names Lei Feng

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Liu Yi was afraid of heights!

Ever since he was young, when ever he looked down from a tall place, he will immediately get dizzy.

This time is of no exception.

He rushed up the tree earlier all bold and powerful. However, now that he had to get down from the tree, his brain immediately turned pitch black and he felt like throwing up.

So… so scary…

As they say, its easier to ascend a mountain than descending it…

This principle holds true for tree climbing too…

Liu Yi felt as if he was about to faint.

“hey hey hey! Dont mess around with this lady! Youre about to join the path of immortal cultivation, how could you possibly be afraid of heights…! Hey hey! What are you doing! Dont let go! Hey! Dont let go Liu Yi!”

The Lin Tong that only Liu Yi could see and was floating next to him suddenly screamed.

Liu Yi finally could not help himself anymore. His arms grew weak and he fell down from the nearly five meters tall tree.

Even at that moment when he was falling down, his right hand was still tightly grasping the balloons string.

And at that moment, Liu Yi suddenly felt as if the time had slowed down.

A lot of images drifted past his mind.

Including one where he when he was a child. He didnt like to do homework and so his teachers would report to his parents about him not doing his homework which ended up giving him an ass whooping with a belt by his father.

Theres also one of the first time Ma Yixuan moved to above their house. That chick was dressed in a beautiful yellow mini skirt and had been in Liu Yis mind ever since.

[TL: Im assuming Liu Yi lived in an apartment complex, so Ma Yixuan moved to the floor above.]

People had said that before someone dies, they will see their life flash by in their brains…

Could it be that… Im really going to die


I dont want to die!

Im still a virgin! Its too much of a pity to die like that!


Gods! Please help me!

If I survive, Id certainly burn incense, pray and worship you!

However, it seems like there was neither gods nor buddha that answered Liu Yis last minute religious conversion.

However, a beautiful fox demon wasnt willing to let Liu Yi die.

“Idiot! Dumbass! This lady needs to save you! Waaah, my poor magical powers…”

The little fox demon cried out of heartache. She started spinning around Liu Yis body at a lightning speed.

A white light that is hard for one to see suddenly appeared on Liu Yis back.

While the little loli was screaming, Liu Yis body slammed onto the ground with a loud bang.

The dust was everywhere. The yellowish autumn leaves on the trees were blown to dance.

“Big brother! Big brother! Are you okay! Dont scare Lil Ying!”

The little loli was about to cry again.

How could one possibly survive falling from that height!

Liu Yi was grimacing in pain. Although the fall had caused him pain all over, it wasnt that serious.

It seems like there was something acting as a cushion earlier!

Only because of that something did I not die from the fall.

Liu Yi rubbed his ass. He stood up to the surprised little loli and handed over the balloon he had in his right hand.

“Big brother is okay. Here. You better hold your balloon tight this time.”

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The little loli looked at Liu Yi with admiring eyes.

“Big brother, you really are a super human! Youre fine even after falling from such a height…”

“Fortunately this big brother had practiced the iron buttocks martial arts before.”

However, what Liu Yi thought in his mind was that little fox Lin Tong likely saved him.

But how come this girl isnt making any noise this time around

Is she sulking

“Thank you big brother! Big brother, youre this powerful, maybe I should introduce my big sister to you!”

The little loli blinked her eyes and looked at Liu Yi with an expression of expectancy.

“If you become Lil Yings brother in law, youd certainly be able to protect Lil Ying!”

“Eh…. its okay. Big brother is going to be late for class, so hell go ahead. You be good and stay here and wait for your moms return!”

Liu Yi suddenly remembered the whole school issue and immediately felt that he **ed up.

Fuck! Im really going to be **ed now.

They say that when you survive a calamity, youll be followed by good luck… how come I keep getting bad lucks….

Am I possessed by the god of bad fortune

No, that cant be. Its a little fox immortal that came into my right hand!

Although she had a bad temper, she should be a good fox immortal…

Otherwise, she wont have saved me twice.

“Okay… then big brother, whats your name”

“My names Lei Feng.”

Said Liu Yi proudly with his chest sticking out.

[TL: In case you forgot, Lei Feng is the model citizen known for his altruism.]

“Puu… big brother youre too funny…”

“Lil Ying!”

A voice of a woman came from the other side of the little forest.

“Ah! Mama is calling me. Ill go to my mama now!”

The little loli waved her hands at Liu Yi and said “Big brother, you better remember my name. Im called Liu Ying!”

After saying that, the little loli with two ponytails left hopping.

This little loli, shes pretty cute.

Her older sister… perhaps she is a beauty…

Maybe it would be nice to know her…

Cough cough. Bad thoughts. I better rush to school!

Liu Yi turned around and wanted to start running again only to find out that no matter how, he was unable to feel that magical blood boiling sensation.

Whats with this… did that Lin Tong girl get stingy and refuse to lend me her immortal strength

“Beautiful fox immortal Big sister fox immortal Whats wrong Are you really mad at me”

Quickly asked Liu Yi.

However Lin Tong did not respond. It was as if she disappeared into the air.

“Okay… it seems like you really dont want to talk to me…”

Lin Yi shook his head. He felt that since hes going to be late anyways, might as well not overly concern himself with it and started walking toward the school slowly.

And in his right hand, a sound so weak that its barely audible resounded.

“This…. giant… fool…”



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