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Chapter 57

Chapter 2 — Expand, my world! • Episode 2-5 • Preparation ⑦

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


The girl thought that being right was the good thing to do.

If she was right, she would be praised by everyone, and if she corrected someone’s mistakes, she would be thanked.

She thought everyone wanted a world where everyone could live a clean and righteous life.


When did she realize that no one wanted that When did she realize that no one wants such a thing


It’s said that there is a certain number of children who have a strong sense of justice among those who have not yet entered elementary school or are in the early grades of elementary school.

They are not able to break the slightest rule or be flexible, and they try to correct what they think is wrong by directly paying attention, loudly pointing it out, reporting it to an adult, or whatever they think is wrong.

Most of these children also understand that it’s easier to live if they are a little bit wrong, and that being too concerned with being right isolates them, so they no longer act with a sense of righteousness, and someday they will become normal people.


However, there are some people who are always inflexible, never tolerate crookedness, have a sense of justice, and cannot read the air, and that is the girl, Tsurugi Nanami.


By the time Nanami realized that there was no one she could call a friend, there was no one left.

She remembered playing with someone when she was a little girl, but she was so close that she couldn’t remember their face or name.

Although she was never explicitly bullied, Nanami was always alone.

She was sometimes called annoying.

There were times when she got into fights and the teacher made both parties apologize.

Nanami was not convinced.

She had done nothing wrong.

But when she spoke out about it, the teachers began to look at Nanami with an unfriendly eye.

There were no allies for Nanami at school.


Her family, who at first had been supportive of Nanami, began to grow weary of her inability to read the atmosphere.

Nanami’s demand for correctness, even from family members, must have been depressing.


It would have been better if she could have believed in her own righteousness, but sadly, Nanami was not such a strong person.

She was a weak being who felt lonely if isolated and sad if marginalized.


Hating herself for why she had been so stubborn forever, hating the world for why it didn’t understand her righteousness, Nanami gave up being right at the same time she entered middle school.

She didn’t ask others to do the right thing, and she didn’t do the right thing herself in order to fit in with those around her.


There were children from several elementary schools other than the one Nanami attended going to middle school, and there were plenty of people who didn’t know Nanami, and she managed to make friends with them.

However, Nanami’s heart ached terribly every time she did something that was not right for her friend.


If it was just someone else doing something not right, it was bearable.

But every time Nanami, of her own volition, does something that is not right, her heart aches to the point of tearing.

It becomes so painful that it almost brings tears to her eyes.

She felt as if she was no longer herself.

She wanted help.

She doesn’t care who it was.

She wanted them to admit that she was right, no matter what.


It was then that Nanami was solicited by a strange pumpkin-headed monster who called himself Jack to become a Magical Girl.

Nanami at that time didn’t have time to think deeply about things, thought she had a vision, and agreed to become a Magical Girl, thinking that it would no longer matter.


For Nanami, the days that followed were ones she will always remember.

Jack introduced her to a senior colleague because she was too dangerous to be alone.

That was the Magical Girl Dryad.








「Just as you were taking down the Diest–ran Perfect timing–ran!」

「What do you think you’re doing, Jack I told you I don’t take apprentices, remember」

「I’m worried about leaving two newbies on Grid–ran! Even Dryad know that–ran!」


She was listening to the pumpkin-headed monster, which she thought was a dream or an illusion, and before she knew it, she was taken to a place full of strange books and transformed into a strange outfit, but this time she was brought in front of a stranger.

Her hair is green in color and she wears strange clothes.

She wondered if this person is also a Magical Girl…


「Haah, you really don’t listen to people.

That’s why I hate you.」

「That’s harsh–ran! I’m just trying to do what’s best for everybody–ran!」

「So, Newbie-chan You look terrible.

Perhaps, were you tricked into becoming a Magical Girl」

「Ah, n–no… I thought it was a dream, and I just wanted it to go away…」

「Hold on for a second, Jack, do you really think this dim-witted girl can be a Magical Girl You are you.

Magical Girls are beings with a noble mission to protect the world.

If you are not prepared to fight for your life, quit right now.」

「Ahh, I’m… sorry…」


Did I not read the air again…

Is that why this person is mad too

Because she was trying to do the right thing Was I not supposed to do it, to become a Magical Girl and protect the world, which is not right anymore…


「I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!!! I won’t do it again! I’m sorry!」

「H–Hey, what’s the matter with you all of a sudden Jack!」

「Even I don’t know–ran.

Dyrad’s the one who made her cry–ran!」

「I’m sorry for being so irritating! I’m sorry I can’t read the air! I’m sorry for trying to be right!」


I couldn’t stop crying, I didn’t know what I was saying anymore, and I just had to keep dribbling out the overflow.


「Ahh, enough.

Look, I’m not angry.

Just calm down.

What happened Why don’t you tell me」


The woman gently hugged me and patted my head as I sobbed.

She rubbed my back and soothed me.

She stayed by my side until I stopped crying.

I felt somewhat at ease doing so, and I was slurring my words, jumping from one place to another, unable to explain myself well, but still getting it all off my chest.


「Is that what’s been bothering you Good grief, it’s totally out of character and appalling.」

「Is, is that so… I knew it, I was crazy, wasn’t I…」

「It’s you now that’s crazy.」



What did this person just say


「Listen carefully.

What is right is right.

What is wrong is wrong.

Sometimes being wrong is smarter than being right, but being smart doesn’t mean being right.

If you want to live with your heart in your chest, you must stand up for what is right and what you believe in.」

「W–Was I right…」

「Yes, I’m impressed.

Not many kids can carry themselves until they are your age.

It sounds like you broke at the last minute, but it’s not too late.

You have had a faith to be proud of so far.

If anything, you’re wrong right now.

You should never let someone else lead you down the wrong path.」

「Do you… Do you seriously think so… Are you sure you’re not lying…」


I had been waiting for so long, hoping someone would tell me that, but when the time came, I couldn’t believe the woman’s words, my words trembled so badly.


「I’m not lying.

You’re not wrong.

You’ve done a great job so far.」

「…I see, I see then! I wasn’t wrong! I was right!」


That’s right! That’s totally right! Why did I ever think it was my fault for not being an airhead! I wasn’t wrong! I was doing the right thing, I wasn’t wrong! I was right! I was right all along, always has been!


「I wasn’t going to take an apprentice, but if I consider me a kouhai, it’s not so different from school.

I changed my mind.

You will learn under me.

You are too good for Grid-san.」

「Yes! I understand, Senpai!」


This person will understand me! She will affirm me! She will prove me right!


「I am Dryad.

Would you be so kind as to tell me your name」

「I–I am Blade.

Nice to meeting you!」

「Yes, the same goes for me.」


On this day I met for the first time someone who understood me.

I thought from the bottom of my heart that I wanted to follow this person forever.








Dryad was a Magical Girl who always said what she believed was right, was honorable, strict with herself, and as strict with others as a matter of course.

The affirmation for Nanami was not only on the spot, but rather Dryad had it even harsher than Nanami.

It was Nanami’s ideal, the one she had always wanted to be but had given up on.

Nanami naturally followed Dryad’s back without being told by anyone.

Dyrad was Nanami’s goal, and she wanted to be like Dryad, so she believed Dryad’s teachings and fought.

As long as Dryad was there, there was no need for anyone else.

Nanami truly believed that the two of them would always protect this town together.


So when Dryad told her that she and Elephant were to team up, she mistakenly thought she was being abandoned and clung to her in tears.

Saying this like, she will work harder, she will try to be like her Senpai, begging that she won’t be abandoned.

It was probably at this point that Nanami’s dependence on Dryad grew stronger.

As a result, Nanami was convinced that Dryad was thinking of Nanami rather than abandoning her, but at the same time, her respect and trust in Dryad almost led her to faith once she mistakenly believed that she would be abandoned.

The core of Nanami’s being became not what she believed was right, but what Dryad believed was right for her.

And before Nanami herself was even aware of it.

Nanami trusted and missed her because she could prove that she was right, but she had forgotten what she believed was right.


The relationship between Dryad and Nanami changed a bit after Nanami teamed up with Elephant, but she did not shun her.

After Dryad moved out, she and Nanami continued their relationship.

It was a good senior/junior relationship on the side.


For Nanami, the person she respected the most was Dryad, and her goal was also Dryad.

The brilliance left behind by Dryad has not faded in Nanami in the slightest, and has always been the driving force behind Nanami.


She believed that it would always remain so.

She truly, truly believed that.


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