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“H-how are you so fast” The Unrivaled was stunned, beginning to question everything he knew.

He knew better than anyone else how deep the Wisdom of the Door of Wonder was.

He thought that Nanan and the others were only concerned about speed, and would not go far.

He never expected that he would turn to see that they were right behind him.

‘Could I just be too dumb

“Its just because youre too slow,” Nanan clicked her tongue as she shut her eyes and started to study the forty-first step.

Seeing that, the Unrivaled had a sense of urgency in his heart.

He could not allow anyone else to catch up to him.

He wanted to be unrivaled in the world!

“This is my second time in the Door of Wonder.

I have a natural advantage against them.

I refuse to believe that theyll catch up to me!” The Unrivaled consoled himself in his heart, composing himself before he threw himself into understanding Wisdom.

As for the drunkard and the others, they were shocked when they saw that Nanan and the others were all already at the forty-first step.

“They are the experts chosen.

They are extraordinary.

It was so easy for them to get to the forty-fired step,” Cultivator Junjun said in admiration.

He barely managed to get to the thirty-second step, arriving at the drunkards old height.

“We cant embarrass the expert.

No matter what, we have to at least get to the fortieth step!” Xiao Chengfeng was already at the thirty-eighth step.

He exceeded the drunkard and was proud.

The drunkard was on the thirty-seventh step.

He saluted, “Xiao Chengfeng, youre not bad yourself.

You have a chance to get on the fortieth step.

You have my admiration.”

Xiao Chengfeng laughed as he said in a pleased manner, “Hahaha, Ive been taught by the expert before.

Furthermore, I always remember everything the expert taught me.

I cant embarrass the expert!”

The other cultivators were already numb to the sights.

They did not even react much to Nanan and the others constantly ascending.

Everyone conversed for a moment before throwing themselves back into understanding Wisdom.

The situation outside was not great, so they could not afford to delay things at all.

Time slowly ticked away.

The Unrivaled was at the highest position.

He sat down cross-legged at that moment.

Wisdom emanated around him as he stared right at the book in front of him.

His expression constantly changed.

He looked confused at some points, conflicted at others, bitter at some…

In the end, he sighed reluctantly, “Why Why is it suddenly so hard I cant understand this Wisdom!”

He tried bitterly to think about it.

He felt like he did not leave much out on the forty-first step, but he felt like he could not see anything on the forty-second step.

The difficulty jumped far too much.

It was too much that he did not know what to do.

The Undying continued to try, not giving up.

After a long time, his eyes were red as he said, “Theres no way anyone can get to the forty-third step if this is the level! Its too hard!”

Just as he was prepared to accept his fate, he felt a movement in his eyes.

He saw Nanan and the rest, including that dog, walk onto the forty-second step together, tying with him.

That dog looked at him and rolled its eyes, full of disdain.

Dragin said, “Theres nothing that hard about the forty-second step.

Why have you stopped”

“You! Who doesnt know how to brag” The Unrivaled let out a cold snort, not believing it.

He absolutely wanted to get to the forty-third step, but it was impossible.

“At this step, Wisdom doesnt actually teach you that much anymore.

Its just giving you some context for you to deduce everything else.

Its not that difficult,” Dragin immediately voiced out the differences.

Her relaxed tone caused the Unrivaled to stir.

He clenched his teeth, wanting to continue his studying, but finding that made no progress.

He could only stare at Dragin and the others.

He was hoping to see bitter expressions on their faces, but he was disappointed in the end.

Dragin and the others did not seem to have any difficulty at all.

Instead, they even smiled.

That time, they were even faster than before as they stepped onto the forty-third step!

In just a flash, the five of them and the dog surpassed the Unrivaled.

“T-thats impossible!” The Unrivaleds mental state completely collapsed.

He called himself unrivaled and believed that he was only below Wisdom itself and Madman Chu.

Yet, just now, five people and a dog surpassed him.

It caused his moniker as the Unrivaled to become a joke.

In a flash, so many people that were stronger than him appeared.

He could not accept the fact.

The other cultivators exclaimed as they watched on, “Theyve surpassed him.

Theyve actually surpassed the Unrivaled!”

“Haha, look at how bitter the Unrivaleds face is! His nickname will have to change.”

“The fact is, the Unrivaled really is strong.

That group just surpassed him, so how strong are they”

“Its impossible to imagine.

How horrifying!”

“The Heavenly Palace has so many experts.

Surely theyll be able to suppress the gray mist”

At the same time, countless cultivators still fought in the Endless Sea.

Compared to the Volcanoes of Disaster, the Endless Sea was much fiercer.

The gray mist seemed to be putting its all into it, causing the Endless Sea to enter a terrifying state.

The other corrupted areas all stopped, and all the gray mist gathered here, fighting the Wisdom cultivators.

“What are they trying to do” Elite King fought the black flames as he looked at the battle, constantly thinking about it.

The gray mist definitely had a goal in mind, and it was definitely a terrifying one.

Expanding and expanding…

Suddenly, Elite Kings eyes widened, figuring something out.

He shouted crazily as his two buckets circled around him, protecting himself as he punched at the spatial distortion, trying to get to the center of the battlefield.

However, the black flames surged behind him, turning into a huge beast of fire that charged right at Elite King.

Its terrifying horn pierced right into Elite Kings back through the defenses.

Elite King ignored the injuries, bearing with the pain the flames caused as he arrived at the center of the battlefield.

He shouted at the Heavenly Army, “Quickly get someone to get those in the Door of Wonder out.

The Endless Sea is targeting the Golden Lake! Theyve been charging right at the Golden Lake!”

Yao Mengji and the others had a drastic change in expression when they heard that.

“The Golden Lake Isnt that the battlefield of the last lifetime”

“I remember now.

Theres an altar at the Golden Lake.

Its an alter Madman Chu left behind.

He left his will on it!”

“What will happen if the Endless Sea meets the altar”

“No one knows, but… itll definitely be horrifying.”

“Hurry up and call for the protectors in the Door of Wonder!”


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