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Everyone was shaken by what those cultivators who just entered said.

The traitors let out smiles.

The more the gray mist and Wisdom fought, the happier they were.

Only then would they be able to benefit.

The Space Disruptor looked at Xiao Chengfeng, mocking, “Did you hear that The gray mist is throwing the outside world into chaos again.

Why arent all of you hurrying over”

“Haha, its still not our turn to show up outside.

Are you afraid well exceed you if we stay here” Xiao Chengfeng let out a cold smile.

There was no trace of panic on his face at all.

At that moment, Space Disruptor was stopped at the thirty-second step, while he was already at the thirty-first step.

It was practically certain that he would exceed the Space Disruptor.

“By the time youre out, the gray mist might have already contaminated the whole Origins Realm.

You wont be able to do anything,” The Space Disruptor tried to disrupt Xiao Chengfeng and the others.

However, his plan was clearly about to be foiled.

Xiao Chengfeng said calmly, “Theres no need for you traitors to be so concerned.”

It was not just Xiao Chengfeng, the others were not affected by the news from the outside world at all.

They immersed themselves in their studies, trusting their friends outside.

Furthermore, Daji and Fire Phoenix were on Fallen Immortal Mountain.

If they could not do anything, then there was no point for the rest of them to appear anyway.

The most important thing at that moment was to improve themselves as much as they could, only then would they not waste that person opening up the Door of Wonder!

“Alright, the knowledge here is a bit more interesting.

So big brother was actually preparing us to enter the Door of Wonder all this time,” There was suddenly a smile on Nanans face as she spoke.

Her words caused an uneasy feeling to surface in all the traitors hearts.

Sure enough, Nanan raised her foot the next moment, stepping onto the fortieth step!

“T-the fortieth step!”

“T-that little girl is amazing.

Even the Unrivaled is just on the forty-first step!”

“Terrifying! Could she really exceed the Unrivaled T-then can he still be called that”

“Look, the other girl is moving too.”

“That dog moved!”

The Unrivaled opened his eyes, looking at Nanan with concern.

Right after that, his eyes widened as he looked at Dragin and Blackie.

Yet, something even more terrifying happened after that.

Shi Tuqin, Qin Manyun, and Little Fox all stepped onto the fortieth step too!

He started to panic because he felt like that group of protectors would almost assuredly catch up to him.

This group of protectors was different from the last lifetime.

There was something strange!

He could not just let them get enlightened just like that.

He immediately turned to look at the traitors as he said coldly, “Ascending the steps of Wisdom is not something you can just work hard on.

Your talent, understanding, foundations, and other things cant be lacking at all.

If you cant improve, then stop wasting your time.

Hurry up and see whats happening outside!”

“Get lost!”

The moment he said that, the drunkard and the others hearts sank, their expressions souring.

The Unrivaleds intentions were very clear.

He wanted the traitors to go help the gray mist.

This would definitely add a lot of pressure on the protectors of the outside world.

At the same time, the protectors in the Door of Wonder would be too worried about the outside world to focus, which would drastically decrease their comprehension speed!”

It forced the drunkard and the others to give up on the Door of Wonder to follow the traitors!

“Unrivaled, the gray mist goes against the heavens and brings forth great calamity.

Its still not too late for you to turn back.

It wont be easy for you to take advantage of the situation.

You might end up hurting yourselves!” The strong man said through clenched teeth.

“Hahaha, are you afraid” The Unrivaled laughed, shooting a look at the traitors.

Three of the traitors immediately left the Door of Wonder, not saying anything as they left.

Cultivator Junjun and the others clenched their fists tightly.

“Humph, arent you going after them The protectors on the outside might all die if youre not careful,” The Unrivaled let out a cold snort as he shut his eyes and continued.

“Dont get affected by them, take the chance to enlighten yourselves.

The moment you find yourself at a dead end, leave the Door of Wonder!” Cultivator Junjun immediately said, trying his best to calm down.

The others nodded as well, tossing aside all other thoughts as they studied.

At the Endless Sea, the war of the world already lasted for three days and three nights.

Two completely different Wisdoms fought each other.

No one could refrain from this fight.

There were countless casualties on both sides as blood colored the skies.

Lightning constantly struck in the skies and the world shook.

The sun and moon lost their light as meteors constantly fell from the skies.

“Die!” Elite King slammed his bucket on the old hags face, causing her face to twist.

Even her brain threatened to leave her body as her body flew in the sky.

There was not a single look of happiness on his face.

Instead, he did not dare to delay anything as he stepped forward, appearing in front of the giant whale, and launching his bucket again.

It immediately sent that whale flying to the sea, wiping away its life force!

One supreme being beast died just like that!


The Unending Seas waves roared as the old hag was born again, reviving.

She frowned as she looked at Elite King with a sinister expression.

The Whale was already the second supreme being that was killed.

Elite King found a rhythm.

He noticed that the old hag could revive constantly with the Endless Sea, but there would be an interval before she could revive.

He would use that time to help Jiang Liu and the others kill the supreme being beasts.

Other than the old hag, the other supreme beings died like that.

As long as he continued like that, subduing the Endless Sea was just a matter of time.

“Hahaha, this is great.

Lets continue killing them!” Shu Zhen held his shovel and pierced another one of the supreme beings, laughing.

With him, Elite King, Jiang Liu, and the steele, they were already at an advantage.

Ordinary supreme beings could not compare to any of them.

Each of them could face two to three supreme being beasts.

However, just as they were about to completely suppress the Endless Sea, three horrifying auras shot over from the Door of Wonder.


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