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“Who is this cheeky little brat”

When Victor saw Leon, whom I brought with me, he blatantly frowned.

Leon stood next to me, his expression unbothered by Victor’s attitude.

I wondered if he would call everyone a “kid” if he didn’t like them.

I think it was Victor who was more like a kid than anyone else.

“This is the boy I told you I would bring.”

“I thought he would be from this country.”

“As you know, I’m not from this country either.”

“So you’re all outcasts except for me,” Victor said, clicking his tongue.

A prince from the Ravaal Kingdom, an assassin from the Melvyn Kingdom, and an exiled daughter from the Duelkis Kingdom.

What an evil-looking bunch! I suppose having a similar disposition attracts the other.

What a fantastic turn of events.

I couldn’t help but smile.

“Let’s be friends as outcasts.”

“Why do you look so happy I really don’t understand you.”

Victor was a little taken aback, but Leon remained expressionless.

We headed for the stable.

What a big stable.

This stable was a good indicator of the country’s economic power.

It was no wonder that this country was considered a major power.

I was a little lost when Victor said, “Any horse will do”.

Leon chose a black horse, which seemed to have more stamina.

…It didn’t have to be a very capable horse, did it

I was about to choose a small white horse when something black appeared in front of the stable.

“What” said Victor.

Standing before us was Rai, staring at us with dignity.

His dignified appearance took my breath away.

He looked like a king who had conquered all animals, and I realized why a Lion was called the king of all beasts.

Was Rai really this cool

“I guess Master won’t be riding a horse.”

Leon muttered beside me.

“That’s the privilege of being a little guy.”

I ignored Victor’s words and approached Rai.

As I stood in front of Rai, he slowly lowered his head.

The gesture was as if to say it was his honor to have me on board.

“Lion is showing his respect to Master.”

“…I might spend the rest of my life wondering who that kid is.”

I could hear Leon and Victor’s voices behind me.

“You’re giving me a ride”

He raises his head in response.

I wondered if he was so obedient to me because I channeled my magical power into him… In the animal kingdom, I’d be called a villainess for dominating the king of beasts.

“Thank you”, I whispered in Rai’s ear and gently stroked his fine fur.

After seeing his memories in that arena, I was under the impression that he was distrustful and wary of humans, but Rai had been on my side ever since that day.

Even if it was a human who hurt his pride, Rai was always there to help me.

I should strive to be a woman worthy of Rai, who has returned to being beautiful and noble.

I leapt on top of him.

A pleasant morning breeze blew through my smooth and silky hair.

The cloth that had been loosely tied around my eyes was blown away.

Victor and Leon’s eyes meet.

“You’re a strong woman, but you’re so self-assured that it depresses me.”

“Don’t fall in love with the Master’s beauty.”

“…I’m not falling for this little brat.”

Victor replied to Leon’s words in a slightly feeble voice.

Maybe these two were more compatible than I thought.


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