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Alicia would come back on her own, even without Liz Cather’s help.




“I know, my Lord.”


At Duke’s words, Mel quickly disappeared.

It had been a while since I had heard the word “my Lord” from her mouth.


Our plan was simple.

We’d carry out the experiment in this uselessly large student council room.

All we needed were Liz and Eric.


“What exactly are you all talking about Didn’t you just say you were going to save Alicia”


Henry replied, “I’m sorry, but no”.


Eric became upset when he realized he and Liz had been summoned together.

They knew it would be difficult to invite both Liz and Eric, so they used Alicia’s name this time.


“What do you mean”


Eric frowned.


“Liz, you are unconsciously casting a spell on Eric.

I need you to break it.”


Eric couldn’t hear Duke’s voice since Mel was using magic to prevent Duke’s words from reaching Eric’s ears, because if Duke’s words upset Eric, he’d be in big trouble.


“…What do you mean I didn’t use magic on Eric.”


“You are using magic not only on Eric, but on most of the students at this school.”


“I would never do such a thing!”


Liz exclaimed before Duke could finish his sentence, while Eric stood next to her with a confused look on his face.


“Liz, what’s going on”


Liz Cather questioned Duke, ignoring Eric’s words.


“What kind of magic am I using Did I hurt someone”


The fact that she didn’t even realize it and didn’t intend to admit it was the most infuriating thing about her, and since she was unconsciously using it, it was very difficult to make her realize that she was harming the people around her.


It was easier to deal with the magic if it was truly performed with malicious intent.


Liz Cather, who was usually so composed, was shaken by Duke’s words.

That’s why I’d decided not to tell her directly, but… The saint’s magical influence was too strong for me to handle.


“Hey! What the heck is going on”


Eric raised his voice as he looked at us.

He was essential to this experiment, but he needed to shut up for now.


“Sleep for a while~”


I heard Mel’s voice from somewhere.

It seemed that they had been communicating with each other ever since Mel had disappeared.


Eric slowly shifted his position and collapsed onto a nearby sofa.

He fell asleep comfortably.


Mel must be a talented person to be able to make Eric fall asleep.

It’s no wonder she’s Duke’s close associate.




Liz Cather turned around just as he collapsed.


“He’s fine; we’re just letting him rest.”


Duke said, and Liz Cather slowly turned her gaze towards Duke again.


I couldn’t take my eyes off her emerald green eyes, which were serious and not dismayed, even when dealing with the prince.

She could look at him like this too….


“…Tell me again, what in the world was the magic I’m using”


After a short silence, Duke answered.


“It’s Charm Magic.”


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