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“Alan, can I talk to you for a minute”


Henry asked Alan inside the mansion.


I never thought he would actually do it.


It might seem unethical, but if the prince said it was okay, then so be it.


I hadn’t seen them talk much, but among us, Henry would be the best person to call Alan.


Alan would definitely come if Duke called, but it would be suspicious.

More importantly, a rumor would spread.


I sneaked a peek and saw Alan’s back and Henry’s face.


Henry winked at me when he caught me looking at them.


…I mean, there was just too much tension, you know


Well, would I prefer them to be a little more relaxed Being with them, I felt as though my senses had been numbed.




Alan didn’t seem too suspicious.


Wouldn’t he be suspicious if they were from different factions, even if they were brothers


“What’s your level now”




Alan immediately answered Henry’s words.


Fifty-two Isn’t that low


No, was that only how much you would grow when you reached the age of 18


Alicia should be fifteen now, no not fifteen, but sixteen, because she should have celebrated her birthday over there.

She was level 91.


Duke is 20 years old and level 100 …I must be crazy!


I didn’t know what the average was!


I didn’t know about Mel, but I have a feeling it wasn’t that high because she wasn’t one of the five great nobles.


If I took the average level of the people surrounding me, Alan would probably be outclassed.


“And Henry”




“Twins, but very different.”


Alan chuckled, perhaps in an attempt at sarcasm.


“You’ve always been ahead of me.”


“Is that so”


Henry tilted his head slightly at Alan’s words.


Those in front know more about those ahead of them than those in back, while those in the back would never pay attention to the people behind them.


I could sympathize with Alan’s and Liz’s feelings because I was born in the impoverished village and am now a student at the Magic Academy.

However, I would never be their ally.


I guess Henry, Duke and Alicia wouldn’t know how they felt either.


They were not jealous of others.

People who have enough to spare never become jealous of someone else.


“Henry always had the upper hand in magic and academic ability, so didn’t Eric and Henry once bring Alicia to a plant shop in town when she was still a little girl I wasn’t doing so well then, so I was being tutored for special classes and couldn’t come with you all.”


“Oh, I remember that happening.”


“Well, it’s no wonder you don’t remember.”


“Being twins is a pain in the neck.

It’s not the same as being compared to Big Brother Al.”


Henry said to himself in a self-deprecating tone.


What This was not what Henry was talking about at all.


Well, what was he going to do, get Alan to ask him about the weather


Well, I did not expect Alan to be caught in such a way right from the start.


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