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“Hey, Albert, what do you think”


Albert frowned at Kate’s abrupt statement.


“What do you mean”


“Well, this Ria kid, does he stand a chance”


Kate choked up a little as she spoke, trying not to reveal that Alicia was a woman in Neil’s presence.


“I don’t know yet.”


Albert replied sarcastically.

Mark said nothing, listening to their conversation.


“I think that kid is going to do well.”


Kate muttered happily.


Unaware of such talk on the ground, I just keep diving in the pond.


Wow, it stinks!


It really was muddy water.

I was a fool to think that the lake was actually clear and transparent, and that it only appeared dirty.


I struggled through the thin, gray, dirty water.

Without opening my mouth, I exhale little by little through my nose.


Captain Marius approached from behind, moving his heavy body frantically.

Jurd was a little behind me, looking as if he was struggling.


He looked like he was about to gasp for air….

I wonder if he was alright.


I didn’t have time to worry about others, but I was worried about him and turned my head back.


Victor noticed me and signaled with a small wave of his hand that I should look forward.

He was telling me not to think about the other soldiers.

Only think about our destination at the end of the lake where we were headed.


[Soldiers are pawns.]


The words Victor said earlier replayed in my head.


Jurd would surely absorb the poison.

I wasn’t sure if it would kill him, but from the looks of him, he’d have a hard time climbing back up now.


The thought sent chills down my spine.


I guess we had to go on a mission with death as our only option…there was something at the bottom of this lake that Victor wanted to get, even if it meant sacrificing his friends…I had to get it.

I’ll do whatever it takes to survive.


I braced myself once more and continued to dive deeper into the lake.


I’m almost exhausted.

A little more patience.

Hang in there, me.


I moved my arms and legs, suppressing the urge to scream as I gradually began to suffer.


There wasn’t a single fish in the stagnant water, so I swam around without a care in the world.

Suddenly, I noticed a hole in a rock.


It was probably big enough for one adult.


I glanced at Victor.

He motioned for me to enter.


I firmly grasped the rock and pushed myself into the hole, fighting against the water pressure.As soon as the upper half of my body was in the hole, I was pushed by a massive current of water.

It was too fast for me to understand what was happening.


What What happened


I felt like I was at an amusement park attraction.

Breathing was strictly forbidden, though.


I clamp my mouth shut and pinch my nose with my fingers.


If I couldn’t return at this point, I would drown for sure.


Oh, I have magic.

Yes, I could use magic.

No, I shouldn’t use it, since my current setup was that I was unable to use it.


Besides, I remembered that the magic of turning water into air was water magic.

Magic that specific would be weird if you think about it, right


“Ah, wait!!!”


As I was thinking that, I was thrown out onto a large flat rocky beach with a stream of water.


At the same time, I took a deep breath.

I could breathe.

I take in oxygen all at once.


I was gasping and out of breath, but I made it this far without ingesting any poison.

After me, Victor, Captain Marius, and Ceres were thrown out onto the rocks in that order.


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