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“Did she really give him an eye…”


Arnold said with a slight tremor in his voice.


I didn’t think she would go that far, and I could understand why he would suspect me of lying, even if I said so myself.


I didn’t expect Alicia to give Gramps an eye, either.


“The other party.”


“Perhaps you know best, don’t you”


I said this as I glared at the king.


He didn’t know what I was talking about and furrowed his brow.


“Do you want me to keep our trash in the dumpster Have you not noticed that the trash is overflowing”


“Gilles, leave it at that.

My father was just following my grandmother’s lead.”


Duke said this to me in a low voice so that no one could hear.


“What grandmother”


The concubine I was about to say, and stopped.

Liz Cather and her friends did not know that the current king’s mother was a concubine.


…What is the meaning of this


They knew the old king and queen had died, but there was no information that the concubine had also died.

And it was never mentioned that she was still alive.


“I’ll tell you more later.”


I obeyed Duke and closed my mouth.


“Let’s back up a little.

We’re not going to war.

But you never know what the world has in store for you.

It’s only natural to be prepared for it.

A country full of weak soldiers would be finished if attacked.

We should strengthen our armed forces.”


Everyone’s expressions changed with his words.

Their hearts were stirring.


Perhaps it may be the prince who could break the spell of Liz Cather’s charm.

…I wonder if that was possible.


“War is not good, but preparing for war brings development.

This will help me to develop this country.”


His eyes do not reflect those of a prince in paradise, but rather those of a strategist thinking about the future of his country.


Everyone is riveted and mesmerized by those glowing and powerful eyes of Duke.


“That ambition can lead to conflict, which can lead to ruin.” – Liz


“Then we only need to stop it by focusing on diplomacy.” 


Duke directed a sharp glare at Liz Cather and she shuddered.


…She’s got a lot of nerve to look at me like this and still like Duke.


“Your Majesty, your single decision can kill or save many people.

…Please don’t make the mistake of using that power in the wrong way.”


Shifting his gaze to the king, he just says that and turns to leave.


Oh, we’re leaving already


I trotted after him.

Duke and I had different pace, so I’d have plenty of time to think about life as I caught up to him.


Just as we were about to leave, I heard the King’s voice from behind me.


“When did I make a mistake”


Duke stopped and looked back at the king.


I could feel the air becoming tense.


“You’ve rendered all the people who could have helped our country useless.”


I could see that the king was startled by Duke’s words, as if he had just remembered something.


He must have had his own ideas, and he was not a stupid man.

But the king was not the one behind all this.


That didn’t mean it was his mother, either.

I don’t think she could do something that big as a concubine.


This time, none of the five nobles except Arnold has said a word.


There was definitely something going on behind their backs.




The King called my name in a soft voice.


“I want you to tell me who Alicia gave her eye to.”


I took a breath and opened my mouth.


“Will Seeker.”


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