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It took a while, but it’s obvious now, isn’t it


I wish I could have a little more fun dressing up as a man.


Surely a prince of a country wouldn’t be fooled by something like this.

He would be a pretty insensitive prince if he truly believed I was a man….


I thought I was relatively well-dressed for a man.


“Prince, what are you talking about This guy, no matter how you look at him, is a man.

There’s no woman like her.”


“Shut up.”


Victor silenced the guards in an instant.


He was a prince who had a great deal of power.

It seems like he wasn’t just spoiled and reckless while growing up.


Ravaal was a big country, so he must have received a good education.


“It’s getting more and more suspicious that he’s blind.”


In this kind of situation, it was best not to say anything.


Victor, who stood in front of me, exerted tremendous pressure on me, but I remained silent.


He sighed after a few moments of silence.


“Back off.”


I know what he said was meant for the guards, but I tried to leave with them.


Victor could be dangerous.

I can’t wait to get out of here as well.


“You stay.”


Victor tightened his grip on my arm and pulled me back with a snap.


The guards looked a little disapproving, but followed Victor’s words and left the room.


…What the heck was this development


Victor let go of his hand after making sure the guards were fully out of sight.

He then sat down on the desk.


He stared at me as if he could see right through me.


I hate those eyes.

Only those who don’t want other people to know about them are good at probing.


“Women are so much more trouble than they’re worth.”


I guess I wouldn’t have to pretend to be a boy if he already knew, but I might as well keep going just in case.


“Are you traumatized by women”


“…You should try to get a woman to move like you.

And on top of that, regardless of whether they can see or not, they’re wearing a blindfold.”


“No man can stand that.”


“That’s what I’m talking about.

Besides, with my father, he’d start talking about letting those guys take care of your manners.

…Ah, what a pain in the neck.”


“Who are those guys”


“You’re going to meet them sooner or later.”


Are they really that scary …I’d love to meet them, then!


I needed to learn from others how to be scary as well.

A villainess should be someone that people were terrified of.


“You knew that my father would take a liking to you, didn’t you”


Victor said in a low voice.


I did have a feeling that he would take a liking to me, but ultimately it was the king’s decision.


It was a high-risk gamble because I had no idea what would happen.


Of course, I didn’t say anything, since I didn’t want him to understand my thoughts.


“…Who are you”


“The poor kid, Ria.”


“That’s not a very interesting answer.”


He clicked his tongue loudly.


I didn’t know what he wanted me to say.


“You stink.”


When you know she’s a girl, how can you say something like that to her


You aren’t going to be popular …Well, you have a good face, so you wouldn’t have any trouble with women.


“Take it off.”


Victor’s loud voice echoed in the room.


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