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This place is like a checkpoint, isn’t it


I looked around as the guards led me.

It’s a magnificent building.

If they can afford to spend money on this place, there should be more places to fix.


I observed the inside of the building, half-amused.

There didn’t seem to be a single civilian in the building.

For such a large building, there are only a few people working here.


It’s no wonder.

Because almost no one uses checkpoints.


“What a dirty boy.”


“He must be from a poor village.”


“Poor kid, he’s so young.”


“You shouldn’t stare at him so much.”


The surrounding voices echoed relentlessly in my ears.


It would be rude of me not to stare at them after staring at me so unreservedly.

Besides, I would determine if it’s pitiful or not.

It’s not for you outsiders to decide.




“What did that boy do to deserve this”


“He’s blind in both eyes, he’s miserable, and now he’s going to be deported, his life is over.”


“You don’t get deported unless something bad has happened.”


“Well, I heard that the Williams family’s daughter got arrested too.”


“I’m sure she’ll be released soon.

She’s one of the five noble families.

I’m sure they can do something with their money.”


“Hiding the truth is their specialty, isn’t it”


I can hear them giggling as they say that.


I’m impressed that they can turn sarcasm into laughter.

But then again, to a certain class of people, aristocrats are considered to be corrupt…


“Hey boy~, what the hell did you do”


Some of them approached me in a curious and mischievous manner.


“Just ignore them.”


The guard instantly whispered to me, as I was a little unsure whether to answer or not.


I did as he said, making sure not to respond to any of their words, and was taken straight to one of the rooms.


“What is this…”


“This is a room where criminals entering the Ravaal Kingdom gather.”


You don’t need to explain that to me, I’ll know it when I see it.


What I’m trying to say is that I’m surprised that I’m not the only one being deported.


Was deportation really this common …or was my research too shallow No, of course not.

I’m sure I did my research very carefully.


I had some questions I wanted to ask the guard, but there was no point in questioning him now, and more importantly, I didn’t know if he knew the truth about the situation.


Five of us would be deported today, myself and four others.

Whether four is too few or too many depends on the person… Not only is it rare for nobles to be deported, but it should also be rare for commoners to be deported, right


There was one woman and three men, all in their thirties or so.

They are wearing tattered robes, just like I am now.


“Come on, get inside.”


The man who was in charge of the room pushed me.


I entered the room without saying a word, thinking that not long ago I would have mentioned to him that he was not treating a lady well.


“Thank you for your time.”


The man said, bowing deeply to the guards.


After all, guards serving in the royal palace are the ones to be looked up to.

The guard turned his face toward me as if he wanted to say something.


Don’t ever say anything to them.

I’ve come this far, please don’t ruin it.


I continued to send a desperate discreet reminder to the guard.

Unfortunately, my eyes were covered at the moment, so I couldn’t signal him with my eyes.


As if he could read my mind, the guard hesitantly said, “Take care,” and left.

His words sounded as if he sincerely wished me well.


I knew that Uncle Will had been right about the significance of tone and inflection in one’s voice.


…I’m really alone at last, aren’t I I think this is the first time in my life that I’ve been in a world where no one is on my side.


I am really a villainess for enjoying this situation… The edges of my mouth were unconsciously curling upwards.


Righteous Flower of Evil:

…There are people in Ravaal that know about the Williams family And they know that Alicia was exiled already ………….I guess the enemy has a MUCH better intelligence system than Duelkis.

I don’t know who those gossipers were, but from their actions they didn’t seem like higher-ups.

So I guess news of Duelkis becomes common knowledge over in Ravaal almost immediately.



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