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Chapter 182


“Alicia!” (Arnold)


I was just about to walk out the door when I heard my father yell.


His forehead was sweating and he was breathing hard.

It’s a rather long distance from my room to the front door.

It must be pretty tough to run that distance… I didn’t know why he was in such a hurry.


“There’s something I forgot to tell you.” (Arnold)


“What is it” (Alicia)


I tilted my head lightly and looked at my father.


“I wasn’t sure if I should tell you.” (Arnold)


“Oh, please tell me quickly.” (Alicia)


“… I heard that it was the prince who suggested that Ali was a suspect.”


“What” (Alicia)


The prince… I mean, does Duke-sama know he has amnesia


I’m so overwhelmed that I can’t think anymore.


“The only person Duke has forgotten is Alicia.

That’s probably why he thought you were the most suspicious.” (Arnold)


Oh, that’s right.

He’s only forgotten about me.


“And Ali, you said you’ve killed people before”


“Yes, I did.

It’s a fact.” (Alicia)


“Did you say it while laughing” (Arnold)


Father’s eyes were stern when he looked at me.


I’m a villainess.

I don’t regret killing people.

Besides, I was in a situation where I had to do it, or I would have been killed.


“Yes.” (Alicia)


“… I see.” (Arnold)


Father muttered in a weak voice.


I’m finally starting to understand what’s going on.

Duke-sama despised me for gleefully boasting that I had killed someone.


And I am the only one who he can’t remember…So I guess he thought I did something wrong and wiped myself from his memory in order for him to forget about it.


“So that’s it…” (Alicia)


“If you’re looking for a brief of the case, you’re not getting any of it.” (Arnold)


“I’m not sure who the culprit is or what their actual goal is, but I think I have a rough understanding of how I ended up in this situation.” (Alicia)


“It’s time.” (Guard)


A guard interrupted our conversation.


Oh, I can’t believe he would use honorifics for a suspect.

I’m glad I’m one of the five great nobles.

I mean, they were the royal guards.

They have good manners.


“I will be going.” (Alicia)


“… Ah.” (Arnold)


My father looked at me with a worried expression.

It was as if he would never see me again.

I wish he’d send me off with a smile… Because I wasn’t the one who erased Duke-sama’s memory in the first place.


I’ll definitely prove my innocence.

And, anyway, I wouldn’t mind if I was proven guilty and sentenced to the Ravaal Kingdom.


“Don’t worry.

I’m pretty strong.” (Alicia)


“Yeah, I know.” (Arnold)


Then my father chuckled.


I was taken by the guards and placed in a caged carriage.


… I feel like a prisoner.

I wonder if it’s okay if they don’t use ropes to bind my hands.


“Um, Lady Alicia.” (Royal Guard 1)


As soon as I entered the cage, a guard called out to me.


“We are certain that Lady Alicia is not the culprit.

Please forgive us for this rudeness.” (Royal Guard 2)


The guards around the cage nodded in unison.


Oh my, how could the royal guards be on my side


“We are on Alicia-sama’s side, no matter what the situation!” (Royal Guard 1)


“Yes!” (Royal Guards)


Loud, high-pitched voices could be heard from everywhere.


While I was in a daze, one of the guards told me.


“Duke-sama once told me to stay on Lady Alicia’s side no matter what.” (Royal Guard 1)


I couldn’t say anything since I was so taken aback.


I had no idea Duke-sama cared so much about me….


“Because the prince is very much in love with Lady Alicia.” (Royal Guard 1)


The guard who seemed to be the leader said so with a smile.


…I’m flattered, but if I get any more allies, I’ll lose my dignity as a villainess.

It’s my job to make everyone detest me.


Righteous Flower of Evil:

So… I definitely misread Duke XD I guess he really was just creeped out by her easy admittance to murder.

Though… If he really thinks that she wiped his memory due to him witnessing her kill someone, then it’s not only Alicia who isn’t acting as smart as she is supposed to be.

Who in their right minds would wipe a witness’s memory only to boast about it the moment they meet again


Also, when the guards turned out to be on Alicia’s side, for a moment I thought Mel and Henry might have taken them out and replaced them XD


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