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He Xuyan was drowned in the crowd.

His gaze passed everyone and landed on Xu Zhiqin.

Xu Zhiqin didnt look at him, but she couldnt ignore his strong gaze.

She held the microphone and clenched her fists tightly.

For once, she was a little nervous.

She said calmly, “I thank you, Madam Pan, for speaking up for me today and explaining what happened between me, Pan Hongsen, and Yali.

Previously, I didnt have any evidence to prove that I was in a relationship with Pan Hongsen nor to debunk the claims about my one-sided harassment.

Im sure everyone is clear about it now.

Ill also make a statement here.

Although Pan Hongsen and I were once in a relationship, weve already broken up.

Theres no possibility of us being together in the future.

“I wont harass him or Yali, let alone interact with them unless they insist on stepping on my head.

In that case, I have to fight back.

Thats all.

Thank you, everyone.”

Pan Ju panicked.

“Zhiqin, you cant do this.

Im still waiting for you to give birth to my grandchild for me.

Youre also the best at taking care of people.

Previously, when I was sick, it was all thanks to you that I got better.

Zhiqin, I know youve suffered, and it wont happen again.”

“Madam Pan, Ive already said that theres nothing going on between me and Pan Hongsen.

Please dont think too highly of me,” Xu Zhiqin said solemnly.

With that, she turned and left.

“Zhiqin! Zhiqin!” Madam Pan shouted, unwilling to give up.

The reporters immediately recorded this scene.

Xu Zhiqin was escorted back to the car by He Xuyan.

Her body went weak, and she collapsed.

She didnt do anything big, but the weight in her heart seemed to have been released.

Her tense nerves also relaxed completely.

She leaned against the car window and panted heavily as if she had just finished a marathon.

She wanted to vent all the anger in her heart.

He Xuyan reached out and gently pulled her head over his shoulder.

Xu Zhiqin didnt say anything, nor did she open her eyes.

She silently leaned against him, letting herself throw away her burdens and feel the peace of the moment.

Her hair occasionally brushed past He Xuyans shoulders and neck.

It was a little numb and itchy, causing a faint smile to appear on his lips.

News of this interview spread very quickly.

It was nine oclock in the morning.

Everyone had just started work, and it was a habit of theirs to look at todays news.

[Xu Zhiqin has been misunderstood for many years! Yali is the third party!]

[How big of a scumbag is Pan Hongsen Madam Pan has personally revealed his relationship with Xu Zhiqin!]

[Xu Zhiqin has made a great loss.

She worked hard for so many years only to benefit others.]

The reporters had already sorted out the interview this morning and written long articles.

The other marketing accounts had just started work and immediately rubbed their palms together.

Pan Hongsens and Yalis fans didnt know how to react.

If they wanted to scold someone, it would be Pan Hongsens mother.

She had appeared on Pan Hongsens Weibo before, so no one could say that they were mistaken.

Were they going to scold Xu Zhiqin But Pan Hongsens mother had personally given the evidence!

For a moment, the fans were confused.

Xu Zhiqins fans finally found their confidence after last nights wave of criticisms.

[Thats why scumbags and sl*ts are deserving of their infamy.

Theyre the ones who cheated on others, but theyre blaming others instead!]

[Zhiqin, youve really been wronged.

Youve sacrificed so much for so many years, but you were so easily gotten rid of and even had to take the blame.]

[Now, I want to see what Pan Hongsen and Yali have to say!]

[I wanna give Zhiqin a hug!]

[Zhiqin, youre right.

Let Yali deal with this piece of trash.

Dont be nice to him anymore!]

[Yali, you said that Zhiqin wanted to harass Pan Hongsen and interfere in your relationship.

Now, it seems that everything youve said is a complete joke!]

The fans took screenshots of what Yali had said before and put them together as evidence.

What Pan Hongsen said last night was also a slap in the face.

The two peoples Weibo accounts had fallen into chaos.

The netizens couldnt stand it anymore and clamored for Pan Hongsen and Yali to give an explanation.

The reporters also interviewed the doctors and nurses in the hospital.

Some of them still remembered Xu Zhiqin and said, “Thats right.

Xu Zhiqin used to come often to take care of Pan Hongsens mother.

The two of them were as close as mother and daughter.

Their relationship was indeed very unusual.

Previously, I thought it was strange that Pan Hongsen said those things about Xu Zhiqin.

Xu Zhiqin had clearly taken care of everything in an orderly manner, and he was very intimate with her.

He didnt seem to dislike Xu Zhiqin at all, so why did he say that about her when something happened Now, I know that its just a way for a scumbag to slander his ex-girlfriend!”

Pan Hongsen and Yali were stunned when they found out what had happened that day.

When Yali stepped out of the set after filming a commercial, she was attacked with rotten eggs and tomatoes.

She got into the van and was so angry that she immediately called Pan Hongsen.

“Hongsen, did you hear what your mother said! How did this happen”

“Im not too sure.” Pan Hongsen was pacing anxiously.

His mother had always been on the same side as him and had no sympathy for Xu Zhiqin.

This time, the matter was exposed by his mother and he did not receive any news at all.

He failed to take into account that it was an easy matter for He Xuyan to cut off his contact with his mother.

“Then get your mother to clarify it immediately! If this continues, well be criticized to death.

And what does your mother mean Why is she pushing everything on me” Yali was very angry.

Pan Ju said that she was the only one in the wrong.

Then what about Pan Hongsen

Who did Xu Zhiqin think she was

Pan Hongsen said angrily, “How can you say that about my mother It wasnt easy for my mother to raise me alone.

Even if she said something wrong, its only because was being used by someone.”

“Why cant I say that Did she do anything right Back then, she was picky and said that I wasnt as good as Xu Zhiqin.

Now, shes slandering me.

Pan Hongsen, you were also involved in this matter, right” Yali mocked.

“Yali, stop slandering me! Im telling you, youre not allowed to say anything bad about my mother!” Pan Hongsen said angrily.

He was a little suspicious.

Yali seemed to want to shake him off now.

Previously, they were a very good couple.

Now, they suspected each other and did not show any mercy.

It was a three-way relationship, so they naturally suspected each other.

This relationship had started off the wrong way.

It was no wonder that it was about to become bad.

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