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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 8 Mainline Quest Reward

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Chapter 8 Mainline Quest Reward

Da da da!


In the dark and narrow alley, a black shadow quickly passed through and the figure staggered slightly. He stepped on a low-pitched puddle on the side of the road and water splashed.


The fast-running figure stopped in the darkness deep in the lane and listened to the voice coming from the darkness as he panted against the wall.

“System! System! Give it to me!” Lin Rui, who was leaning against the wall and gasping, slowly slipped down and shouted at the system loudly in his mind.

“Eh! What! Oh! Congratulations to the host for completing this Quest! You are closer to becoming a Vigilante!” The system finally responded to Lin Ruis call. And, in its words, it seems that Lin Rui has finished the Quest tonight.

“Dont tell me that there is no reward! Do you know that I almost died just now! If I am just going to die for nothing then let these Quests go to hell!” Recalling the thrilling scene just now, Lin Rui is still worried. If it wasnt for a magic item that he had previously exchanged in the System Shop to protect him, He wouldnt be able to sit here and talk to the system.

“Arent you okay now And you finished the Quest. Congratulations! ” The system ignores Lin Ruis anger and whispered.

“Yeah! I have taken two punches! I was shot by a man! The Magic protective charms worth 100 Reward points are consumed for the most part! And all that just to completes this damn mainline Quest!” Lin Rui feels uncomfortable and he replied with a flat voice. Lin Rui feel that he has taken the wrong path. Maybe the Supervillain path is really better

“Thats the same thing that cant be done! I cant remind you when you finish the main line Quest. Thats the rule. And you were beaten because you were careless. You had believed that you had defeated everyone then suddenly one of them pointed a gun at you which almost scared you to the point of death.” The system continues to talk indifferently about Lin Ruis contempt.

“All right! Well, Ive finished todays Quest. Give me the Quest Reward.” Instead of continuing to fight with the system, Lin Rui is now concerned about whether it was worthwhile to almost kill himself in such a way.

“OK! If you rush, Ill send you the Reward.” See Lin Ruis request, the system is finally more serious.


Then a flash of light flashed through Lin Ruis mind and a familiar sound of reward was heard in his mind. At the same time, two items with different lights appeared in Lin Ruis mind. At this time, however, he did not notice the two items that suddenly appeared, because he was shocked by the number of Reward points he got.

“1000 points! 1000 points! Really 1000 points!! “Lin Rui couldnt believe it when he watched his Reward point change from 100 to 1100 in an instant.

Lin Rui didnt know how many Quests he had completed in the system before. The total amount of Reward Point, which he has been working hard for more than ten years, wouldnt equal to the points he has earned tonight. Although tonights Quest was indeed the most dangerous one to date, Lin Rui also feels that this time Quests Reward is too much and it seems that the system has suddenly become generous.

In fact, Lin Rui didnt know that this time the Quest Reward was the Reward of the novice Quest in the mainline Quest and the system has no influence over it. Quests like those previously completed by Lin Rui were released by the system itself and Reward was given by the system itself. Who knows how much the system deducted from them

“Eh There are two more items!” Looking back at the instantaneous growth of Reward points, Lin Rui found the two items floating in his mind.

“A copy of the Low-Level Elven Holy Spring Water. Effect: It can treat common internal and external injuries and eliminate the negative effect of Low Level. The number of uses: one.”

“A copy of Low-Level cultivation technique Soaring Dragon Art. Effect: After training, it can improve your bodys potential, enhance your physical and strength limits and get the magical inner qi of the East.”

Looking at the two items, Lin Rui read out the small words on the item silently. Then he was stunned again. Lin Rui knows that although the Elven Holy Spring Water is only the lowest level treatment spring instead of the advanced one that can save lives, this has already been priced at 200 Reward Points in the System Shop! The “Soaring Dragon Art” Lin Rui didnt know what the cultivation technique was, but he also found it in the System Shop instantly and it was also worth 200 Reward points.

“This time Quest Reward is so rich! There are two items besides 1,000 Reward points! System, are you okay Lin Rui asked the system, of course, after putting those two items away.

“Yes, this is all of your Quests Reward. Why, do you feel that it was worthwhile to take those risks now” The system certainly wouldnt admit that he had deliberately jammed Lin Ruis Reward before and asked calmly.

“Comparing with your previous Reward, this time it was certainly worth it!” Lin Rui answered truthfully.

System: “…” Did this kid discover the truth!

“However, I am still not used to it! Giving me so many Reward at once, will the next Quest be more dangerous” Just when the system thought Lin Rui had discovered something, his next words dispelled the systems concerns.

“I dont know. The Quest you will receive on the Superhero path is not under my control. However, I have already reminded you previously that this path will not be easy.” The system still seems to have some regrets because Lin Rui chose to become a Superhero.

“Well, its no use worrying now. Lets think about how to explain it when I get home. Its eleven oclock now and there are two punch marks on my face!” The Phantom Suit on his body quickly dissipated, revealing Lin Ruis face with two punch marks and he muttered helplessly.

“I think youll find a good reason to come home so late, such as having a good chat with a girl and so on. As for your injuries, didnt you just got Spring water If you use that, youll soon recover and be much healthier than before. Hearing Lin Ruis words, the system put forward its own suggestions faintly. In its view, these are small things.

“Talking to a girl till now That will raise even more questions! Also, I was punched. Although a shot was shot in the chest, it was blocked by a shield charm, which was not a major obstacle. Its too wasteful to just use the 200 Reward points holy springs and its obviously a single use item. I want to save it for the next critical moment. Negating the systematic suggestion, Lin Rui slowly stood up against the wall.

“Its up to you. Anyway, this kind of thing should happen frequently in the future. Youd better find a better reason.” The system finally reminds him that this will be normal in the future and judging from tonight it is true.

“Ah! What should I tell my parents Lin Rui, who stood up from the ground, was distressed to think about it, and then walked out quickly.

Da Da ~

Da Da ~

On the dark street, a slightly skinny man slowly headed for the main road. Now he needed to take a taxi home.


The next morning, while Lin Rui was still sleeping in bed, his parents had found out how late he had come back last night.

Bang bang bang.

“Jackson, are you awake” Lin Ruis parents discussed and his mother came up to prepare for a light talk with him about coming back so late last night.

“Whoo-ah- Mom Ah! Wait!” Lin Rui, who was awakened by the knock at the door, was confused and then woke up and responded quickly. He didnt want his mother to come in and see the wound on his face, so he had to hide it.

Lin Ruis mother, who heard her sons voice, didnt knock on the door again and waited quietly outside and gave her son full privacy.

“Mom! You can come in.” After a rustle, Lin Ruis voice came from the room.


“Jackson, you were late last night… Well, whats wrong with you” Mary, who pushed the door in, was about to ask Lin Rui about his late return last night, but when she saw what Lin Rui looked like, she turned her head.

At this time, Lin Rui wore a plush cap over his head, covering the upper half of his face, and a mask under it, leaving just one pair of eyes outside.

“Whoa!! Cough! Its all right, just a little cold!” Lin Rui coughed twice and came back with a low voice.

“Oh, have you caught a cold Is it serious” Hearing her sons words, Mary hurried up and wanted to see it, forgetting for a moment what she was going to ask when she came in.

“Mom, its not serious! Its all right. I just wear a mask because Im worried about infection.” With a wave, Lin Rui answered nervously.

“By the way, Im going to be late for class, so Ill go down first.” Without giving his Mom more opportunities to talk, Lin Rui has rushed downstairs.

Ten minutes later, Lin Rui was fully armed on his bicycle. And beside him is Tom, Lin Ruis mother specifically called Tom to accompany him to school.

“Mom, I am going to school!” Wearing a mask, Lin Rui waved to her worried mother standing at the door, then cycled out of the yard, followed by Tom.

“Hey! Jackson, whats wrong with you Yesterday you were a bit weird. Today you are even weirder. I dont believe that you have caught a cold.” On the way to school, Tom approached Lin Rui and asked in a low voice.

“Oh! Actually, I was injured, look!” Knowing that he couldnt hide from Tom, Lin Rui unveiled the mask for Tom to see the injury on his face.

“What happened Who beat you I heard you came home late last night!” Tom was surprised to see the two obvious fist marks on Lin Ruis face.

“Thats right! Dont talk to my mother about it!”

“Dont worry, from childhood to adulthood, which time did I expose your secret”

“Oh! As expected of my best friend!”

“But did you win”

Lin Rui: “…”

“Of course I won!”

“Thats Good!”


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