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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 21 *hidden*

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Chapter 21 *hidden*

Empire State High School, Lin Ruis class. They saw Captain America together, ate Chinese food together and went shopping together. Lin Rui and Peter had a closer relationship now. So when Lin Rui said he was going to work part-time in The Daily Bugle, Peter expressed concern and surprise.

“Jackson, are you short of money Were only in the first year in high school now. Isnt it too early to go out to work part-time” Tom asked curiously as he approached Lin Rui. Although he knew that Lin Rui had been working in the community service center since childhood, going to the newspaper outside was the real job.

“Its nothing, I just had a sudden desire to do something by myself and save some money, I planned to go out for the summer vacation. Besides, I found it interesting to be a journalist.” Lin Rui explained the reasons he had long thought about.

Although Lin Rui is only a freshman in high school, there are many 16-year-old high school students working part-time jobs in the United States, but they dont have any formal jobs. And Lin Rui doesnt need to be a full-time employee of The Daily Bugle. He just needs a journalists name.

“But why are you going to The Daily Bugle” asked Peter. “New York reporters are not so good, especially such tabloids reporters.” Even if Lin Rui wants to work part-time, he should have better choices, such as in his familys Chinese restaurant.

“Yes, if you want to intern in advance, I can recommend you to my company for an internship, you are very smart.” Harry also said, he really thought it was a good choice for Lin Rui to go to his company with his intelligence.

“Ha ha! I heard before that you had introduced Gwen to an internship, so I didnt want to join in on her fun. Besides, I think I would like to be a journalist. “Lin Rui certainly knows that Oscorp is a good choice for an internship, but hes not doing this permanently. He just wants to approach Tony Stark to finish his quest.

“Well, now that youve made up your mind, we can only support you. Maybe you can become a famous New York journalist.” When Lin Rui said, Tom had to show his support.

“Hey hey! Thats not true!” Lin Rui blinked and answered with a smile. If he would take some indecent photos of Tony then he would have a very angry and very rich person after him.

In this way, Lin Ruis part-time job in The Daily Bugle was all settled with his friends. As for Lin Ruis parents, they always supported their son. After Lin Rui and his friends had finished talking about it, Peter, who had returned to his seat, thought a lot. Jacksons family is already wealthy and he is still doing a part-time job. Do I really want to rely on Uncle Ben and Aunt May all the time Peter could not help thinking so.

Looking back at Lin Rui, who was listening to the teacher carefully, Peter felt that he also need to look for a part-time job. Because he liked photography, Peter had saved a lot of money for a long time to buy himself a camera and it seemed good to take part-time photographs in newspapers. But Lin Rui has chosen a newspaper reporter, and Peter instinctively ruled that out.

I just heard Jackson say that Gwen went to the Harry company for an internship, maybe I can also do that However, it seems that it will be troublesome for Harry. If I cant find a suitable part-time job in some time then I will ask Harry and he wouldnt mind then. Simple-minded Peter didnt wonder why he didnt know Gwen had interned with Harry and Lin Rui knew and he just thought it will be good to work with Gwen. Maybe he can take this opportunity to deepen his relationship with Gwen. The thoughts in Peters adolescent head flew in another direction in an instant.

Lin Rui, sitting in his seat, seems to be listening carefully to the class, but in fact, he is completely immersed in his own world. Hes thinking about how to become a part-time employee in The Daily Bugle, which may not be difficult. As long as he doesnt ask for too high salary, he believes that the stingy boss will be happy to accept it. As for how to approach a big man like Tony Stark as an intern journalist, he needs a good plan.

“System, do you have any good suggestions” He already has a general plan, and he needs some help in the details.

“I have to say that your plan looks perfect, at least as a journalist its easier to get close to Tony Stark than as an ordinary person. But how can you interview Tony Or would Tony be willing to be interviewed by you This is not something you can accomplish with your camera behind you. How can you get Iron Mans friendship if you cant communicate The system first affirmed Lin Ruis plan and then raised some questions.

“Tony is a guy who doesnt mind being loved by a spotlight. It Shouldnt be difficult to interview him, should it”

“The premise to that is that the reporter who interviewed him is a beautiful woman. You think that a playboy like Tony Stark is willing to let an intern reporter who is a high school student interview him. Unless you are a beautiful woman, but Tony seems not interested in children, he prefers mature. One sentence in the system dispelled Lin Ruis optimism.

“If you say that, I can only take photos from far away Thats not enough!” On hearing the system, Lin Rui said with some distress.

“Yes! Miss Pepper! Tony Starks personal assistant. Although Tony is a playboy, Miss Pepper is his true love, and he has always loved her in his heart. Maybe I can start from this. Suddenly there was a flash of inspiration in his mind. Lin Rui thought of the beautiful secretary beside Iron Man. Of course, Tony later made Pepper the CEO of Stark Industries because he was so lazy!

“Well, this is a solution. If you can make Miss Pepper feel good about you, then you have a great chance to interview Tony Stark.” Seeing Lin Ruis excitement, the system responded faintly.

“Heh heh! Maybe Miss Pepper likes a handsome young man like me!” Lin Rui, who thinks he has found a breakthrough, said with a smile. Maybe I have to do something by myself and meet Tonys true love once in a while.

System: “...”

“But what is with the mainline quest released this time Although getting to know Iron Man will really be a boost on my Superheros way, it seems to have nothing to do with my own strength improvement right now. Tonys case has been put aside for the time being. Lin Rui has had this question since yesterday. Getting to know Iron Man is just an accumulation of personal contacts. If he wants to become a Superhero, strength is still fundamental.


“Mainline quest release: under the night, the evil forces are expanding, seriously threatening the security of New York. As a little-known Vigilante, the host has an obligation to remove these evil forces and ensure the safety of New York. The target of quest: Fight against the dark forces in New York and consolidate the safe living environment of New York. Quest completion schedule: 1/100.” Just after Lin Rui asked that question, the sound of the system in his mind suddenly became empty and then he was issued a mainline quest.

Lin Rui: “...”

Why do I have such a big mouth! Wasnt it enough that I already had a quest that requires me to meet Tony Stark, why do I have to ask for even more trouble! Lin Rui, who received the quest, couldnt wait to slap himself, but he is now in the space of consciousness, even if he gives himself two slaps he wouldnt be able to feel them.

“Actually, I just wanted to remind you that mainline quest will not make you feel so relaxed. If you want to be a Superhero, constant fighting is the best way to grow up. You know that too. The voice of the system changed back to its original form again as he said faintly.

“Oh! It is also expected. The one percent completion should be my previous attack on Jeston Gang and the time I had to deal with the Russian gang with Daredevil.” Now that its done, Lin Rui has to accept it and look at the 1% Quest Completion and ask the system.

“Yes, thats exactly what you did before.”

“It seems that I have to die with Jeston Gang! Maybe, I really need a helper.” Thinking of this, A figure flashed in Lin Ruis mind, It was a guy who made him cry in the training space.

“But before that, I need a cool name!” Already on Superheros way, Lin Rui really felt that he needed a cool and intimidating name.

System: “...”

After thinking about it for a while he could not come up with a name that suits him and Lin Rui turned to Tom and Peter. These two guys are his fans, maybe they have already named him something.

“Hey! Tom! Do you remember the new Vigilante” For insurance, Lin Rui asked the first question. After all, Tom hasnt mentioned that Vigilante these days.

“Of course! Because of him, the crime rate in Queens has dropped a lot in the nights! I have always regarded him as an example! But he only appeared in the evening, and his whereabouts were swift and uncertain. Nobody really saw him today.” Hearing Lin Ruis words, Tom answered earnestly, saying that there were still some minor regrets.

“Is that right Does the new Vigilante have a name Like the nickname of Daredevil in Hells Kitchen Lin Rui asked, showing some interest, just to know if there are any good names here.

“Of course! Mirage Knight! This is the name we gave him! Is it very domineering! He is like a knight that delivers justice and disappears like a phantom! I also asked Jess from the next class to help me get a Mirage Knight fans website, now there are already more than a thousand members!” Seeing Lin Ruis interest, Tom said happily.

“Mirage Knight! fans website! Tom, you really make me stand out!” Lin Rui had to sigh at what Tom was doing. However, the name Mirage Knight is ok. Although it is almost in accordance with his own Phantom Suit, at least it sounds okay.

Okay, whats the name of the Mirage Knight website Im going to add it too!” Lin Rui simply explained and pulled out his mobile phone to join his own fans.

Chapter 21 Mirage Knight


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