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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 15 First Meeting With Daredevil

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Chapter 15 First Meeting With Daredevil

Da da da!

“Be careful! Someone!”

Bang! Bang bang!



“This side!”

Da da da!

In the smoky open space, the blurred figures and shouts were heard and the sound of gunshots was heard from time to time. The roar of the gun did not hit their enemy, but their response was quite good to an unfamiliar situation.


Bang! Bang!

Two consecutive muffled sound was heard and two burly figures in the smoke flew out and directly hit the car, Then they slowly rolled down to the ground and fainted. Avoiding indiscriminate bullets in the dark, Lin Rui directly attacked two guys with guns and kicked them. However, he also exposed himself, after all, this area is not big.

“Over there! Everybody remain close to each other! Be careful and dont fight by yourself!” Looking closely at Lin Ruis ever-moving figure, Thomas seemed to know who the enemy they were facing and as the captain who was in charge of these men, he warned them of Lin Rui.




Da da da!


Another man flew out and lost consciousness before landing. Then the smoke gradually dispersed and the gunfire slowly stopped. The blurred figures in the clearing reappeared in front of everyone, but the man who knocked out three of their companions was still missing.

Lin Rui, of course, fled again before the smoke bomb effect disappeared and he didnt expect the eight guys to react so quickly. In addition to the first few surprised attacks by him, they quickly gathered together and gave Lin Rui no more chance, he can only take one more at the edge.

Now, the effect of the smoke bomb has slowly dissipated and the remaining five people on the open ground are gathered together with their backs to each other, they looked around nervously and the guns in their hands are facing outwards. Lin Rui has little chance. The key point is that although the fighting time just now is interrupted, it has apparently alarmed the people in the factory building. Lin Rui, who hides in the dark, can hear a burst of voices and the sound of fast approaching footsteps.

“This situation is not easy to solve. Should I give up Putting Beginner Insight Technique to its limit, Lin Rui feels that his chances of defeating five people outside in a short time are not very high. Moreover, he did not know what would happen once the people in the factory came out.

“Eh Its that feeling again! Lin Rui, who was hiding in the shadows, suddenly noticed a stir on the roof of a building near the factory building.


Just the next second Lin Rui noticed the movement, a human-shaped black object rushed out from the top of the building and looking at its trajectory, its goal should be the door of the factory building.

Da da da ~

Bang! Bang bang!

Dangdang! Dangdang ~

The five men who had been staring around nervously saw the shadow and the guns in their hand had already been fired. But the bullet struck the shadow and sparked a spark. When the shadow fell to the ground, Thomass face suddenly changed. Its not an attacker at all. Its an oil bucket full of flammable and explosive liquids!


The gunfire had already stopped, but the barrel that just landed at the door of the factory building had been pierced and the sprinkled liquid was instantly ignited under the impact of the bullet and the barrel just now.



The next moment, a loud noise was produced on this open space and the burning flame rushed nearly ten meters high, blocking the gate of the factory. The five-man on the outside, who had been standing on the open ground and causing all of this, fell to the ground because of the shock wave caused by the explosion of the oil drum. Their ears went temporarily deaf because they were too close to the explosion.

Lin Rui, hiding behind a car, discovered that the shadow was a drum in advance and saw that the guys were ready to shoot. When the oil drum exploded at the door of the factory, Lin Rui blocked his ear and escaped the impact.


Lin Rui had rushed out again when the scorching waves overturned five people in the open space. No matter who is secretly helping him, Lin Rui will not miss such a good opportunity.

The fierce burning oil barrel did not cause Lin Rui any trouble, which reflected the effect of Phantom Suit, completely isolating the burning atmosphere outside. His figure rushed towards the fallen five gangsters, Lin Rui pulled out the pistol in his left hand and held the alloy baseball bat in his right hand and he quickly approaching the five people who fell to the ground.

“Ah! Devil!”

“You are the devil!”

There was a fire in front of them and a fellow in a black coat stepped on the fire, like a devil out of hell. Thats what Thomas felt right now. Of course, the explosion affected their minds. But Lin Rui did look a little scary at the moment.

“Devil Thats not my style!” Lin Rui shook his head as he heard the exclamation of the guys who fell to the ground.


The next moment, he had already greeted them with his alloy baseball bat. Thomas and others who had lost their fighting spirit were knocked unconscious.


Instead of relaxing, Lin Rui looked towards Thomas and others and quietly took his pistol in his hand as insurance and then turned to the darkness on his side.

“Friend, since you are helping me, why are you still hiding” Lin Rui said with little to no emotion on his face.

Lin Rui practiced Beginner Insight Techniquess observation without finding anyone hiding nearby at first, which made him nervous. So Lin Rui, who had never used lethal weapons, also held the pistol silently.

Da Da ~

Just after Lin Rui said that in front of him, a rhythmic sound of footsteps came out of the darkness. Then a fellow in a dark red tightly fitting suit with a half-section covering his eyes came out slowly with a stick similar to a guide stick in his hand. His steps were so light that Lin Rui would not have been able to perceive his approach if he hadnt been so focused at the moment.

“Who are you” Looking at the guy who looks like Batman but is obviously not Batman, Lin Rui cant help but ask. Although Lin Rui had seen many popular Marvel movies in his previous life, he still couldnt recognize the man standing in front of him.

“Daredevil.” There was nothing more to say, the man with the guide rod answered in a low voice.

“Oh, I am… oh~ I dont have a codename yet, sorry!” Although the name of the other party did not come to mind for a moment, Lin Rui was prepared to introduce himself politely. However, when he said half of it, he suddenly found that he did not even have a superhero name! He became awkward standing on the spot!

“I know you, you are the new Vigilante in Queens. But today you are a little bit out of your zone.” Just as Lin Rui racked his brains to prepare for a domineering name, the guy who claimed to be Daredevil replied to him. It seems that Lin Ruis deeds have already spread to Queens and even Manhattan knows him.

“Oh, you know me! But is there any geographic difference in this kind of thing We are not gangs like them.” Hearing Daredevils words, Lin Rui asked while grinning.

Of course, there was a mask and the man opposite to him could not see his expression. Moreover, Lin Rui doubted how the man across the street looked with that blindfold mask on his face.

“These people are my goals, you dont need to intervene.” Daredevil seems to disagree with Lin Ruis words and faintly replied.



And as Lin Rui and Daredevil talked outside, the fire behind them faded. From behind the burnt and deformed iron door came a burst of bombardment, apparently, the people inside were trying to rush out.

“It seems that now is not a good time for us to chat! You sure you dont need me to intervene I think there should be a lot of people inside.” Glancing at the blocked door not far away, Lin Rui said to the man who didnt want to let him fight. Lin Ruis tone was extraordinarily plain as if he would leave as soon as he spoke again.

Daredevil said nothing more this time. He was just going to come over tonight to investigate, but now the situation has reached up to this point. If this guy from Queens really leaves, he cant really handle the people in it by himself. So he nodded slightly to Lin Rui, who had flashed towards the gate in the next moment.

“Oh, ha…” Lin Rui smirked and rushed over.



Just as Daredevil and Lin Rui rushed toward the gate, the deformed gate was finally blown away by violence from inside, and the burnt, opaque oil drum blocked outside the iron gate was shot directly to one side.


As soon as the gate was opened, several gun barrels were mounted in the gaps of the doorway and the gun barrels pointed directly at the open space outside. People inside probably know whats going on outside, so they dont rush out in the first place. However, although their movements are very fast, some people are faster than them. No, its two people.

Just at the moment when one of the men reached the door, a slender stick swept from the bottom up. With a click, the man flew back and crashed on the ground behind him.


Defeating the man the figure behind the shadow has rushed into the factory like lightning and several people stopped at the door have not yet recovered from the surprise attack and when they did a baseball bat was waving at them.

Bang! Bang bang!

Lin Ruis strength is higher than that of ordinary gang members. His alloy baseball bat hit one of the thugs causing him to fly out, leaving a lot of space behind the door. Lin Rui, who followed Daredevil was decisive and their cooperation was perfect, it seemed as if they have worked with each other many times, which may be the unique tacit understanding between Vigilantes.

Bang bang bang!

After clearing the four people behind the door, Lin Rui rushed to the inside and his original position had been shrouded in a barrage. And Daredevil had also rushed into the factory behind Lin Rui.

“Shoot! Shoot! “

“This way! They… “Ah!”

Bang bang bang!

Under the curtain of night, gunfire and screams were heard from time to time in this remote factory building.


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