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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 14 Achievement And Reputation

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Chapter 14 Achievement And Reputation

“Congratulations to the host to achieve success: Hosts reputation and Fame has become Visible. It has been a week since you became a Vigilante, you finally have some of your own fans and supporters, please continue to work hard. The reward for this achievement: 200 Reward points.” Just as Lin Rui retracted his thoughts for class, his mind suddenly echoed with the flat voice of the system.

“System! You finally came out again. I thought you were ignoring me!” If you dont care about me then what are these Reward points, Lin Rui shouted happily in his mind.

“Rest assured, even if I want to ignore you, this mainline quest still wants me to publish the result and rewards.” Finally, the system did not leave as it did last night and responding faintly.

“Hey hey, I wont ask you what happened, but dont ignore me anymore. But what about this achievement: Visible fame Feeling that the mood of the system is still low, Lin Rui asked cautiously.

“Just what it says, because of your actions against Jeston Gang last night, many people now know about your deeds. The first step to becoming a Superhero is to be famous and you only did it in a week. Its already fast for a Vigilante to become famous this fast.” The systems voice is as flat as ever, but Lin Rui seemed to feel a slight relief in its tone.

“What about this Reward” Lin Rui looked at his own two hundred Reward points and couldnt help but feel happy.

If Jeston Gang deliberately wants to make him famous, then Lin Rui really wants to thank them. With Phantom Suit, Lin Rui doesnt have to worry about being recognized. But the Reward points he earned are real.

“Its the mainline quest, It will give you some kind of reward if you achieve something ahead of time in the process of completing the Quest: like becoming a little famous Vigilante before the designated time.” The system explains calmly. In fact, these facts should have been known by Lin Rui, but the mainline quest did not prompt the explanation and the system did not say anything.

“Is that so What kind of achievements are there in this mainline Quest How can I achieve these achievements” Since he is being rewarded with Reward Points and he can also earn more, Lin Rui will certainly not let them go. The key point is that a single achievement gave him many Reward Points so its no wonder that Lin Rui will want to earn more of them through these achievements!.

“I dont know what the specific achievements are, but if you go to destroy Jeston Gang now, I think there should be an achievement in there.” The white light representing the system flashed and then replied faintly. As for whether it is true or not, no one knows. Anyway, Lin Rui cant judge whether the system is telling the truth or not.

“Oh, Jeston Gang!” Lin Ruis mouth was slightly raised at its corners when he heard the systems advice. He will not do this kind of suicidal actions, He will not get himself killed to achieve some milestone!

“Or you can choose to defeat Jeston Gangs boss directly, which is a lot less difficult. Of course, it needs to be done after you finish your Mainline quest and use the reward points gained from it to upgrade yourself.” The system also gave an alternative by which Lin Rui can achieve success.

After all, its very difficult for Lin Rui to achieve these achievements, but when he finishes the mainline quest, he will surely gain a lot of Reward points in time. Then it will be easier to accomplish these things and there will be less dangerous situations for him.

“Defeating the boss of Jeston Gang It sounds a lot simpler, but I dont even know who the boss is. And, to become the boss of such a gang he must be very strong.” Lin Rui said seriously.

Its you who want to achieve some extra rewards. Ive given you my advice. Its up to you to choose.” Listening to Lin Ruis concerns, the system replied in an indifferent voice.

“Forget it, I will not risk my life for these achievements, Maybe I will complete some achievements by luck like today.” Since there is nothing on the system that can be easily accomplished, Lin Rui no longer thought of it.

“Systems, where do you think I should go to look for trouble tonight Last night that area he has gone to was far away from the Jeston Gang hideout and it was also far away from his home! “When the question of achievement came to an end, Lin Rui discussed with the system about the completion of the mainline quest.

Now that Frankenstein Family and Jeston Gang have been targeted, Lin Rui will not trouble himself by searching for street gangsters. Of course, He will defeat them if he finds them to complete his mainline quest but he will not deliberately look for them. With Lin Ruis current strength, those bastards are nothing to him.

“Since you have chosen Jeston Gang as your goal, then you dont have to go out and find trouble every night. They dont have activities every day.” Hearing Lin Rui, the system calmly suggested.

Yes, even if it is a large gang, it will not have criminal activities every night. Lin Rui thought a little embarrassed when he heard the system.

“So Im going to fight the street gangsters When will the quest be completed in this way! Lin Rui, who wants to finish the quest earlier is somewhat helpless.

“New Yorks streets are filled with others than just thugs and gangsters. There are a lot of guys hiding in the dark.” Listening to Lin Ruis complaint, the system hints faintly.

“You mean… Which guys After thinking about it for a long time, Lin Rui didnt think of what the system prompted, so he asked.


“Nothing. You should pay more attention to Jeston Gangs information. Youll finish this quest anyway.” The system has a limited say and since Lin Rui doesnt understand it, it cant. Whats more, those things are still dangerous for Lin Rui now. Its better not to touch them for a while.

“Well, it seems that the luck of the gangsters in Queens have run out!” The discussion with the system ended and Lin Rui returned his attention to the classroom.

In the days that followed, Lin Rui spent several nights in a week wandering around the streets and lanes of Queen dealing with gangsters and single thugs who works in the dark of the night. As for Jeston Gang, he sometimes runs a little farther to see their territory. But it seems that his luck is not as good as it was the first time. Lin Rui has been there so many times and he only met them twice. And it seems that Jeston Gang is already on guard against him. He wants to defeat them by himself but it is getting more and more difficult.

In those night operations, Lin Rui gained more and more experience in actual combat and it is easier to deal with ordinary street gangsters. He can almost knock them out before they could respond to his presence. And in his mind the mainline quest completion rate is also rising rapidly, it seems that it will not take long to complete.

Another weekend, Lin Rui decided to visit Jeston Gangs site again tonight. His Quest completion has reached 84/100. If hes lucky tonight, Lin Rui may be able to complete the mainline quest.

He returned early and locked the door of his room and waited until his parents were asleep. Lin Rui lightly walked out of the window and silently fell to the ground, in the next moment he rushed out of the yard. He has to hurry up. New Yorks subway runs 24 hours, but its too late and the interval time is too long. He doesnt want to miss the subway.

An hour later, Lin Rui, who had successfully caught up with the night shift subway train, had left Queens and came to the bustling Manhattan district of New York. It is also home to the Frankenstein Family and the chances of encountering Jeston Gang are relatively large.

Lin Ruis luck has worked and he found something as he searches through the dark streets of Manhattans outskirts. In some desolate deserted areas, a few cars are parked outside a remote factory building. Several guys with weapons were standing outside the factory building on guard. At first glance, they were not doing anything good.

“Hey, are those Russians” Lin Rui who was watching the situation from afar muttered to himself.

Lin Rui, who is hiding in the dark can see that some of the guys standing outside the factory are obviously Russians, but Jeston Gang seems to have nothing to do with the Russian gang. Was he wrong again Lin Rui thought in silence. But it doesnt matter. Anyway, as long as he can finish his quest, everyone is the same.

Lin Rui, who decided to take the shot, slowly approached the front of the building, there were many guys and they have some heavy weapons. Lin Rui needs to be careful this time.

“Eh Whats the matter As Lin Rui slowly approached the factory building, his heart suddenly shook. He had studied the Beginner Insight Technique. He just seemed to have made some discoveries. It seemed that someone was watching him, but Lin Rui stopped and looked around and found no one.

“Was it an illusion.” Lin Rui, who is confident in himself and his Phantom Suit, suppressed his feelings and slowly headed for his goal again. He already had two smoke bombs, an alloy baseball bat and a pistol he had captured before. Although Lin Rui has not practiced shooting, Intermediate Fighting Techniques already includes the use of various weapons, so Lin Rui can use a gun without any problems.

There were a total of eight people outside the factory, four of whom had guns in their hands and the other four are hiding their guns at their waists. If Lin Rui wants to defeat them quickly then he will have to use the element of surprise. Therefore, Lin Rui, who had quietly touched the back of a car, gently pulled out the button of a smoke bomb. Then he threw it out from the bottom of the car, and he quickly left the place and rushed to the other side.


A slight noise was heard in the open space outside the factory building as if something was rolling on the ground. The eight guys who had been on guard around were instantly attracted by the sound and quickly pointed their guns at the place where it was emitted.


Chi Chi! ~ ~

“Ah! ~ “

“Be careful!”

Just as the men gathered to find the source of the sound, the smoke bomb that rolled out from the bottom of the car burst out with a large amount of smoke, which immediately covered a small area of the open ground.

When the eight people were confused by the sudden appearance of smoke, a dark shadow had rushed out from behind them and plunged directly into the smoke.

Hunting has officially begun!


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