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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 11 Trouble

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Chapter 11 Trouble

In front of the roof of the building that Lin Rui is standing is a crossroads, because there are few people living in this block the street lights are broken. So, besides the bright lights from the headlights of the two cars, there is only the cold moonlight from the sky.

“Hey! Man! Hurry up! These are good goods, If it hadnt been for our long-standing friendship, I would not have offered you such a small price!! !”

“Cant you trust us”

Just as Lin Rui lay on the roof and slowly moved forward, two groups of people below had begun trading. Both sides of the transaction have left one person sitting in the car. There were two people from each side who got off and traded. One was carrying a box and the other was guarding the person carrying it. Although the two parties were familiar with each other, they couldnt relax as this was a dangerous business.

“Look! They are the advanced goods I talked about!” The supplier was a tall black man with a suitcase. He held the small suitcase flat in his hand and waited for the other party to inspect it.

Although Lin Rui is a little far away and cant hear whats going on, he can see what theyre going to do next from their movements. If he wants to start, it will be at the time when both sides check and confirm the goods. But there were at least six guys on the scene. Moreover, depending on their subconscious movements, there is a high probability that they have guns hidden in their waists. Lin Rui is not sure how strong their combat effectiveness and responsiveness are, but the defense of his own shield is limited.

“Eh! No problem!” After careful inspection, the buyer nodded and then nodded to his companion who was carrying his suitcase beside him.

No more hesitation! Seeing that the deal between the two sides below was almost completed, Lin Rui instantly made up his mind. A week of intensification, he believes that he can cope with the current situation!


The next moment, Lin Rui was about to rush out from the shadow of the roof. However, just as Lin Rui had already rushed out of most of his body, he suddenly seemed to be pulled back by a rope. Of course, there is no rope to pull Lin Rui. Just as he rushed out, he heard other noises, which came half a street away. It seems that some cars are rushing this way quickly. Thats why Lin Rui stopped. The first six gun-armed gangs were already very difficult to deal with. If there were another group, Lin Rui would withdraw decisively.



A few seconds after Lin Rui retracted again, an undisguised roar of the car engine finally came. So blatantly, Lin Rui is more certain that the car coming behind is not accidental, but related to the two sides that are trading below. With Phantom Suit in mind, Lin Rui, who was hiding on the roof, shrank back again. He wasnt worried about being discovered.

However, after Lin Rui retreated, he did not see that when the roar of the car engine behind him reached the front intersection, the atmosphere of both sides of the transaction below suddenly became tense, apparently without knowing which side of the force was suddenly coming.



Hearing the sound coming from a distance, the buyers face changed instantly. “What the hell is that!” After yelling, his right hand pulled the suitcase back quickly and locked it, while his left hand went towards his waist.

“Hey, men! I dont know what this is! But we will cancel this deal first!” The tall black man explained quickly and then nervously pulled his hand around his waist and pulled back.

Whoever came is obviously not a person from either side of the deal. So the chances of them being the Police is not small, so its better to get out of here. After watching each other actions both sides retreated in the direction of their cars.

Da da!


“Its the guys of Jeston Gang!” Just when the two sides were halfway off, a guy on the lookout at rushed to the intersection and shouted.

“Its Jeston Gang!”

“Lets Gol!! Retreat!”

After hearing which side of the power came, the two sides who had been cautiously guarding against each other suddenly ignored each other, shouting and rushing towards the back of the car, as if they had a flood of beasts coming after them.

Lin Rui, who was hiding on the roof of the building, heard the commotion and his eyes shrank when he heard the three words Jeston clearly. He seemed to have made a mistake. Lin Rui also did a lot of homework for tonights action. Frankenstein Family controls a lot of territories and this Queens block is just one of them, and its not a very important area. And the one responsible for this area is a big gang called Jaston, a Mafia Gang controlled by Frankenstein Family.

Originally, Lin Rui thought that the people doing the drug transaction in front of him was the Jeton Gang faction. He didnt expect them to be an unknown party doing deals in someone elses territory. The development of this situation was very unexpected! He is eager to ask the system for advice now, but he knows that the system will not provide any suggestions in the middle of a quest, it is up to him.


Not to mention the small tangles in the heart of Lin Rui at the top of the building, the two sides of the transaction have already rushed into the car. Only a sudden roar of engines was heard and the two cars had rushed quickly out of the intersection. They chose two different directions just around Lin Rui, apparently to avoid Jeston Gang coming from behind Lin Rui.


However, the taillights of the two sets of cars had not disappeared at the intersection when five different cars had rushed in at high speed from the street behind the house where Lin Rui was hiding. Without a break, like a well-trained team, the five cars quickly split into two teams and chased the two cars from left and right. This is Jeston Gangs territory. How can it be used as a trading ground for these small gangs Maybe they just want to borrow Jeston Gangs name to do these things, which Jeston Gang cant tolerate.


“Looks like its going to be a good show! Should I get involved Looking at the car whistling past below, Lin Ruis eyes showed some excitement.

Without thinking for too long, Lin Rui, whose heart had been kindled with excitement, put his hands on the eaves of the roof and turned over and landed on the ground the next second. Then, hidden in the moonlight, Lin Rui chased after the cars in the left direction like a ghost. There are only three cars in this direction. Now that he had decided to step in, he would obviously choose the less difficult option.


In the deserted unoccupied area, three black cars roared along the middle of the road at high speed and behind them, a figure running at a high speed hung tightly behind them.

Bang! Bang bang!


A succession of gunshots rang out in the dark, followed by a rush of brakes. From Lin Ruis position, he can tell that Jeston Gang in front of him finally fired and hit the car of the fleeing unknown gang, otherwise they would not brake suddenly on the spacious street.


Bang bang bang!

“Fortunately, they stopped! Otherwise, I would have lost them!” Listening to the gunfire in front of him, Lin Rui judged the situation and approached slowly.

“Jerry! Step on it! Ill cover for you!” Hiding behind the car door was the white man who had traded before and he was shooting and shouting at the small fellow with a suitcase behind him.

Bang bang bang!

Without any hesitation, the fellow named Jerry held the suitcase with the money to his chest and rushed quickly towards the back street. Although he held the pistol tightly in his hand, he did not shoot it. He was afraid of being found.

Bang! Bang bang!


The unknown gang members who were blocked behind the car ran away one by one. At this time, only two people were struggling to support the situation on the battlefield. Moreover, looking at the current situation, they cant stop it. Jeston Gangs firepower is much fiercer than theres and their number is also higher than them. At this time, someone has approached the car that has been riddled with holes.

Bang Bang

“Ah!!” A bullet found its way to the chest of the white man of the unknown gang and he died instantly.

Bang! Bang!

The guy on the other side of the car saw that the situation was not good for him. He fired a few shots at the nearest Jeston Gang member and then rushed to the back alley.

“Catch him!” Jeston Gang members had killed one person and they quickly chased after the other one after checking the car.

And the figure that has been hanging behind them had disappeared long before Jerry slipped away.


After a long run in the empty lane and listening to the gunfire fading behind him, Jerry knew that his accomplices were probably dead. He stopped to breathe a little and was ready to run again. At least he should be able to run away.

However, just as Jerry had just turned to the side of the alley, a slight noise came from above his head. Without thinking about it, Jerry lifted the pistol directly and pulled the trigger in the next second. However, his reaction was too slow. As he raised his hand, a figure had already fallen in front of him and then the shadows hand waved toward his right hand holding a pistol.


“Ah!” With a scream, Jerrys right hand holding the pistol has become irregularly twisted, apparently, it was hit by something hard. And the pistol fell weakly toward the ground as there was no time for it to work.


Jerrys scream stopped before it lasted a second, because the shadow that interrupted his right hand waved again, this time hitting him directly on the head. Although Jerry had tried hard to block it with his handbag, he was obviously not fast enough to stop it.


Jerry fainted and fell towards the ground. At this time, the figure that he had not seen clearly appeared in the moonlight, it was Lin Rui holding an alloy baseball bat.

“One!” Looking at the rising completion of the main line quest in his mind, Lin Rui whispered a sentence and disappeared again. Of course, the pistol on the ground and the handbag full of dollars disappeared at the same time.


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