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Ling Yi turned around and looked at the big blue butterfly tens of meters away from him.

And by the looks of it, the special boss didnt seem like it was in good shape.

It was covered in a mysterious gray goo, causing it to lie on the ground, unable to move.

The Dark Players had probably cast some kind of debuff on it before he arrived.

‘Now that you think about it, I never used my [Eye of Truth] on a monster before.‘

Ling Yi then activated the skill on the barely moving boss.

The next second, the Wind God Butterflys panel appeared before him.

[Name: Wind God Butterfly (lv30)]

[Type: Monster Leader]

[Attributes: strength 90, mana 270, agility 270 (current 135), endurance 90, constitution 180]

[Skills: Great Storm (8 Stars) (Special), Illusionary Body (7 Stars) (Passive), Wind Blow (5 Stars), Wind Butterfly Summoning (5 Stars), Corrosive Wind Bullet (5 Stars)]

[Current Status: Healthy.

Agility Reduced.

Partially Paralyzed]

Ling Yi wasnt surprised when he saw the Wind God Butterflys stats.

The Ice Queen was initially born from the mutated Ice Spirit skill.

So it was safe to assume that Boss monsters of the same level as the Ice Queen would probably have lower stats than hers.

Also, the Wind God Butterflys skills had been researched and broadcast to the entire world.

So there was nothing surprising to say about its skills.

But what caught his eye was the state of its current status.

‘Its still healthy, which means its Hp is still full.‘

‘TheAgility Reduced status is probably the strategy the five players used.

Since the Wind God Butterfly is known for its speed, they specifically attack it with effects that make it move slower.‘

‘As forPartial Paralyze…Is that the gray goos effect‘

Ling Yi stared at the pitiful Wind God Butterfly on the ground with a strange expression on his face.

‘Does that mean the reduced agility did not affect its other attacks‘

‘And, with the combination of paralysis, its already lying weakly on the ground‘

‘Cant believe that the Wind God Butterfly is that fragile…‘ Ling Yi thought, slightly disappointed.

But he wasnt going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

An opportunity, still an opportunity.

He clenched the Battle Flag in his hand and rushed towards it.

With a Hp of over 200 points, his body did not feel uncomfortable at such high speeds.

He was still not quite used to the strong wind blowing against his body as he ran at high speed.

It wasnt easy to open his eyes, and he couldnt help but swallow a mouthful of wind whenever he ran.

It brought him back to the time he fought against the Wind Maestro.

He remembered the “Wind Trap Talisman” he used to keep himself grounded against the onslaught of unforgiving wind, which helped him move around easier.

He didnt even think about how helpful the talisman was until he thought back to that day.

‘Ill use it if I need it later…‘

He was already in front of the Wind God Butterfly in less than half a second.

He raised the burning flag high and then waved it down.

His strength was only 3 points, which was about the same as a non-player strength.

But it didnt matter.

He had the Elemental Spirit Blade, which was equivalent to a super electric saw.

Even with a gentle swing, he could easily cut through the skin and flesh of his enemies!

And that was the truth.

Ling Yi could feel the flags heat radiating against his face, and when he cut it through the Wind God Butterflys wings, the monsters body suddenly trembled violently!

When the flames on the flag climbed up its green wings, it also quickly raised its head and spat out a violent green wind at Ling Yi!

The distance between the two was less than a meter.

Ling Yi didnt have time to dodge.

In an instant, his abdomen felt as if a cannonball had hit it, and he felt a pain in his stomach.

His entire waist bent backward by a large margin, and his body flew backward!

In just a breaths time, he had been blown two to three hundred meters away by the Wind God Butterflys mouth!

If he hadnt stuck the flag in his hand into the ground to increase the friction, he might have been blown even further away!

“It doesnt hurt that badly…” Ling Yi comforted himself and rubbed his abdomen soothingly.

It felt like a six or seven-year-old child had punched him.

He was lucky it wasnt sore.

The skill just now was obviously the Wind Blow, one of the Wind God Butterflys powerful skills.

As far as he knew, that skill did not do much damage and was mainly used to repel enemies from the user.

To avoid being blown away by the wind again, he decided to take out his leftover “Wind Trap Talisman” from his rucksack and use it.

Last time, he bought ten in a row.

After using this one, he would still have eight left.

When the light bluedodge word appeared and disappeared in front of him, Ling Yi smiled.

He pushed his right foot against the ground, and his figure shot out again!

Without the winds resistance pushing him back, he was even faster than before!

In the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of the Wind God Butterfly again.

He swung his burning flag at it again.

And this time, his target was its other wing.


When he waved the flag down, the flames on it danced with the wind, making a heavy swishing noise.

It was as if a small sun had smashed down.

When the tip of the flag hit the giant butterflys wings, the raging flames on the flag rushed down like a flood and burned its wings.

He didnt know whether the flames had no effect on it or if the Boss had just managed to dodge his attack, but the Wind God Butterfly suddenly flapped its wings and soared into the sky at an extremely fast speed.

In the blink of an eye, it had shot up a hundred meters.

When Ling Yi raised his head to look, it spat out green spherical energy bullets that were more than a meter in diameter at him.

“Corrosive Wind Bullet” Ling Yi quickly dodged.

Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang!

The corrosive wind bullets hit the ground, making a series of loud noises.

There were holes of different depths strewn all over the battlefield from where they landed.

Dust flew and played by the wind, like a sandstorm slowly beginning to form.

Ling Yi furrowed his brow when he saw the flames on the Wind God Butterflys wings had already reached his body.

‘The power of my Elemental Spirit Blade is the same as my level.

Im only level 20 now, so it will take a long time to kill a level 30 Boss with it.‘

‘But can my physical strength last until then‘

It had only been less than two minutes since he entered the venue and started the battle.

However, if it were any other ordinary person, they would feel tired after doing high-intensity exercise for more than a minute.

Ling Yi, who only had 3 points of endurance, was the same.

He could already feel his body getting tired!

If it were only him and the Wind God Butterfly, he could take as long as he needed.

In the worst-case scenario, he could buy some time to get some stamina potions from the store.

He knew he would be able to win eventually.

But the problem was…

A few hundred meters away from where they were fighting by the edge of the valley, he knew that many onlookers were watching the fight.

He had to end the battle quickly.

The longer he waited, the more likely new and unwanted variables would appear!

“Oh my gosh! Who is that guy Even Rock Sky Ape ran away from the fight!”

“Are there other top players below level 30 in Qianjiang City”

“Even if there was, I never heard of them.”

“Hes so fast! I cant even see his figure!”

“Of course, you wouldnt, idiot! Who can see that speed clearly”

The spectating players who were a hundred meters away watched the battle and cried out in alarm.

No one would have thought that a mysterious person with a breakneck speed would appear halfway through the battle.

Not only had he easily killed four Dark Players, but he had also sent the top 17th player running.

And he was even on par with the Wind God Butterfly in a one-on-one battle!

Whats even more impressive and somewhat intimidating was that he was battling a level 30 boss alone!


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