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Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit was unprecedentedly focused.

It held onto a trace of Dao sentiment and analyzed it carefully before trying to comprehend the mysteries within.

As there was only a trace, it naturally disappeared quickly.

In less than three seconds, Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit lost its sense of it.

But soon, he unlocked another Thunder Gathering Card and continued to comprehend.

As such, one Thunder Gathering Card after another was unlocked and wasted by Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit.

All to obtain the traces of the destructive Dao sentiment contained within.

100, 200, 300…

When he reached the 400th, Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit finally captured what the power of destruction was.

Then, it followed this path and kept moving upwards, understanding it in depth.

500 Thunder Gathering Cards, 600 Thunder Gathering Cards, 700 Thunder Gathering Cards…

When the 1,000th Thunder Gathering Card was unlocked, by a narrow margin, Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit understood what destruction was.

Then, it unlocked dozens of newly obtained Thunder Gathering Cards and worked on its deep understanding of the Law of Destruction, from familiarizing to control.

As for mastering it, it was too difficult.

Relying on the traces of Dao sentiment in the Thunder Gathering Cards to grasp the Law of Destruction was no less than a fantasy.

Even if Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit had hacks, it would not be able to do so.

It was enough to be able to control the Law of Destruction.

Of course, the range of the initial control was limited.

The Law of Destruction often existed in lightning and thunder, and was most compatible with them.

Su Jingxings main body had become an Overlord body due to the Void Divine Thunder, and he had long comprehended this.

Therefore, Su Jingxings Primordial Spirit successfully comprehending the Law of Destruction was essentially the same as Su Jingxings main body transcending the void lightning tribulation.

They both relied on each others help to ultimately succeed.

Therefore, destroying the Void required the help of lightning and thunder.

The Law of Destruction targeted the Void World and the destruction began with lightning and thunder.

In particular, the lightning and thunder of the Kuntian World had long existed in the thunderclouds.

To destroy the Void, controlling the lightning and thunder was also the key.

Su Jingxing had comprehended the Law of Destruction, but his control at the beginning was not only stiff, but also extremely threatening.

Not only externally, but internally as well.

For this, Su Jingxing was not in a hurry to destroy the Void.

He had to familiarize himself with the Law of Destruction and familiarize himself with it.

Otherwise, rashly destroying the Void would be too much of a threat to Earth Star as well.

Even if they wanted to destroy the Void, they would have to destroy the Kuntian Worlds void!

Kuntian World.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Su Jingxing flew in midair.

Suddenly, he turned around and saw five figures flying behind him.


Su Jingxing suddenly froze and quickly turned around.

He looked at the people who had come.

“Are you chasing me”

“Haha, we are.”

Five devils with dense auras surrounded Su Jingxing.

The person who spoke was a man with a black silver horn on his head.

His eyes were unruly as he stared at Su Jingxing and sized him up.

“Youre the new human spiritual martial arts Overlord, right”

“So what if I am and so what if Im not”

Su Jingxings expression turned cold as he recognized these people.

“Hehe, thats good!”

The leader of the group said with a strange smile, “Before we begin fighting, let me introduce myself.

My name is Heiyin Fenggui.

Im from the Black Silver Demon race and am ranked third among the Demon Kings.

Of course, this ranking is done by others.

Ive never admitted it.

Youre a human spiritual martial artist, so your strength is naturally not bad.”

“It takes one to know one.”

Su Jingxing smiled faintly.

“May I know why youre chasing me”

“Haha.” Heiyin Fenggui smiled faintly.

“Its nothing much.

I just arrived here and heard that the human race has just produced a spiritual martial arts Overlord, so I wanted to see if he is as powerful as the legends say.”

“This Heiyin Fengmang is another Demon King from our race.

It will challenge you on our behalf!”

Heiyin Fenggui turned to introduce the burly demon on the right.

“I wonder if you dare to accept the challenge” It turned around and smiled at Su Jingxing.

“Does it make any difference whether I dare or not” Su Jingxing replied coolly.

“Thats true.”

Heiyin Fenggui nodded.

“Alright, Fengmang, you can get started now.”

“Hahaha!” The burly demon cackled sinisterly.

In a flash, it crossed a few steps and arrived in front of Su Jingxing.

Its speed was astonishing as it threw a punch at Su Jingxings face.

Caught off guard, Su Jingxing forcefully blocked the other partys punch.


A dull thud sounded.

Su Jingxing felt his arms tremble.

Under the powerful push, his body was driven back more than ten meters.

His feet stomped in the air repeatedly, leaving behind vortexes.


Before Su Jingxing could react, Heiyin Fengmang rushed over again.


This time, Su Jingxing also charged forward.


Pa! Pa! Pa!

Energy illusions that shot out in all directions immediately appeared.

Light bloomed like fireworks.

The demonic power that was filled with a charming aura was almost blinding.

Su Jingxing punched without holding back.

However, Heiyin Fengmang was especially powerful.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A dull bang lingered under the thunderclouds.

The aftermath of the energy that erupted was like a wave on the sea, sweeping out wantonly and spreading in all directions.

Swish! Swish!

The clouds rolled and slowly dissipated.

Under Su Jingxings continuous attacks, Heiyin Fengmangs burly body slowly appeared.

It was actually not affected at all!

It was still standing in its original position.

However, a black and red metal armor had appeared on its body.

“A defensive treasure”

Su Jingxings eyes flashed when he saw what it was.

The demons naturally had similar treasures and weapons.

With such a defensive treasure, his chances of easily winning had undoubtedly decreased significantly.

However, that was all.

“Human spiritual martial artist, Ill give you a chance.

If you can defeat Heiyin Fengmang, I can consider leaving your corpse intact.


Heiyin Fenggui, who had retreated to the side, grinned widely.

“Thank you for your kindness, but theres no need.” Su Jingxing chuckled and looked straight at Heiyin Fengmang

The latter turned and stretched its neck, producing ear-piercing cracking sounds.

“A human spiritual martial arts Overlord is nothing more than this.”

Heiyin Fengmangs hoarse voice sounded through the armor and it said in a muffled voice, “Surrender now and I can give you a quick death.”

“A quick death Heh, well talk about it after you defeat me!” Su Jingxing sneered.

He could tell that the Black Silver race was probably the race with the strongest physical body among the demons.

That was why a fifth-realm Devil King could resist a spiritual martial artist and not fall immediately.

“Alright, in that case, Ill let you accept your death willingly.” A cold glint flashed across Heiyin Fengmangs eyes as it shouted.

As soon as it finished speaking, its hand suddenly lit up.

When the light dissipated, a pair of scarlet gloves appeared.


Space shattered.

A heavy sound reverberated in the air.

As the gloves struck the ground, the ground instantly collapsed, revealing a huge hole dozens of meters deep.

Cracks that resembled a spider web covered the hole.

In the next moment, Heiyin Fengmang, in its metal armor, revealed a pair of cold eyes and swept across.

A bloodthirsty and manic gaze pierced towards Su Jingxing.

Hu! Hu! Hu!

It swung its fists and unleashed a terrifying force, producing ear-piercing whistling sounds that swept through the thunderclouds.

The sounds were like bellows, shocking everyone.


Heiyin Fengmang roared.

Like lightning, its fists emitted a blood-colored glow as it charged towards Su Jingxing.


The air exploded.

A powerful force swept through the air.

The massive sheets of airflow that seeped out sliced out clear marks in the air.

Like waves, they stacked up, pushing and pacing each other.

Wave after wave, they spread out in all directions.

“Great timing!”

Su Jingxing growled and punched out with 80% of his physical strength.

Before this, he had only used 30%.



The two powerful forces collided and stirred together.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

One tremor after another resounded under the thunderclouds.


At a certain moment, Su Jingxing moved and controlled his physical strength to punch out with the Meteor Fist.


There was an explosion in the air.

His physical strength transformed into invisible fist shadows that appeared perfectly in the air.

One after another, they overlapped and pushed each other.

Like angry dragons, they appeared with a roar.


With a boom, Heiyin Fengmang exploded.

At a speed visible to the naked eye, it turned into a rain of flesh and blood that filled the sky.

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