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Game TransmigrationSaving the World Again 1000 Years Later Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Test

Translator: CKtalon

The Stumbling Demon that spoke didnt attack directly. The first to charge over were the Subdemons that had just taken form.

There were a total of seven Subdemons, and their bodies were still covered in pus. Two of them stood still and chanted spells, while the other five crouched on the ground and pounced at Zhou Mu like hounds.

Then, the first thing to be tested...

He tapped the ground with Withering Cold, and a pure ring of fire quickly spread from the spot he struck. In the blink of an eye, it swallowed the five approaching Subdemons.

Purification Ring of Fire

A hot wind blew past his hair, and the five Subdemons were charred. Zhou Mu silently calculated the differences between reality and the game.

Purification Ring of Fire was an Apprentice-level spell. The description wasRelease a clean ring of flames to incinerate the Unholy. In fact, the damage was very light, but because it had the effect of removing frosted and cursed status, it was often used as purification in-game.

A newborn Subdemon was about Lv. 25, and the spell-casting medium he used was Withering Cold. As an ice-elemental divine staff, its might would be reduced by 50% when using fire-elemental spells. This way, if it were in-game, the Purification Ring of Fire wouldnt be able to instantly kill five Subdemons like before.

Therefore, the true performance of a spell is closer to the games description of the skills than the mathematical formulations based on the games values

Zhou Mu thought as he watched the Subdemons turn into black salt crystals and dissipate.

The two surviving Subdemons finished chanting their spells at that very moment. Two soccer ball-sized fireballs whistled toward him with flames trailing behind them.



A spear-shaped beam intercepted one of the fireballs, and the latter exploded in midair like a flower. The spear of light didnt slow down after detonating the fireball and struck a casting Subdemon. After a silent but dazzling flash, it was reduced to ashes.

As for the other fireball, when it flew about two meters away from Zhou Mu, it was swallowed by a sudden gust of cold air and silently extinguished like a cigarette butt thrown into an ice lake.

Holy Spear Thrust, Frozen Wasteland

Yes, spells with trajectories and collision boxes can be intercepted. Be it detonating them in advance or using a Halo Effect to cancel them out, this is different from in-game.”

It was different, but it was more in line with his intuition.

Seeing the fireball he threw extinguish the moment it came close, the last Subdemon on the field was stunned. Before it could chant another spell, a sharp icicle stabbed into its throat.

“Why Arent you guys coming”

Seeing the Stumbling Demon and the gray-robed mage stand still, Zhou Mu walked over and asked.

Circling him, an area of 20 meters was enveloped by a Frost Storm. Frost constantly formed on the ground, and the air was filled with flying ice shards.

David looked at the man and asked Psoriasis who was connected to his soul through his consciousness.

“What do you say To be able to use Frozen Wasteland, his Frost spells have at least reached Lv. 6. Are you confident in defeating him”

“Its fine. Provide support from behind. The damage from the Frozen Wasteland spell can better activate the Lady of Starvations blessing for me.”

With that said, it moved its fat body and charged at Zhou Mu. The rusty dagger in its hand emitted a sparkling green light.

Looking at the Stumbling Demon charging at him like a dump truck, Zhou Mu mentally compared it to the game.

This Stumbling Demons movements are much faster than the slow-motion module in-game, but...

Zhou Mu dodged to the side, avoiding the other partys head-on collision.

His reaction and speed were on a completely different level from his actual self.

The gamers were ordinary humans after all. It was impossible for the game developer to really let them operate a character whose various values far exceeded that of ordinary people. For the sake of gaming, some stats could only be reflected in data and compromised in terms of actual performance.

For example, Agility would only increase Critical Hit and Dodge. It wouldnt really increase the players reaction speed.

But when the game became reality, this data would be reflected in his physique. But in contrast, be it Critical Hit or Dodge, he had to rely on himself.

It was impossible for amiss to happen in-game because of a high Dodge value.

Then, for the next test.

The Stumbling Demon stopped in its tracks, turned around, and swung its dagger at Zhou Mus head.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

This seemingly mighty strike was blocked by Zhou Mus raised vambrace. The collision of the saber and armor didnt produce a clanging sound like metal colliding. Instead, it was more like the sound of a blunt saber shattering on a frozen lake.

Psoriasis felt as if it had chopped something into pieces. It grinned hideously and was about to say something, but when it saw the situation clearly, it said something that could probably enter the top three of the classic cameo lines: “Wh... What”

The spot it had just struck was covered in a layer of frost that flickered with white runes, and the rusty dagger was stuck in that layer of frost, unable to advance an inch.

White Frost

Master-level Frost-type Defense spells lasted for three minutes after being used. Every 15 seconds, the caster would be stacked with an additional layer of blocks, and every layer could reduce 75% of the damage received from the next physical attack.

Stumbling Demons offensive strength wasnt high to begin with, and being weakened by the defense of White Frost and the armor, this seemingly terrifying strike didnt even make Zhou Mu tremble.

Then, there wont be a problem with physical defense. An attack of this level wont cause a Crowd Control effect like slowing down and dizziness.

He took note of the test results.


A pitch-black energy arrow broke through the Frost Storm circling Zhou Mu and struck his left shoulder. Intense Shadow energy exploded on his shoulder pad.

David held his lead-colored staff and stared at Zhou Mu nervously, waiting for the other party to collapse under the effects of the curse after being struck by the Shadow Arrow.

However, the other party only casually turned his head to look at him. Then, he waved his hand and deflected Psoriasiss blade, touching the spot where he had just been struck.

“Shadow Arrow, huh Its an Expert-level Shadow spell. When theres no corresponding countermeasure, it will indeed cause some light damage.”

Zhou Mu recalled how he felt when he was struck by the Shadow Arrow.

It was probably the impact of being hit by a small stone thrown by a naughty child and the tingling pain that was difficult to detect without carefully sensing it.

Although theres no more HP bar, that strike shouldve deducted some HP, right

Yes, it would probably be in the single digits in-game.

David looked at the man in horror. If it was only because he felt uneasy that he had killed all seven Subdemons in one strike, then what was happening now was completely beyond his understanding.

Why could he still stand there as if nothing had happened after suffering a strike from Psoriasis and receiving a Shadow Arrow

What level was the other party at Master Or was it the Legendary domain

Realizing that the other party was staring at him, David had the urge to escape immediately.

“Thank you. I have the results I need to know from the spell defense test.”

He thanked him sincerely.

What... did he mean

“Then, its time for the test of spell damage. In order not to affect you...”

Before David could figure out what the person meant, a black shadow flashed past the other partys staff, and he stopped thinking.

Shadow Cage

A spinning illusory ring blade passed through Davids body and wrapped him in the center of the ring blade. Then, pitch-black darkness erupted from it, wrapping his entire body into a pitch-black gem that floated in the air while emitting a chill.



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