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Game TransmigrationSaving the World Again 1000 Years Later Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Ill Kill You

Translator: CKtalon

The magical medium struck the ground, and a crisscrossing net of lightning spread along the ground.

Everyone who came into contact with the lightning kneeled on the ground as if they had suffered immense affliction. As for the evil spirit floating in midair, it was pulled to the ground by lightning.

The lightning restrained everyone from moving. William slowly walked forward with the weapon in his hand, Judgment 2.

“Some people have been parasitized for too long. A portion of their body has been modified into the structure of a Lunar Monster. I cant guarantee that everyone can be saved, but Ill do my best.”

Halfway there, William turned around and spoke to the two people behind him as if he had recalled something.

There were a total of 12 Judgment arms, and all of them were personally forged by the Void Sovereigns. Every one of them had a special effect on Lunar Monsters, and the Lunar Monsters it killed werent banished to the Moon Realm but left truly dead.

However, because they were essentially Moon Realm in nature, these weapons couldnt injure the Currere living beings.

William had also relied on the nature of the Judgment arm to pierce through Sigmonds and Colts throats, killing the Soul-Ingesting Spider Demons in their throats without injuring them.

William never expected his turning back to save the two of them.

A bolt of lightning as thick as a bucket attacked the two people behind him. William hurriedly waved his magical medium, and a thick Frost Barrier instantly condensed, blocking the backs of Sigmonds and Colt. In an instant, dazzling silver lightning erupted, illuminating the entire Skull Temple as if it were daytime.

The Frost Barrier was shattered by the lightning, but its might was completely negated.

The Frost fragments condensed from magic quickly dissipated into white mist. William waved the magical medium in his hand, and a weak wind blew away the mist.

A person walked in from the tunnel behind. He wore an evil robe, had an iron whip at his waist, and held a twisted black staff.

This person was the supervisor from before.

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“I was almost fooled by you. What Illusion spell did that piece of paper use that even an Expert-level magic chanter like me was fooled”

With that said, the person looked around the hall. He first confirmed that the three Void Sovereign statues in the middle of the hall were intact, then looked at the miners and evil spirits imprisoned on the ground by the lightning net. Then, he casually swept his gaze across the pale Sigmonds and Colt. Finally, he looked at William-who had blocked his strike-with a slightly solemn expression.

“A Lv. 7 lightning spell, Mute Trap, and a Lv. 6 Frost spell, Ice Barrier. Coupled with an unknown illusion that can have an effect on me, are you an Expert Sage from the Astrology Constellations Are you a spy sent by the royal family or an executor of the Holy Spirits Church”

William shook his head and was about to speak when the other party nodded slightly at him.

“Regardless of whether youre a spy sent by the royal family or an enforcer sent by the Holy Spirits Church since youve seen the situation here, there are only two choices for you.”

As he spoke, he extended two fingers.

“First, try walking out of the mine tunnel behind me. Then, you will die in this mine due to the mine tunnels collapse. Nobody will find out the truth behind your death. Second, turn around and make a secret oath to the three goddesses before leaving as if nothing had happened. This way, you will most likely be able to see the sunlight outside.”

“Someone else who made me make such a choice last time has been dead for more than 7 days,” William replied.

The supervisors lips twitched. Although he didnt understand what he meant, the rejection in the other partys tone was very obvious.

“Moreover, if you really wanted to let me go, you wouldnt have silently used a killer move at the level of Dragon Lightning Spear, right”

As expected, his thoughts had been seen through...

The supervisor sighed subtly.

After he placed the newcomer in the mine, he felt that something was amiss. He kept feeling that there was something wrong with the transfer order he had just seen, but he couldnt recall what was wrong. To be precise, he couldnt even remember what was written on the transfer order afterward.

The feeling of his mind being out of touch with reality was very similar to the experience he had when he was under the Illusion spell-Calm. What happened in front of him clearly infuriated him, but he couldnt do anything about it.

After sensing that he was in the right state, he immediately changed into a set of combat equipment and went down to the secret Mine Path #7 to investigate. If the church or the royal family discovered that Duke Simon was secretly holding a Moon Realm worship ceremony in the mine, this matter would blow up.

In the end, he happened to see the other party eliminate the arachne in Sigmonds and Colts bodies.

His heart turned cold.

Thankfully, he could make up for it.

He just needed to burn him and the two people who had escaped the arachnes control to ashes.

Taking advantage of the fact that the three of them werent paying attention to him, he released a Lv. 7 lightning spell, Dragon Lightning Spear.

The other party happened to turn his head and release a Frost-type spell at an incomprehensible speed to block the strike.

From the strength the other party displayed at that moment, he believed that he didnt have the confidence to defeat him.

When the other party rejected his suggestion to negotiate, he fell into complete panic.

He originally thought that he could suppress this matter. As long as he swore to the three goddesses, he would be able to make up for his mistake when he explained his dereliction of duty to the duke and wouldnt be sent further away.

From the looks of it, there was nothing he could do about it. He could only create an accident here and destroy all the evidence.

“So, are you really going to reject my suggestion Let me first make it clear-if you accept my suggestion, only the two people who escaped need to die. The other miners will only be brainwashed with altered memories and completely forget everything that happened today. But if you resist stubbornly, all the miners in this hall will be buried with you. Are you sure you want these innocent people to die because of you”

The supervisor tried one last time to persuade him and took out a Demon Sealing rune made of Elementium Silver from his robe. As long as he crushed this rune, he could inform his colleagues in the Rose Palaces Battle Mage Hall to provide reinforcements.

At the same time, doing so would ruin his future with the duke.

However, the other party only shook his head gently.

“Youre mistaken. Only one person here will die today.”

As the other party spoke, he pointed his staff at him.

“Thats you.”

He didnt care too much about the other partys harsh words. Instead, he crushed the rune in his hand with a heavy heart.

A Teleportation nexus had long been planted in this hall. Reinforcements would arrive in seconds.

He partially felt heavy-hearted about his future and partially felt confident about killing the person in front of him.

The two of them stared at each other for about a minute.

The reinforcements didnt arrive.



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