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Chapter 11: In My Name

Translator: CKtalon

When he said his name, William seriously observed Lilianas expression, hoping to get a read.

In fact, this was one of the reasons why he decided to say his name.

More than a thousand years ago, William Kanes name was definitely famous throughout the continent. Everyone knew him.

Establishing the Doomsday Watcher, sealing the Seven Calamities, repelling the Moon Realms invasion three times, calming the Tide of Undead on the day of the Rotten Moon, defeating the Damon Continents expeditionary army, rebuilding the Mage Guild, dismantling the nobles magic monopoly, establishing the Adventurer Association, simplifying the design of the enchantment table, and optimizing the alchemy and spell systems...

It could be said that he had done more than 20 things that could be written into history books just by his changes to the entire continents structure.

Even if more than a thousand years had passed, and history had become a legend, his name ought to still be circulating on this continent.

As expected, Lilianas face revealed a mixed expression of confusion and doubt.

If someone claimed to be George Washington in front of him one day, he would probably wear the same expression.

“William Kane”

“In the flesh.”

“Is it the William Kane I know”

“If theres no second famous William Kane in the past 1,000 years, then thats me.”

“Wait a minute. Are you saying that youre the William Kane from a thousand years ago”


“You dont just share the same name”

“Its not just the same name.”

Liliana clasped her forehead as if she wanted to slow down her train of thought.

“The one that sealed the Seven Calamities”

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“The one who repelled the Damon Continents expeditionary army”


“The one representing the Seven Holy Spirits and the 13 Void Sovereigns who signed the Double Moon Agreement at Gray Castle”

“Yes, although I think the three Moon Realm counter-attacks before that should be mentioned first.”

“What Moon Realm counterattacks”

“Uh... This story hasnt been passed down”

“Were you the founding emperor, Terra I, who reincarnated into the Riel family 800 years ago and was born wearing a Bronze crown The one who rode a dragon while unifying the Vic Continent and establishing the Riel Empire”


“The one that, later on, became the eighth hidden Holy Spirit after his death because of his achievements. The one worshiped by the Kane Church in later generations”

“Wait a moment.”

This matter seemed to be gradually becoming ridiculous.

Someone had unified the continent in his name in the past thousand years He had even been worshiped as the eighth Holy Spirit

What was going on

“What did you say about unifying Vic and becoming the eighth Holy Spirit”

Liliana stopped when she heard that and looked suspiciously at the man who claimed to be William Kane.

“If youre William Kane, these are all things youve done yourself.”

“I was indeed the one who did those things before you mentioned reincarnation.”

“What about the matters after the reincarnation to be the empires founding emperor”

“What the hell is that”

“So youre not like Terra I, who claims to be the reincarnation of Hero Kane”

“Theres no reincarnation, just me. Im not dead, so how can I reincarnate”

“But its impossible for a person to live for more than a thousand years.”

“Uh... Its not easy to explain this to you. You can roughly think of it as me sleeping for a thousand years for some reason and only waking up now...”

These words sounded lame even as a lie. When William said it himself, he felt like he was saying “Im George Washington. Send me money.”

As expected, the other party shook her head in disbelief.

“No, no, no. Thats impossible. Ive never heard of anyone sleeping for a thousand years...”

“You even believed in the nonsense of being born wearing a Bronze crown. Why cant you believe that I was only asleep for a thousand years”

“Terra Is reincarnation as the hero, Kane, was recognized by the Holy Spirits Church.”

“Then can there be one such possibility-the Holy Spirits Church deliberately admitted it for other reasons”

“How is that possible How can the Holy Spirits Church do such a thing”

William curled his lips, thinking that the answer wasnt clear-cut.

During the second Moon Realm crisis, the infiltration of the Void Sovereigns started from within the Holy Spirits Church.

However, it was obvious that she wouldnt believe him even if he told her now, so he coughed lightly and said, “You asked me for my name, so I told you mine. As for whether you believe me or not, its up to you. I wont produce any evidence to prove it.”


Liliana originally thought that what would happen next would be what this self-proclaimed William Kane would use as a keepsake to prove his identity to her.

Similar things had happened many times in history-a person in a remote area suddenly claimed to have received divine inspiration and awakened his memories as a hero in a previous life.

Then, he dug out some weapon or something from somewhere, claiming it was a keepsake. When the call to arms was made, they declared themselves emperor while raising a rebel army to overthrow the local overlord in the name of continuing the fight until the decadent empire was overthrown.

Of course, most of these ended with them being wiped out by the army sent by the royal family shortly after.

Perhaps it was because such things happened too often, but the Eighth Order of the Holy Spirits Church later established a special enforcer force to hunt down the fake prophets.

Although Liliana had never heard of a prophet who claimed to be William Kane, she felt that their modus operandi would be similar.

Yet, the other party didnt seem to care if she believed him or not. He made it seem like he was just making an announcement and left it at that.

Didnt he know that declaring himself a prophet was a crime that was 100 times more serious than being a heretic If word got out, he would be wanted by the Church and the royal family and would never be able to live in peace.

Oh right, if he had just woken up after sleeping for 1,000 years, he really shouldnt have known, be it for real or for show.

After all, he didnt even claim to be a prophet; he directly declared himself Holy Spirit Kane. He was the first person who dared to make such a claim as far as Liliana knew.

She originally thought that she had suffered enough shock today, but she never expected this person to continue shocking her from such a novel angle.

Moreover, she seemed to have agreed to be his guide...

Fake prophets henchmen shared their sins.

Recalling the rules she had once seen in the Church-one she believed she would never violate-Liliana felt cold sweat trickle down her back.

“Um... Mr. William”

As if afraid of being heard by the churchs spies, Liliana whispered.

“Whats wrong”

“Um, lets not talk about whether youre really William Kane for the time being. But on the way to Thorn City, can you not mention your identity to anyone Especially not to the Church or the Empires officials.”

“Will there be trouble”


The other party fell silent for a moment.

“I understand. When the time comes, you can call me William. Master William wouldnt be a problem, right”

After all, William was a very common name.

Liliana nodded and mustered her courage to continue suggesting.

“In fact, its not just on the way to Thorn City. If youre really William Kane, I suggest that you be like Terra I and obtain the recognition of the Holy Spirits at the Holy Spirits Church before...”

“My identity needs to be recognized by the Holy Spirits Church”

William shook his head, and Liliana immediately shut up.

“However, theres nothing wrong with that. Be it the Holy Spirits Church or the Riel Empire, Ill visit those who acted in my name sooner or later.”



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