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Flying Dust [Fei Chen]

Chapter 57 Part 2

As they spoke, they leaned into each others ears, giving the illusion that they were having a very close relationship. 


“So when are you guys leaving”


“Tonight, you dont have to come to send me off.”


“Okay.” Mo Fei Chen hugged Yu Jin, “Yu Mutou, please be careful.”


When he returned to the Qu familys residence, Mo Fei Chen naturally had to see how Lu Qingmo and Qu Xiruos progress, but his instincts told him that Lu Qingmo must have found some way to make the big miss (spoilt girl) out of his room.


“Well, shes gone ah.” Mo Fei Chen pushed open the door and entered.


Lu Qingmo looked at him as he found it was funny, “Can she, a young lady, stay in a grown up mans room like me”


“Thats also true.”


“Youve been go outside” Lu Qingmo adjusted his leaning posture, looking a little more comfortable.


“Yes ah, I bought this.” Mo Fei Chen waved the jade pendant in front of Lu Qingmos face.


The other party stopped and held the swinging pendant with his fingers, sliding his fingers along the red string as it touched Mo Fei Chens fingertips.

With only such a gesture, Mo Fei Chen lost his mind for a moment.


“How come I didnt know that jade shops also sell wine and rouge”


Mo Fei Chen could naturally feel the flirtation in the other partys eyes, “Thats right ah, I did go to the brothel and take a look around.

I cant help it ah, but my Shi Xiong, Yu Jin, like that kind of place.”


“Yu Jin” Lu Qingmo looked a little surprised, “How come he is here”


“Jun Wushuang sent him out to do his job bei.” At the mention of that persons name, Mo Fei Chens face darkened for a moment.

He wasnt that willing and wanted to think of him, but once he did, he couldnt help but feel a bit of pain, not for himself, but for Jun Wushuang.


It was because his occasional innocent expression and pure smiling expression  were too easily broken.


“Enough about that, then what do you think of that sister of mine” Mo Fei Chen came right in front of Lu Qingmo as he said it. 


“She has never called you big brother, I dont know what youre so excited about in there.” Lu Qingmo said in a bad mood, “Ive already told Sect Master Qu that we will leave early in the morning.”


“Okay then, so what did you and Xiruo talk about I always thought that if you two could make it work, then Lu Dage and I would be doubly related.1(he mean it as sworn brother and also brother in law if he married Xiruo)“


Lu Qingmos face leaned closer to him and his lips almost pressed against Mo Fei Chens.

Mo Fei Chen was surprised and tried to move his face away, but he didnt expect that the other partys hand took the back of his head, “Do you want me to be with another woman that badly”


Looking at the smile in his eyes and the curve of his lips, Mo Fei Chen knew that Lu Qingmo was making fun of him, “However, Xiruo is not another woman!”


Lu Qingmo let go of his hand and Mo Fei Chen was finally able to straighten his back.

Recently, for this period of time, Mo Fei Chen had always felt that Lu Qing Mo was getting better and better looking, of course, he was always very good looking.

Previously, he used to look at him with admiration, and was also a bit envious.

Now, when he looked at him again, he found him incredibly sexy, even the slightest movement of his eyebrows made his heart couldnt stop beating fast. 


“Thats also true, she looks a bit like you, so I can look at her and quench my thirst by thinking of plums.”


“What” Why does looking at Xiruo quench your thirst by thinking of plums2[望梅止渴; this idiom meansconsole oneself with false hopes or illusions/ feed on fancies]


“Do you know what I said to her” Lu Qingmo fiddled with Mo Fei Chens hair and played with it attentively.


“What did you say You cant be saying that you like your Shi Xiong, Wen Qian Liu, right” Mo Fei Chen tilted his head to the side, he felt that as if the other party was not fiddling with his hair, but also with his heartbeat and breathing.

It was a wonderful feeling that he had once felt when he was foolishly looking at He Yunfeng in the hut and the expression Jun Wushuang occasionally showed him also made his heart beat, but now…


Its over, its over… Mo Fei Chen, dont tell me that you are anunfaithful turnip3[花心大蘿蔔; literally it means unfaithful big turnip or radish but it wanted to convey that the person is a playboy or womanizer]‘


“I said I like people like my sworn brother, Mo Fei Chen, who is easy going, not pretentious and doesnt act coy.” Lu Qingmos gaze looked straight into Mo Fei Chens eyes, without the slightest vagueness, so frank that Mo Fei Chen did not know how to avoid it.


He subconsciously took a few steps backwards, but was pulled by Lu Qingmo.


“Lu Dage…”


“I know that you like He Yunfeng and I also know that one Jun Wushuang is already giving you a headache.

However, Im afraid that if I never let you know my feelings, Ill be very depressed when I enter into a coffin with such a secret.” Lu Qingmos tone was so light and casual as before, but Mo Fei Chen could feel a lot, a lot in it.


“Lu Dage…” Mo Fei Chen felt that he should break away from Lu Qingmos hand, but just as Jun Wushuang said, he had a very bad habit which was being soft-hearted.


Lu Qingmo did not give him time to hesitate, instead, he dragged him into his embrace,”You dont need to feel or find it difficult because I never asked you to respond to me.

You just need to keep calling meLu DageLu Dage then I will feel very happy.”


“I thought… you still liked Wen Qian Liu…”


Luo Qingmo buried his head in Mo Fei Chens shoulder, “Wen Shi Xiong is just like a dream to me.

He didnt create this dream for me, but I gave it to myself.”


Mo Fei Chen was silent.


“Do you feel guilty for enjoying my kindness to you when you obviously cannot accept me”


Mo Fei Chen hesitated for a moment, but still nodded his head. 


“But if you dont want me to be good to you anymore, Ill be very sad.”


1(he mean it as sworn brother and also brother in law if he married Xiruo)2[望梅止渴; this idiom meansconsole oneself with false hopes or illusions/ feed on fancies]3[花心大蘿蔔; literally it means unfaithful big turnip or radish but it wanted to convey that the person is a playboy or womanizer]


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