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Su Yiren paused before adding, “I also guessed that you could be a member of a powerful group like Tower Canon.

However, you wouldnt ask me to guess your background if youre truly from a secret group.

Suppose youre from Tower Canon, that would mean you arent here to save me but to kill me so as to tie up loose ends.”

Lin Yuan nodded in satisfaction and asked the second question, “How do you think I should go about gaining control of all the resources in the Divine Wood Federation and Iron Hammer Federation”

Su Yiren inhaled sharply.

She did not expect Lin Yuans plan to be on such a large scale.

After talking to Little Flower and Little Grass, she found out that Lin Yuan was not evil.

Thus, she purposely pondered for some time before she gave her suggestion.

“I think that you can use the Divine Wood Federations old method by making use of the chambers of commerce to absorb the Divine Wood Federation and Iron Hammer Federations resources.

Moreover, this method will be more acceptable to the people from the Divine Wood Federation and Iron Hammer Federation.

There might even be some who come to thank you.

“However, it will take a large amount of effort to start a chamber of commerce, recruit merchant groups, and open branches in the various cities.

If you dont have the time for all this work, you can start by supporting a small chamber of commerce from the Great Lush Federation.

Alternatively, you can leave the matter to me.

I will definitely be able to perform with flying colors.”

Su Yirens idea coincided with Lin Yuans own plan.

However, Lin Yuan had not planned as far as she had.

Nonetheless, her idea of supporting a small chamber of commerce was feasible.

The Deep Freeze Chamber of Commerces attitude made Lin Yuan aware that relying on and drawing limitless resources from merchant groups would be impossible.

He had happened across the Deep Freeze Chamber of Commerces devouring of merchant groups, but this did not mean that there were no other chambers of commerce who were doing the same thing.

Thus, it was a good idea to support a chamber of commerce.

The Prosperous Chamber of Commerce immediately came to Lin Yuans mind.

They were not small and did not need to be built up from the ground.

Moreover, they already had problems, so it would not be impossible to start supporting them.

Lin Yuan had never thought about allowing Su Yiren to set up a chamber of commerce.

He felt that he would be underusing her talents by letting a Dark Envoy open a chamber of commerce.

He was going to start developing the marsh world.

Lin Yuan could not stay at the underground palace in the Divine Wood Federation and handle everything personally.

He needed someone who could carry out tasks on his behalf.

Su Yiren was just the right person for this job.

With her capabilities, she could also help Ta Lei set up a new city in the Horseshoe Tribes territory.

So far, Lin Yuan had only instructed Genius to transfer Class 1 Creation Master knowledge into Ta Leis mind.

He had not thoroughly investigated Ta Leis innate talent.

If Ta Lei was talented enough, Lin Yuan would be able to nurture Ta Lei into a member of the Iron Hammer Hundred Sequence.

He might even be able to push Ta Lei into becoming an Iron Hammer Envoy.

However, whether this future was possible depended on Ta Leis talent and power.

There were only four people in the Astronomical Parliament besides Lin Yuan and Wen Yu.

Lin Yuan had already met up with Su Yiren and Ta Lei in real life.

Yin Lin was an Azure Envoy and was headed to the Radiance Federation as a representative of the Azure Federation.

Hence, Lin Yuan would eventually be able to meet up with her if he wanted to.

As for Bei Xu, Lin Yuan was still unsure where the Grotto Continent was.

This place was not recorded in any of the books in the Radiance Federation, which meant that it either did not exist in a federation or the federation it belonged to had never participated in the Major Federation Meeting.

Thus, Bei Xu would need to leave the Grotto Continent in order for Lin Yuan to meet with him.

Alternatively, Lin Yuan could use the Ethereal Jellyfishs center tentacle to open a Space Tunnel from the Divine Wood Federation to the Grotto Continent once he stocked up on enough Item-Storing walnuts.

Lin Yuan was still unsure about which choice he would make.

Su Yiren had been waiting for Lin Yuans response.

She had just become Lin Yuans subordinate and badly wanted to prove herself.

However, she expected him to be in a hurry to assign tasks to her.

Instead, he said with amusement, “Im interested in your sacred source lifeform.

If youre willing, I would like you to summon your sacred source lifeform and main feys.”

Su Yiren waved her hand without hesitation and summoned her four main feys.

When he saw the four main feys that Su Yiren summoned, Lin Yuan was taken aback.

He did not expect them to be the exact same red flower plant-type feys.

Judging from their appearance, they were probably from the poppy genus.

When Su Yiren saw Lin Yuan looking at her feys curiously, she said, “All four of my main feys are the Trapped Love Poppy.”

At that moment, a thought seemed to strike Su Yiren, and a wounded expression spread across her face before she went on to say candidly, “My situation is special.

People usually contract feys before they contract their sacred source lifeform.

However, it was the other way around for me.

I contracted the four Trapped Love Poppies to improve the Absolute Love Poppys power.

“My grandmother is the only Class 5 Creation Master in the Seven States of Darkness.

She has been feeding me Ice River Essence ever since I was young to boost the strength of my soul.

When I was five, I consumed three units of the Ice River Essence.

Three years later, Grandma told me to try and form a marrow contract with a sacred source lifeform, and I succeeded by accident.

From then on, I centered my combat style around my sacred source lifeform.

The feys I contracted are also meant to support my sacred source lifeform.”

Lin Yuan, Liu Jie, and Ji Feng were all silently shocked by what they had just heard.

Su Yiren truly lived up to her status as being the top Dark Envoy from the Seven States of Darkness.

However, her method of contracting feys was too odd.

But this did not mean that her method was weak.

Rather, it allowed someone as young as her to have influence over a pinnacle emperor-class expert like Ji Feng without purposely triggering her sacred source lifeforms ability.

This was proof that her method of contracting feys was successful.

Lin Yuan thought about what he had seen in Su Yirens memories.

It was no wonder that she had the courage to take on Seventh Page War.


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