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Chapter 116: General Zhao Has Returned

January 2, 2023Merchie

Pei Zheng’s heart instantly softened.

Then, he suddenly felt that he was being ridiculous; why was he fighting with a cat for favor

Pei Zheng lifted Shen Shijiu off of the table.

He gazed at those jade-carved little cheeks, and suddenly spoke, “Don’t leave, okay”

Shen Shijiu lifted his head, “My Lord, what are you saying”

Pei Zheng helped him tie his inky hair, “I’m saying, don’t go back with your shifu.

Just stay here at the manor with me.


Shen Shijiu visibly stiffened; it seemed as though he had never thought about this predicament before.

Sooner or later, he would have to leave with his shifu.

There was no way that his shifu would stay in the Prime Minister’s Manor forever, and there was no way he would ever leave his shifu.

That meant… he had to leave His Lordship…

Shen Shijiu’s head drooped, in low spirits.

He didn’t know what to do.

Pei Zheng saw how sad and miserable he looked, and his heart ached as well.

He pulled him over and took him into his arms.

“Forget it, don’t think about it anymore.

Just pretend I never said anything.”

Pei Zheng stroked his little head.

He knew that his place in Shen Shijiu’s heart was definitely not as high as Shen Huan’s.

But Shen Shijiu was finding it difficult to make a choice, didn’t that mean that he was also unwilling to part with Pei Zheng

That was enough.

After a few more days of recovery, the scratch on Shen Shijiu’s face was completely invisible, and Shen Huan had also finished making a new mask for him.

Although Pei Zheng’s wounds were quite severe, with Shen Huan around, they healed quickly.

They didn’t even leave any large scars either; there were only a few faint marks.

And during these past few days, Pei Zheng hadn’t gone to the palace.

He spent every day at the manor, reading reports, teasing that cat, teasing Shen Shijiu, or he would take Shen Shijiu for a stroll through the street; naturally, they left Shen Huan behind and went by themselves.

There was news that the chief of the barbarian tribe, Ah Mu Le, had already left the Imperial City, and had begun the journey back to the southwestern territory.

Three years ago, after the barbarian tribe’s new chief, Ah Mu Le, came to power, there was a period of time when he revered and respected the Celestial Dynasty; every year, the tribe would pay tribute.

But lately, conflict had been stirring, and the Celestial Dynasty was well aware of the barbarian tribe’s ambitious plans.

It wasn’t that the Emperor couldn’t tell what was happening; he just didn’t think it had reached the point where it required military action to subdue the tribe.

So, although Pei Zheng mentioned it a few times, the Emperor did not heed his advice to take action.

But Pei Zheng really did stop taking care of government affairs.

It was the first time he had ever been so obedient; he was forbidden from attending court, so he really didn’t go for dozens of days.

On this day, after Shen Shijiu woke up, he didn’t see Pei Zheng in the little pavilion.

He thought His Lordship had left once he fell asleep, and was disappointed for a long while.

Li Yu pushed open the door and came in.

He told Shen Shijiu that Pei Zheng had been summoned to the palace early in the morning.

He had been in there for a long time, but there was still no news.

Shen Shijiu became a bit worried, “But, the last time His Lordship went to the palace, he was terribly injured… His Majesty won’t punish His Lordship this time, right”

Li Yu comforted him, “Don’t worry, His Majesty only punished His Lordship that one time, and it was because of you…”

Li Yu realized that he had misspoken, and hurriedly shut his mouth.

But the small man heard those words and pouted.

His eyes were full of self-blame, “Was it because of me Did I do something wrong and make His Majesty angry…”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant!” Li Yu explained, “Aiya, I’ll just tell you, His Majesty summoned His Lordship to discuss the barbarian tribe, there’s nothing else, that’s the truth!”

Shen Shijiu sniffled, and “mm”d.

At this moment, Shen Huan also walked in, carrying the new mask she had made for Shen Shijiu.

“Here, Disciple, come and try it on.”

Shen Shijiu obediently walked over and sat down.

Shen Huan took out a bunch of medicinal solutions and fiddled with them for a long while, before she pasted the human skin mask onto Shen Shijiu’s face.

But somehow, it seemed as though his features looked even more delicate.

After the mask was pasted on, Shen Huan carefully examined Shen Shijiu’s face.

Only after she ascertained that the mask fit seamlessly did she finally feel at ease.

A servant ran in from outside, and leaned into Li Yu’s ear to report something.

Li Yu nodded and sent him away.

“Master Shen, you are the famous Ghost Doctor, so you must have heard of the world’s second-best doctor.”

Shen Huan stroked her fake beard, “I’ve heard of him.

He’s an imperial physician, and I think he’s quite young too.

He’s a prodigy, but unfortunately he’s still got a long way to go to catch up to me.”

She knew where she stood in terms of status, but she didn’t have even the slightest bit of modesty.

Li Yu smiled, “That’s right, Imperial Physician Jiang of the Imperial Hospital.

Right now, he’s in the front garden.”

“What’s he doing here”

“Uh, we’ll have to meet with him first to find out.”

After Li Yu finished speaking, he turned and left the little pavilion.

Shen Huan’s eyes met Shen Shijiu’s.

It seemed that Shen Shijiu was looking forward to seeing Jiang Yubai.

After all, he had worked with Imperial Physician Jiang for a period of time.

So, Shen Huan took Shen Shijiu with her to the front garden.

There was a person sitting in the main hall of the front garden.

He was wearing the official uniform of the Imperial Hospital.

He was very handsome, and had the face of a quiet, elegant scholar.

It was a shame that his manner of speaking did not match his appearance at all.

“Xiao Yuzi! Come and give me a hug! I missed you so much!”

Li Yu was pulled into Jiang Yubai’s arms, with helplessness written all over his face.

Jiang Yubai spotted Shen Shijiu trailing behind a ragged old man.

His eyes lit up, and he came over to hug him as well.

“Xiao Shi! Come here, let me hug you too! You look different, why do you look so cute now”

Jiang Yubai darted around Shen Huan, and was about to pinch Shen Shijiu’s soft little cheek.

He really thought that this small man seemed to be a lot prettier than before.

However, he was blocked by Shen Huan.

“Imperial Physician Jiang, it’s an honor.”

Shen Huan spoke in a gruff voice, and cupped her hands toward Jiang Yubai.

Jiang Yubai stared suspiciously at the old man in front of him, looking him up and down.

“Imperial Physician Jiang, what are you staring at this old man for Could it be that you have bad eyesight”

Shen Huan raised her voice and asked.

She felt a bit uncomfortable under Jiang Yubai’s gaze.

Shen Shijiu tugged at Shen Huan’s cuff, and whispered, “Shifu, don’t be like this to Imperial Physician Jiang… he’s a very nice person…”

“Shifu” Jiang Yubai’s eyes widened slightly, and it seemed that he had recalled something, “You’re saying, he’s your shifu”

In truth, Jiang Yubai already knew that Shen Shijiu was actually the Ninth Prince Qi Changyi.

But he had never questioned Pei Zheng to confirm it, and Pei Zheng never took the initiative to tell him, so they seemed to come to a tacit agreement.

And according to his previous speculations regarding these two people, if Shen Shijiu was the little Highness, then this ragged old man was…

The best doctor in the world, the Ghost Doctor of the Ghost Valley

Jiang Yubai immediately put on a reverent expression.

His gaze was complicated, shocked, and full of disbelief, yet it also carried a layer of sincere respect.

“M… Master Shen! I’ve heard so much about you! I am Jiang Yubai, I just do a little work in the Imperial Hospital to get by… So, so this is what you really look like…”

Jiang Yubai was still a bit skeptical; so the Ghost Doctor wasn’t some magical sage or fluttering fairy, but at the very least, they should have the appearance of a pure, untouchable master.

So why did Shen Huan look like a ragged old man

Li Yu took a step forward and asked, “Imperial Physician Jiang, were you looking for His Lordship His Lordship has gone to the palace, and is yet to return.”

Jiang Yubai waved his hand, “What would I need him for, to make myself angry I was looking for Xiao Shi…”

Jiang Yubai glanced at Shen Huan, “But now, I need Master Shen.

Master Shen, you must help me.”

Shen Huan appreciated his respectful attitude, and gave a generous nod, “Speak, and this old man will definitely try to help you.”

Jiang Yubai thanked Shen Huan, before he said, “I came from the General’s Manor.

General Zhao has returned.”

So he had come on behalf of Zhao Litang.

In the three years Zhao Litang spent guarding the borderlands, he had never once returned to the Imperial City.

This time, on his way back, he was attacked, and was shot in the arm by a poisoned arrow.

Jiang Yubai was ordered to go to the General’s Manor to treat Zhao Litang, but unfortunately, the poison had already festered.

He tried many methods, but to no avail.

If this dragged on for any longer, the only way to preserve Zhao Litang’s life would be to cut off his arm.

So, he had thought of Shen Shijiu.

He wanted to see if Shen Shijiu had any unorthodox formulas that could eliminate the toxins and preserve General Zhao’s arm, which he had used to slay countless enemies.

But he never expected to encounter the Ghost Doctor, Shen Huan.

Shen Huan listened and thought for a bit, “I don’t dare to make any promises.

I’ll have to diagnose him myself before I can determine his condition.”

Jiang Yubai said, “Since that’s the case, then Master Shen, please come with me to the General’s Manor.”

Shen Huan nodded, turned, and walked out of the main hall to collect her belongings.

She pointed at Shen Shijiu and said, “Disciple, come with your master.”

Li Yu, who was standing at the side, became anxious, yet he couldn’t think of a way to stop them.

His Lordship said that he wasn’t allowed leave.

This was terrible; not only was he leaving, but he was also going to the General’s Manor!

It must be known that three years ago, after the little Highness jumped off the cliff and disappeared, General Zhao hurried back to the Imperial City.

That time, besides Li Yu and Pei Zheng, no one else knew that Zhao Litang had left the battlefield and returned to the capital by himself.

At that time, Pei Zheng had just fallen from the cliff and was seriously injured.

He was bedridden and couldn’t move.

Zhao Litang had pressed a cold blade against his neck; with just a little force, he could have easily slit Pei Zheng’s throat.

The servants of the Prime Minister’s Manor had all been sent out to search for the prince.

Li Yu obeyed Pei Zheng’s orders, and kept watch at the door.

Zhao Litang also believed wholeheartedly that Qi Changyi was already dead, and he was itching to send Pei Zheng to his grave as well.

But Pei Zheng, who was lying on the bed with a pale face, didn’t express a shred of grief.

He still firmly believed that the little prince definitely wasn’t dead.

He was still alive.

In the end, Zhao Litang didn’t do anything.

He nearly thought that Pei Zheng had lost his mind.

Then he would let Pei Zheng continue to live like this.

It had to be more painful than dying.

Li Yu didn’t even have time to say anything; Shen Huan had already walked to the entrance of the main hall, and was about to open the door and step out.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she opened the door, a gust of freezing wind swept inside.

There was a figure standing in the doorway.

Pei Zheng’s expression was ice-cold again.

His gaze swept over each person in the hall; it was cold enough to freeze one’s blood.

His gaze landed on Shen Shijiu’s face, before he walked inside.

The leg Shen Huan had lifted to step out of the door had unexplainably retracted itself.

Pei Zheng walked up to Shen Shijiu.

The small man lifted his head slightly to look at him; the joy in his eyes was palpable.

“Where are you going”






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